Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flashback to the Scottish wedding!! I loved her DRESS then, it was so gorgeous for the time. So romantic. 

Todd fesses up to Starr! He knows he has to, he does eventually anyway.  Aunt  Vicki MENTION!! "I didn't mean to lie this time, it just happened"...

Joe, I suggest you stop begging to your son and just GO. He's not the brightest bulb in the pack. 

Dante wants to get the swimmers checked out. Lulu tells Luke and he tells her to talk to Carly because she's so fertile!! LMAO Dante has to ask Epiphany about the spermie test LOL. Epiphany yells it!! YOU NEED A SPERM COUNT!!
Then she gives him the cup and says "FILLER UP"!! 

Jason says how he's never leaving Sam and Danny--never hurting them..blah know what's coming so there it is. Carly barges in to see the bay-bay. 

Jason tells Carly that Todd was involved.  Carly is nice to Sam. 

Joe talking to stupid TREY... duh ..duh... 

I SAY Duke is Faison..look at those eyebrows... and that's the only way this story is a good one.  LOL 
He has to be because it's just too pat to have him be DUKE and Faison could go to a speech clinic and take some Scottish. 


enriquejimenez said...

Karen, Am I the only one bothered by the distorted, stretched look of the old GH flashbacks? Why don't they play those flashbacks the way they originally aired in their aspect ratio of 4:3? it's so annoying!

It's basic editing, that GH editor should know better! I wish they would fix it already before Edward's funeral.

sonya said...
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sonya said...
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sonya said...

Duke and Anna: More flashbacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Happy wedding anniversary Duke and Anna! :)

Lulu and Dante's home: They are talking about making a baby. Lulu wants to go to the hospital to see if they are both fine. :) Dante talks about his swimmers! ROFL! His swimming team! ROFL! Luke overheard ROFL! Too funny!! Why is their fan still on?! Aren't they cold now? Summer is over!

The hospital: Dante talks to Piffy about wanting to check his sperm count ROFL! Piffy says fill em up! ROFL! That was the line of the day I think! :) Baby Cheeto and Sam going to live with Jason! Jason loves his son!!! If only he knew! :)

Joe Jr Jr Jr and Starr's home: Joe Jr shows up wanting to talk to his son! His son wants to call the police but Joe Jr won't let him. He talks about someone else pulling the strings that is powerful.And that you don't know what he is capable of! What is Duke capable of?!!?! DUKE TALK TO ME!!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!!?! Michael shows up and Joe Jr points a gun at him!!!! Joe Jr stop that! *takes the gun from Joe Jr* Now go to the corner and stay there until I say so! And then I will jump you! You sexy thing you! :)

Starr and Todd: Todd tells Starr the whole truth about the baby switch!!!! :) Great scene!!!! Starr you aren't going to tell anybody are you? You aren't going to throw your dad under the bus are you? Nah you wouldn't! :)

Oh and Karen? FAISON IS NOT PRETENDING TO BE DUKE! ROFL! Cut that out! ROFL! Man that picture if creepy!

LindyCFF said...

LOVED the Jason and Carly scenes today. It was a nice last scene between them. Steve and Laura rocked it. I love how Jason told Carly how strong she was and that she didn’t need him to catch her when she falls. I just LOVE their bond sooooooooooooooooooo much and I’m going to miss their friendship on screen. I liked that Carly said Jason was her only friend because he never gave up on her even when he should have. I also loved the hug we got. I’m a sucker for Jarly hugs.

kdmask said...

I didn't notice the flashbacks being distorted because I thought it was the film/video thing--

soaplover said...

Thought it was lol when Luke, picking up that wedding photo Anna was mooning over, said, 'Nice dress. Your is very pretty, too.' (Duke was wearing a kilt.)

Luke is right, though--there is something pretty shifty about this Duke. Something off.

Finola looked so lovely today. Duke had on way too much tan spray and his eyes look taped somehow.

Cosmoetica said...

Anyone other than Anders Hove as Faison would be criminal.
I think it's the real Duke, but under AJ's thumb is best. Why he wants Sonny is the question.

The Angus McKay mob battled the Jerome family in the 80s, and the frank Smith Mob, which Sonny took over and combined with the Rivera Mob- Lily's father, was not involved, although their territories overlapped. Scully had no history with Duke, although Scully Sr. supposedly 'knew of' Duke.

In a sense, Duke teaming w AJ makes more sense than Helena or Faison, esp. w Sonny involved, because neither Faison nor Helena ever wanted to tangle w Sonny and Jason. They were 'take over the world' type cartoon villains vs. Sonny's Mob style thug villains.

Cosmoetica said...


Shifty though he is, don't you think this is a MUCH more interesting Duke than the 80s version, as well the bland Jonathan Paget version?

AntJoan said...

Cosmo, EVERYONE wants to "take down Sonny Corinthos," don't you know? And they always have to say it the same way, "Take down Sonny Corinthos" (cue dramatic music), never just "get rid of Sonny," they always have to say his last name.

kdmask said...

I think AJ is involved too-- but not the way you think.

Cosmoetica said...

Ant, I know, it's ridiculous, esp. considering that Max and Milo are his 'Top Men' after Jason.

I could take over PC with Abbott and Costello as my goombahs and win.

But Duke as Faison? No, No, No! Only Anders Hove, PLEASE!

sonya said...

Cosmoetica said...Shifty though he is, don't you think this is a MUCH more interesting Duke than the 80s version, as well the bland Jonathan Paget version?
Oh! I hope Jonathan Paget is burning in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!! *anger face* :)

Andrea said...

The only thing that has held Sonny's organization together for the last 10 years has been Jason. Sonny organization should colapse almost immediately after Jason is gone. I love both MAx and Milo, but enforcers they are not. I would LOVE for Sonny to be taken down.

The last time AJ was seen he was lying on a slab in the morgue when Alan identified him. If you go to look at YOutube Jed Allan was playing Edward then.
So the question is how did he live? Is he in the witness protection progam like Duke was? Is the FBI behind this? It looks like Monica knew AJ is alive. Is Alan alive too? How is all this connected to Robin?

Duke better be Duke and no one else. Even if he does turn out to be the bad guy.

LSV422 said...

I am really enjoying Duke - I think IB he looks great after all this time and he is a good actor. I would steal that baby, too!! He is so precious.

Cosmoetica said...

Karen: FYI, the three times I've come to your site today my Virus detector catches a virus that it blocks.

It could be that someone has targeted your site and/or

You may want to report it to or run some scans on your own PC. I have not been infected, but others may be.

Just thought you should know it happens only on your site.

Kim said...

Good or bad, age has improved Duke. ... Should be interesting, although I still am all about Robert and Anna being together.