Monday, October 8, 2012

TEN RUMORS all in a ROW!

THESE are RUMORS...I'm passing them along because they are interesting--not because I know any of them are true. Where do rumors come from?? Well, some come from a site formerly known as the "Data Lounge"... some come from people emailing me and just dishing, some come from Twitter and others, well...they come from the depths of Franco's Fronkey Bag.
I usually only update gossip on my Wubs Page but it's a national day off so what the heck. I'll make it one stop shopping: 

First big rumor: Jerry VanDorn is coming as Clint Buchanan from OLTL. He's all about the ELQ takeover.  
ODDS: 60-40...he would make a great foil for the business end of things but a big gamble to bring another high profiler person to GH 

Number TWO: AJ returns...we know SK is coming and I've only seen/heard he's coming as AJ hell bent on revenge. With Revenge such an ABC hit and the potential for all sorts of juicy stuff rising out of it, I'm giving this a 85% chance 

Three:  Someone is shot on Halloween when they open the door. No word on who this may be although sources have said BRITT is leaving under suspicious circumstances. No idea on the odds. 

FOUR:   Jason will be shot by BERNIE while battling JOE Jr. on the docks. BERNIE turns  out to be the bad guy. Now this may be true because it would be a huge twist HOWEVER, I  have to say using Bernie when he's not been a prominent character in awhile would be weird. . Odds: dock shooting 90%... Bernie doing it 50% 
Another rumor: Bernie was set up to "Fake" Jason's death via the FBI or Witness protection and it's not a real bullet. 
Yet another rumor: Jason will be shown alive being held captive sometime in early November

FIVE (and SIX) ConKate has yet another alter happening... just like Bess/Tess/Jess on OLTL, she'll have another alter who's the "sensible logical one" I'm calling her Corkie. Odds: pretty high 

7. Lucy Coe's coming. I heard this long ago from someone in the 'know' and I keep hoping it's happening!! 

8. Franco's still all behind ALL of this and controlling everything (listen for that Mad World theme lol) I give this pretty low odds as Franco is pretty dang busy with all the bizarre stuff he's into right now. 

NINE:  Edward's will reading will be a doozy. He either leaves all his money to AJ (he knew he was alive) OR the new baby -- either way Tracy's not going to be happy 

TEN: The best rumor is that the NURSES' BALL is coming and slated for the Anniversary show. I am so hoping this is TRUE TRUE TRUE!! 


Deb K said...

Didn't we hear Scott Baldwin was coming back? Or was that a rumor?

I can't wait to find out where AJ has been hiding.
Your theory on Revenge..very good.
Revenge being such a popular show and all on abc.

So why aren't the ratings going upward?????

Cosmoetica said...

DebK: look at all the folks who complain of the OLTL stuff, nuKrissy, Kirsten Storms, Kelly Sullivan, etc.

Fans are just not as loyal as they were.

sonya said...

Karen who is Dr. W? Oh man if they have a nurses ball, *passes out*

Deb K said... aren't as loyal or people are just mean?? lol

Deb K said...

Dr W is Webber. No??

Cosmoetica said...

Sonya: Dr W is the Pennzoil grease man, the man with the leather tan, HR Huff-n-Puff, PJ, Steven Lars, Olivia's hunky monkey: Dr. Steven Webber!

Cosmoetica said...

See, DebK, I can be mean, too.

rebeccakeen said...

Deb...the ratings are not going up because GH sucks ass and has not improved at all.In fact i think the acting quality of the show has gone down since they brought over the OLTL cast,who can't act and most of my favorite GH cast are not on as much to make room for the newbies.

Deb K said...

Rebeccakeen..not sure everyone agrees with you. I have a blog, and I did a poll on the new gh compared to the old gh and overwhelmingly thumbs up on the new gh.
Has gh been better? YES. In the 80s. What is being written now is soo much better than the past 5 years.

I do agree with you about OLTL people over there. Other than Todd, they should all leave imo.

Cosmoetica said...

It's wonderful when you make a point, and someone like rebeccakeen plays dog to your Pavlov!

Deb K said...

Cosmo...mean can be funny!! lol

Have you been to my blog??

Cosmoetica said...

I've posted once or twice.

I usually don't have time to post more than a couple times a week, so I look at other blogs: yours, IMDB, GHH, ABC, and a few others for GH, but I only post here, usually, since it's prob the least contentious GH blog around. The IMDBers are crazy. Hopefully they never come here.

kdmask said...

Guys, DR. W is that Britt girl.. I should fix that.

I forgot the Scotty rumor.

I also didn't put in that Tea comes to Llanview to be close to "Victor" and Blair's coming too

AntJoan said...

Karen, (sigh), not everyone is off today, I, for one, have to work. To all you lucky others, enjoy the holiday!!

Cosmoetica said...

Guys, DR. W is that Britt girl.. I should fix that.


Britt has a last name that begins w W? What is it? Does Sabrina have a last name? Or Ellie?

PM61 said...

Yeah, it might tick off the contingent of GH fans who want no ex-OLTLers on the show if Jerry verDorn was added, but he is a damn good actor, and he would certainly spice things up in PC.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Give s/ls to the existing characters (especially those on the backburner) and stop bringing back so many characters.

ELQ should go to Tracy who knows how to run a business, not to a baby who's mother is illiterate.

Deb K said...

Karen & everyone...Dr Brit will only be on for a few scenes. Thank Goodness!! She does NOT have a storyline other than being a pain in the azz.

Cosmo you go to more blogs than me! Glad u stop by.

screamingeagle said...

Whatever happened to your rule of only posting twice and not promoting another blog on here? Does tt apply to all or just some?

fnaylor1972 said...

They COULD tie in AJ Quartermain in with Clint. AJ is the one behind Clint taking over ELQ :)

This would so work and could be GREAT and a step in the right direction getting away from the mob?

fnaylor1972 said...
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soaplover said...

Oh if only we'd get Clint! He'd be perfect for a big business story and I'd rather see him than Blaire or Tea or oh, so many others. Jerry verDorn is a marvel.

I really don't want to see Sean K's AJ. Never liked the actor especially, and if we have AJ back, it should be Billy W--he was such a good AJ and gave the character depth AJ never had before. Billy is a very good actor.

The OLTL folk who are permanent on GH have added a richness to the show and are excellent--some are legacy characters. I see many positive raves about Todd and mcBain and even a few about Starr. Those are the only perm crossovers. Tea and Blair are there for story purposes. But if Clint came, I'd love to see him move into a Harborview Rd mansion and give Tracy fits over ELQ! I miss him so much and ahe is terrific. Jerry is one actor who should not be out of work!

sonya said...

Cosmoetica said...Sonya: Dr W is the Pennzoil grease man, the man with the leather tan, HR Huff-n-Puff, PJ, Steven Lars, Olivia's hunky monkey: Dr. Steven Webber!
ROFL! Oh thanks ROFL!

Andrea said...

It was a normal day for me today. Kids had school and hubby at work.

Love to see the nurses ball! But I'm sure we would have to here Starr sing again UGH.!

I would be upset if SK came back as any other character but AJ. I hate when they cast former cast members as some new character ( Natalia Livingston and Sarah brown 's new characters both did not go over we'll). There are tons of stories for AJ. Lets see them.

I have heard Lucy and Scott for months now. And am still waiting.....

I always thought that Bernie should be the "cop" in sonny's organization and bring it down. wasn't Bernie's twin brother killed because if Sonny? A few years ago they looked like they were going In That direction but they stopped that storyline ( writers strike victim). It would be a great twist, but I don' know if a lot of people remember him. when was Bernie on last?

I hope Jason goes into witness protection to take Sonny down. (One can always dream).

Clint would be OK They need someone ruthless to go up against Tracy for ELQ. But it would be even better if they had. Ned Dillon and AJ fight over it.

I think Sonny should be the one to get shot on Halloween with AJ doing the shooting.

I'm so done with the DID story with Con/Kate/??? Can we stop stealing from OLTL stories. One Alter is MORE than enough.

Please please please let Franco rest in peace. It was a mess of a story let it stay dead.