Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Jason's death? Totally meaningless-- because we know he can come back whenever Steve Burton gets bored or needs money. Soap "Death" mean ZIP anymore. The only one that will be truly upsetting is when they do Edward's in November. Ergo, the whole "upset' of the other characters mean nothing.

Connie and Todd were fun. Connie walks up to Michael at the Metro and says: Nice ass!! PFfffft ahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Monica so knows  AJ is alive. The photo in the living room has SK as AJ in it..and btw, Monica didn't say AJ was "gone"...
Michael  and Monica hugged it out. Awwwwwwww
SK was in the photo album as AJ so he's back people!! 
and she called him... "We have to talk"

Who will get Stone Cold's motorcycle? Giraffe books? Box of Pain?? WHO Damn it?!!! 

I hear Edward's funeral will be around Thanksgiving. With Pizza. :) 


david said...

and Dawn?

Why does Monica always forget that she had a daughter named Dawn who died?

Bad parenting or bad writing?

And I really have to say this, although I totally mean it as tongue-in-cheek. If Connie is what the straight world has to offer, I am SO GLAD that I am gay!

sonya said...

Metrocourt: Connie visits Todd! Todd is topless. :) Connie likey! So do I Connie. :) Todd is about to slam the door on her face, when she grabs his Johnson and he asks what are you doing?! ROFL! She wants a job!!! She sits on his lap, and Carly comes in. Carly found out from Sonny, that Jason has been shot and is in the water. Carly is so upset. :( Connie is being a bitch to Carly about Jason, so Carly slugs her ROFL! Connie hit son Michael too! ROFL! Gross! ROFL!

Q home: Gee no blood on the couch!!! Michael shows up and tells Monica about Jason. POOR MONICA!!! :( She lost all of her family members!!!! Monica looks through the photo album. :( She calls someone on the phone and says we have to talk!!! Yes Karen! There are pictures of SK! WOOT WOOT! :)

Jasam home: Alexis, Kristina, and Molly show up to see Sam. Sam doesn't believe that Jason is dead. Alexis pretends to agree with her. Alexis, Kristina, and Molly are alone talking about Jason and that he could be dead. Molly thinks Sam could be right. Sam overhears them and kicks them out!! Poor Sam! :( Sam is looking at maps working on finding Jason. Spinny shows up and Sam says she needs his help.

Starr and Trey's home: Poor Trey. :( I'm glad Starr is there for him. She is a good friend. Trey doesn't want to help Sonny with Kate! DOH!

Andrea said...

Love Connie. her scenes were great. She needs to stay. Boring Kate doesn't have to come back.

It is just not so sad about Jason, because it is so clearly evident that they are leaving the door WIDE open so he can come back. We all know that Jason will always come back eventually.

Hey we saw AJ's body in the morgue, and apparently he isn't dead either. No one on a soap is ever so dead that they can;t come back.

Can I have the number of the Q's cleaners, Blood and all sorts of bodily fluids all over the couch and it is clean as a whistle. I have some marker stains that I haven't been able to get out for years.

Sam - denial, denial, denial.

Loved the stuff between Spin and Liz.

I feel so sorry for Carly. LW is awesome.

Di said...

I blubbered all through the scene with Carly and Sonny. That was so well done. And Molly was fantastic too,in her scenes, quietly crying when she realized how far in denial poor Sam was. (standing next to someone who looked like she walked into the wrong scene) Alexis and Sam were great too. But then Alexis is always great.

Sam was in total denial. It's going to be bad when the shock wears off.

And as much as she will miss Jason, I'm sure she just called AJ and told him it was safe to come home now too. Maybe the Q's will rise again. ( I'm still hoping Michael is pulled into that world and farther away from Sonny's.)

I loved that Michael hugged Monica. I sniffed my way through their scenes too.

Is anyone else wondering what's going to happen to Sam and Spinelli's PI firm now that Bernie is dead? The license was in his name. Maybe Spinelli will go back to work for Sonny now and Sam will stay home with the baby so that John can pop in every day to see how things are going. *insert eye roll*

Cosmoetica said...

Di: it depends on whether or not Sam and Spin chartered their biz as an LLC or not. If it's just a partnership, I believe that one of the surviving members wd need to get another license. If a corp or LLC Bernie's death might not matter.

As for Sam? Ironically, we all know she's right as SB & Jason will return. It's a question of how long b4 she 'opens up' to McBain.

Deb K said...

Cosmo...from your mouth to SB ears

Mrs. Goose said...

Jason's wife would inherrit his estate.

Di said...

Cosmoetica: Bernie was a silent partner. I'm thinking they might use this as a way of closing down the business. It was seldom used anyway.

And I've no doubt that Sam will 'open up' to McBain very shortly.

And when I said "And as much as she will miss Jason," I meant Monica, of course.

Brender said...

This would have been a perfect example of why Jake should never have died. Liz could come visit Sam and Danny with Jake, so the brothers could meet each other and Jake could have been Danny's big brother that takes care of him since his father is "gone"
I would still like to see Liz and Sam help each other through this. Carly has Sonny.
Will I see Liz on the bridge talking to Jason and Jake to take care of each other??

Brender said...

I read that Ned and Skye will be back for Edward's funeral.

kdmask said...

Yes, Skye and Ned