Friday, October 5, 2012

THAT was Johnny Walker Black Sonny was chuggin'!! woot!! And a nice Sexis moment!!  Yeah for Alexis. Note that no one told Sonny about Xtina yet..or HER MOTHER

Carly blames TODD? um..okay. LOL That makes NO SENSE. Whatever. I do like these 2 together but..boring today.
YEAH THEY HUGGED! CODD! HUGGED!! woot! They have chem!!

This Connie/Johnnie story is Tess and Ford...LOL. And the baby story? Well, OLTL did that too! I can ONLY HOPE NO ONE ever does a damn baby switch kidnapping DNA switch again EVER on #GH!! 
Connie wants to make the marriage "official"! If you know what I mean!! WINK Then she tells Johnny she thinks what they have "is  real". So she's certifiable after all. AND she brought sex toys for their wedding night! LOL 

There was NO BLOOD ON TRACY...none. Zip--and this after she dug a bullet out!!? Dante thinks she knows Joe. She says he's helping them redecorate. 

Did you see JJ's Nashville Promo? Nice GH tie in...ABC got it right! 


Andrea said...

Only saw the last 5 minutes today, but I LOVE Todd and Carly together.

Cartini tweeted awelcome return on Monday. Who? Duke?, Robin?, Lucy? to soon for AJ.

sonya said...

Q mansion: Dante is there wanting to know where Joe Jr is! Dante tells Tracy the truth of why Joe Jr got shot!! No Tracy don't tell Dante! No wait tell Dante. No wait don't tell Dante. BAH! Damn you writers for making me fall in love with Jracy!!! She did tell Dante in a subtle way where Joe Jr is. He is GONE! Poor Tracy. :(

Johnny's home: Great great scenes with Connie!!! Connie has the line of the day! She says she is going to change for bed and that she has sex toys ROFL!

Haunted Star: Alexis is there for Sonny!! Awwwwww!!! :)

Police station: Michael shows up and runs and grabs Joe Jr Jr Jr! Krissy tells him to stop and why. Krissy brings up all the bad things their father did! I can't believe Michael says that he didn't shoot my girlfriend! OH SHUT UP MICHAEL! Later Sonny and Alexis show up for Krissy. Sonny sees Joe Jr Jr Jr and runs and grabs him! Like father like son.

Todd's home: Todd is so sweet to Carly. He wants her to sleep over. He is there for her. Todd offers her the couch. Gee Todd, you should have offered her your bed and YOU sleep on the couch. :)

Anonymous said...

When will someone realize that Trey as Connie/Kate's son CAN have her institutionalized?!

CareyN said...

friscogh--on today's episode, when Alexis and Sonny were at the police station talking about having Connie committed, Alexis realized Trey could do it. She kept looking over at him when she was saying things about immediate family trumping a spouse. Yay for Alexis being the only smart one on this show!

Cosmoetica said...

W/o the approval of a spouse, committing someone via a blood relative is next to impossible. Only if you can prove the spouse is acting not in the best interests of their spouse, or is insane themselves, or is a convicted felon. Spouses always trump blood relatives in these matters. Recall that vegetative woman some years ago, where her parents tried to keep her plugged in but the hubby wanted her to die naturally? Husband won, in a high profile, politicized case.

Same thing w commitment. Johnny will trump Trey- at least in real life, in GH world, maybe not.