Monday, October 29, 2012

Tony Geary: Tracy or Anna?

Who would he choose if both were drowning? Well, take a gander at interview with Terry Morrow! This is Part two of this sit-down with Geary. Fascinating stuff! 


Cosmoetica said...

Tracy over Anna any day. Hell, Tracy over Laura any day. TG and JE's chemistry is something beyond mere pheromones. As he says, they get each other, and it's god to see vibrant oldsters.

soaplover said...

I'm excited about his pairing with Anna--they seem so right together. Adventure junkies, sharp, similar senses of humour, and at the same time, romantic.
Luke has always been a romantic.

I never liked his with Tracy, not for a minute. I like Tracy, but it is impossible for me to imagine him ever being happy with her. Luke is, and always has been, falible. Tracy cannot resist poking at and pointing out in nasty terms the failings of any kind in people and especially in Luke. I hated the way she hen-pecked him. The real Luke (which he seems to be these days) would never have allowed it.

Geary has known Jane longer and they are good friends so some of that comes into his answers...but it never made sense to me. I hated the pairing. (Of course, at the time, Guza had set out to destroy Luke.)

As for employment, why hasn't Lulu hired him to run the Star? He certainly has the experience for the job.

Di said...

I love Luke with Tracy. they are both so spontaneous when they're together and the acting and chemistry is great.

I think their days of Tracy henpecking and being nasty are over, thank heavens, and the new writers have them settling into a great friendship.

I like Anna, but as an "oldie" I could never see her with Luke. I also don't feel any urst between them.

Cosmoetica said...

The first few scenes of Anna with Duke showed they still had chemistry after 20+ years, something that is utterly missing when she's with Luke.

Too often writers try to force pairings, whereas Luke sort of fell in w Tracy, and I think the old regime had no idea what to do w the two. Hopefully, post-Anna, RC will set things right.

TG with JE and stick Laura w Scotty.