Saturday, October 27, 2012

General Hospital: HORROR SHOW!

Nothing to do this fine fall weekend?? Well, check  out some of the gruesome and mystery filled movies our own General Hospital cast  has stared in over the years!! 

Anna Lee in: Bedlam (now showing on TCM) In this 1946 classic, Boris Karloff stars as the head of a sadistic 18th century madhouse.  Anna Lee comes along and tries to get the inmates better treatment. 

Connie Towers in: Shock Corridor (1963). Another flick starring a insane asylum. One man's decent into madness--all with our Helena at the helm! 

Anders Hove in the  Subspecies Series (1990's) where he plays bloodsucking vampire Radu. He's totally nasty and gruesome. Look at those fingernails!!  Tagline "The Night Has Fangs"! 

Demi Moore: Ghost (1990)  ok, it's cheating a little but she was on GH...and this is a fab movie. Who can forget her single tear--or asking for "Sam"?? *wow, was that really out in 1990??! 

Tristan Rogers: The Flesh and Blood Show (1972) Oh yes, a young Robert Scorpio playing the part of an actor in a seaside show. All the players are being BOO! 

Anthony Geary as Tony Geary (seriously) in Blood Sabbath. (1972)  A tale of a witches coven..with lots of topless shots ! 

Megan Ward starred in Amityville: It's About Time (1992) Megan plays a teenage daughter trapped in the infamous Amityville house.

Adrienne Barbeau in The Swamp Thing (1982) That's our Balkin Woman.. all fresh out of the swamp! 

Tyler Christopher in Raven: Love Bites (2009) a direct to DVD movie, I am mentioning it because he plays a character named "Vlad"...known to GHers as Luke's nickname for Stefan! 

Amber Tamblyn in one of the scariest scenes ever,  in The Ring (2002) Her face in that closet? Hellza. Facebook Wub told me she was also in The Grudge 2. 

John Ingle: Death Becomes Her (1992) one of my fave movies! John plays the eulogist towards the end of the film. He was also in the cult classic "Heathers" as Principal McGowan. 

 If you don't see anything else, treat yourself to "The Other"  (1972) which has our own Ruby (Norma Connolly) playing Aunt Vee. This is the creepiest movie ever. I saw it at the drive in and it about scared the sheeze out of me!! 

I would be remiss not to mention Michael Easton's wildly cult-popular "Soul Stealer"Graphic Novel series. Gothic prose and evil graphics, be thee here. 

I'm sure I've missed a lot of actors and movies!! Help a WubQueen out in the comments! Know of anything I've missed?


Cosmoetica said...

Karen: Shock Corridor had Connie Towers in a supporting role.

Her best Sam Fuller flick is The naked Kiss, where the opening shot is of Connie as a bald prostitute literally beating the shit out of her pimp. It's a great B flick. Here's a review I did:

Andrea said...

They are not movies, but several characters played Demons on Charmed:

Rick Hearbst, Tyler Christopher Ian Buchanan and Matthew Ashford

There are also a myriad of other GHers on Charmed Finola Hughes, Greg Vaughn, Antonio Sabato Jr, Ted King and Blake Gibbons (Coleman).

kdmask said...

Yes, that's true..I love Naked Kiss..
She is featured in Shock Corridor A LOT though.

Yes, I know about the Charmed stuff, thanks. I did a big thing on Charmed AND 7th Heaven which had a bucket load of GH people on it as well!

sonya said...

I love the movie ghost! I remember the movie the swamp thing!!! :) That movie was creepy!

Jax said...

You saw that Megan Ward was in that Amityville sequel, but not Stephen Macht? You're slipping!

bumchickabowbow said...

Anna Lee was so beautiful.

gmjl said...

No mention of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" or "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"?

Unknown said...

Nancy Lee Grahn was in Children of the Corn 3.