Monday, October 22, 2012

Take Me..To the River... Drop Me in the Water...

BYE Jason... Take me to the RIVER...Drop me in the Water-- (Talking Heads for you youngin's) 

Duke's just shooting everyone. "DUKE" and btw, you can't do DNA on him says LUKE. But fingerprints? Yes..however a master would CHANGE his fingerprints. OR hack the data base. 
WOW Duke shot Bernie and Joe Scully in the chests- boom, Boom... so Boardwalk Empire. 
SONNY JUMPS in!! ahahaaa...oh SaSon!! You know that Jason was sucked into a tunnel vortex under the docks that leads to Neverland. 

Monica and Tracy are sublime!! I love them. Monica was just calling Tracy out all over. LOL Monica "You named YOUR FIRST BORN Edward'!! hee hee. 

SNAP! Joe Jr. falls into Tracy's living room!! And bleeds all over Monica's couch!! And he's gonna die. I loved the character damn it. One of my fave newbies. Ok, only newbie I like lol.
He wants to see Trey...and tells Tracy he gave her the antidote and saved her life. She's stunned. Trey rushes over to the Q's to see him. 

Sam and John. ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 

Best Scene: Lulu great. I am suspicious of that doctor though--I think she's probably a fake. To mess with Lulu. 


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Andrea said...

Bye bye Jason.

Sonny said, you have to find him, he has a wife and baby - like Jason has never killed someone with a wife and kids. At the very least Alcazar had kids. And one of his kids took revenge and killed Georgie, Leticia, Emily and Cooper. Maybe it is justice.

The Q's need a new couch, Joe has soiled it one too many times.

Benny died. Berny dies May be there is a third brother and Barney will show up to be Sonny's new accountant.

Very violent day. So Duke is really bad. He killed 3 named characters in one episode.

The Dr. Lady, the "ugly" glasses are a bit much, but if she is a fake. Why? Telling someone that they are infertile when they are not does nothing. How is she messing with Lulu? If they are not infertile, all the sex will result in a child, the desired result. The Dr. is not making them have surgeries, or puting her on medication. If Lante does not get a second opinion, it is their own darn fault.

If every DNA sample is tainted with, can't someone change a Fingerprint?

david said...

Anna is the police commissioner of PC. Why cant she afford her own apartment? Why is she still living with Luke?

Is he that cheap? Is the salary so low that she cant afford her own place? (kinda like Alan on 2-1/2 men. He is a chiropractor in LA and cant afford a studio apt. whatever.)

With Luke obsessing over her and Duke, it would make sense to get her own apartment.

Stupid storyline.

sonya said...

Dante, Lulu, and the quack Doctor: This quack doctor told Lulu that she is able to get pregnant, but won't be able to carry the baby to term! Lulu thinks it's because she had an abortion when she was a teen! The doctor said no that it's genetic! Oh and that it can't be fixed! What the hell?!!?!?! FIRE THIS QUACK DOCTOR!!!! Lulu is alone with Dante and she keeps saying they can't have a baby! Quit saying that Lulu!! There are other ways to have a baby! Like adoption! Or have someone carry the baby for you! Someone on another board said Maxie can do that!!! YES!! Great idea! Maxie can carry the baby! :)

Joe Jr Jr Jr and Starr's home: Starr stops Joe Jr Jr Jr and Michael from going to the pier!!!! Go Starr!!!! :)

Pier: Sonny jumps in the water to find his BFF! Love that! :) Sonny can't find him.. :( The divers could't find him either. Bernie dies. :( There was a Benny and a Bernie. Will there be another brother who is a triplet? :) Named Bobbie? :)

Jasam home: Sam tells Mcbain that her and Jason are back together and they are living together. So McBam ended. :(

Q home: Monica and Tracy are at it again! ROFL! Monica knows Tracy was using her equipment and wants to know why. Tracy tells her that Joseph got shot and she took out the bullet! ROFL! They talk about Sam and Jason back together and about the baby. Later Joe Jr shows up! Tracy wants to call 911 but Joe Jr says it's too late. UGH! Oh great now he is gonna die on her couch!!! He wants to talk to his son to say goodbye! UGH! Tracy calls Joe Jr Jr Jr and then he shows up. Joe Jr Jr Jr wants to know who shot him! Joe Jr says Sonny did! Oh goodie Joe Jr lies on his death bed! Or should I say death couch? :) Come on Joe Jr! Don't give up!!!!! Go to the hospital!!!! I hate this!! The last time someone got shot and didn't want to go to the hospital, was Johnathan Paget who pretended to be Duke!

Luke and Anna's home: Luke has STRONG feelings for Anna! Oh Luke! Give her up, and go find Laura!!! Anyway Luke and Anna got Duke's fingerprints and they find out Duke is really DUKE! :)

Di said...

Oh thanks a lot. I'm going to be humming that song all night now. lol

I totally agree about the fingerprins. If Duke can sneak all Sonny's assets out from under his nose by way of one of his most trusted employeees, he can certainly hire someone to mess with the fingerprint data base.

Maybe Jason climbed up into that hidey hole under the pier that Lucky always used. lol And he'd definitely decide that Sam and the baby would be safer with him gone with another pshcho on the loose. (the new and definitely unimproved Duke.) I never liked the old one so I definitely don't like this one.

Sam and McBain was just a bunch of dragged out nothingness. Let the man go Sam, for heaven's sake.
I hated how he kept trying to leave and she kept delaying him with useless babble.

I agree about Joe Jr. Jr. He was the best new actor. Pity they had to make him such a baddie and have him die. I guess he told Trey that Sonny shot him so he wouldn't know something that could get him killed. They're all going to know that's not true. Sonny was with Trey when the shots were fired.

And I'm wondering why Anna is still at Luke's too.

Loved Monica and Tracy.

skeebob said...

So, so, so glad they didn't blame Lulu's abortion for the problem. Glad they addressed it and dismissed it. Great scenes between Lulu and Dante, stellar acting by both.

Take Me To The River, Life During Wartime, Once In A Lifetime, Slippery People, Psycho Killer, Burning Down The House - Talking Heads were a helluva band.

soaplover said...

Well, I suppose the lady doctor with the classy glasses (I really like them) could have been set up by Duke who wants Luke out of his way and hurting somewhere else. They need to consult Lesley now, to see if Laura's side of the family carried this flaw--maybe Luke will know.

I love that Luke and Anna live together, but they do each have seperate rooms. When Luke has 'strong feelings for a woman', she is loved and he can be stubborn. He's needed a love like this for a long time now, and I suspect Anna has just that spot of doubt about Duke... She should, anyway.

Always liked the actor who played Benny/Bernie. Sad.

I'm glad McBain showed up--Sam will need his friendship and soon. He's gentle and caring with her.
She's going to act out some and spread her anger around, but John can handle it.

Cosmoetica said...

The whole DNA thing is a MAJOR plothole. While it's true that the PCPD would not have Duke's DNA on file, the Feds would, and Anna, as a WSB operative, would be able to pull strings and get them because the real Duke, as a Federal Winess Protectee, EVEN from the 1980s, would have had a full medical screening, as well as blood samples taken and put on file. And these are stored in freezers for decades.

Why? Simple. The Feds need to craft plausible stories for their protectees new lives. If one of them has a medical condition, they need to know to make a fake past life plausible. Also, and more relevantly, a good 20-25% of protectees experience recidivism- just Google Sammy The Bull Gravano- the guy who fingered John Gotti. All blood, DNA, and fingerprint records are updated when one 'Goes State.'

Even from 1989 or 1990, the 'real' Duke's info would be available and long since documented, whether or not Duke himself wanted it to be, and it would be available to all registered law enforcement officials.

Yes, conceivably an all powerful faux Duke could get a lackey to sub his fingerprints, and possibly DNA, but the very claim that there is no record is demonstrably and provably false. Yes, I know this is GH-land, but it's still as ridiculous as claiming that a 1940s film noir police detective would not be able to do a thing with fingerprints. Utterly silly.

AntJoan said...

OK, so I was the first one here who said that the DNA test for Duke made no sense, as there was nothing to compare it to.

I also was the first to say that maybe Bernie has another brother!!

On another note, kudos to GH for not relating Lulu's problems to her abortion, and making it clear that the procedure is safe. Does anyone know if there really is such thing as a "heart-shaped uteras?

AntJoan said...

Cosmo, I guess there was nothing to compare the DNA to in GH-land, as you say--didn't know all the this stuff about witness protection, how do you know this?

Cosmoetica said...

Ant: I grew up in a NYC neighborhood where Goombahs abounded, ran errands as a boy and teen for hoods (think a young Ray Liotta in Goodfellas), worked as a Mob front from the age of 14-18, worked in a county court system in my 30s, and have known people and had friends that held jobs as prison guards, parole and probation officers, and so forth.

I mean, I can accept soapy loopholes in logic, to some degree, and if Duke Lavery were simply a minor thug who never got beyond county jail, or a major crime, ok, but from 1996-1990 he was, along with Robert Scorpio and Frisco Jones, one of the show's 3 leading men, and his character a conflicted Mob scion of the then head of the PC Mob, who went into Federal Protection.

That Anna would NOT know this, as a WSB agent and Police head is just ridiculous. Ok, evil twins, abortions that destroy women's lives (I agree, it's a noxious bone thrown to the far Right- just like the Bad Girl redeemed by being raped angle), near flwaless plastic surgey, dead coming back to life; but why make Anna so Moronic?

I can take the low level donuteaters who let Sonny contaminate a crime scene by juming into the harbor and getting near Bernie (in real life he'd've been arrested for tampering with evidence in the very least, and likely been brained), but this makes Anna so MF'ing dumb.

Others hate the evil Duke. I think it's a believable progression of a biter man who maybe was imprisoned for years falsely. I can even accept him wanting to ace Sonny, as boring as that story arc is- and needlessly repetitive, to boot. I can even take Luke's hypocrisy- as a career hitman, rapist, and lifelong felon himself, getting all high and mighty on Duke. But Anna should know basic criminology. She should know the way Federaa Protection works (hello? post-2001 creation of Homeland Security to share info across all agencies?).

It's far LESS believable that Anna is so gullible, even if accounting for being 'blinded by love' than Duke's being evil- and we still don't know if he really is, or is a pawn.

But Anna is THE single most progressive and kickass female character in GH history- why make her an idiot?

Unknown said...

Uh..."Take Me to the River" is original to Al Green who blows the Talking Heads out of the water. Just sayin'

Deb K said...

Why did Bernie have to die? Bernie had a brother, can't remember his name, but he was killed and then Bernie took his place. The Mob is coming to an end.

HATED the ending to SB. HATED it.

DNA/Fingerprints...IMPOSSIBLE but that isn't the first time GH pulled off the impossible.

Lulu will be pregnant. Who is this Dr Glass's? And does anyone get 2nd opinion on such a serious issue?? I don't believe for one second Lulu will be preggers. (wink wink)

I agree, why isn't Anna living alone? And what kind of Monster doesn't tell her that Robin is alive?? No excuses for that.

LOVED Grandma Monica!

Joe Jr was an asset to the show. I liked him. Why did SB leaving mean Joe had to die?

Deb K said...

SORRY I meant to say Lulu WILL be preggers!

LSV422 said...

I also liked Joe S. and it's sad that SB leaving cost him his job. There seemed to be much more to explore with his character. I'm having a hard time seeing Sam as a mom - something is just missing there. She may cry easily but KM just doesn't cut it in this scenario. Duke is a cold blooded killer and I really don't think there will be any explanation or redemption in the future. Luke and Anna make me nauseous together as anything other than friends. Dante and Lulu scenes were really well acted - they are so natural together. Don't entirely by the dr.'s prognosis. Dr. Lee should be Lulu's doc.

Deb K said...

Ohh more thingy about Sam. She taking over the Brenda look with the long sleeves??
Should I just be happy she has her boobies covered and dropp it?? lol

Unknown said...
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Cosmoetica said...

Linda V.: something is ALWAYS missing from Kelly M's performances. About the only thing worth watching for is if her bosom DOES get uncovered, DebK.

LSV422 said...

Yeah, I am more of a fan of KM's dancing than her acting. She continues to underwhelm me and saying "Jason" continuously doesn't help. Well, she won't be doing that anymore.

Milton Kane said...
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Cosmoetica said...

Linda: Now she'll be saying 'Jawn' ad infinitum.