Friday, October 19, 2012

Aw, Bernie...

Well..that can't be DUKE or the DUKE we knew-- he'd never do what he's doing...and I'm sticking with Faison. Bernie's all involved which was a rumor out there-- really not too shocking, imo...

JaSam ...all happy. Well, nope not for long!!  Sam gets t he Phoenix and Dragon out. You know that's going to wash up. 

Starr has been held at gunpoint at LEAST 300 times in her lifetime, btw.

Carly and Todd. McBain tells Todd to do better because he's heard many of his lies and this isn't a great one. LOL Diane walks in to be Todd's lawyer and gets him off. 

Lulu can't have a kid. It had better  NOT BE DUE to her abortion...damn it.

DOCK FIGHT..and Jason's down. Now, unless Duke chops his head  off in front of us and rolls his lifeless torso into the water he can ALWAYS come back. 


sonya said...

Wow!!! What a show today!!!

Jasam home: They were going to make love, when baby Cheeto cried. Sam (who's ta ta's are about to fall out) goes to the baby. Jason puts his ring back on! Hmm the spoiler says there is going to be proof when Jason dies. Is the ring going to be proof? Sam brought the baby with them. They put their dragon thing down. Or is THAT going to be the proof? The dragon. Bernie called and left a message. Jason hears it, and leaves.

Piet 52: Bernie tries to call Jason and leaves a message. They showed a flashback of when Bernie got shot last year and was at Sonny's restaurant. Remember that scene? It was when Shawn saved him. Anyway the flashback showed Bernie at the hospital, and in comes DUKE!!! Duke threatened Bernie!! I was thinking, what the hell?!!?! Duke wants Bernie to take all of Sonny's money and put it in Krissy's account! Bernie gets shot by Joe Jr!! Jason shoots Joe Jr! Then Duke shoots Jason!!!! I was wondering if AJ shot Jason, and then I was thinking if Bernie was trying to tell Jason about AJ!

The hospital: Oh no! That quack doctor who is in disguise is with Lulu!! I wonder if she is working for Duke! Lulu finds out if she can get pregnant or not. She can't! :(

Anna and Luke's home: Anna and Duke are kissing. He wants to make love to her. Luke comes in and says unhand her you braveheart ROFL! Luke wants a DNA test, but Duke says no! Luke pulls hairs from Duke! ROFL! Too funny!

Police station: Oh shoot Todd was going to tell Carly the truth, but Mcbain shows up. :( DIANE!! YAY! :)

Andrea said...

Jason is shot, I don't think Liz is going to be able to pull this bullet out and save him. I guess he gets pushed into the water, and the dragon washes up on shore and everyone presumes he it dead...

Poor Tracy- Joe is a gonner.

I loved how Bernie recognized Duke when he saw him. I guess all mob people know each other.

All the money is now in Kristina's name? And Trey is now married to her, but is he going to take it all? I guess Kristina was supposed to die because then Trey would inherit everything? Who controls Trey.

Now I think it would be a good
story if Kristina AND AJ were behind this and it was their plot to get back at Sonny and Jason - steal all the money bring them down.

Todd is the best liar ever. It was awesome to see Diane again. I love her.

Duke is being so bad. I agree with Luke don't trust him Anna.

Lulu is about the 50th woman on this show that "can't" have children, then will get pregnant; probably soon too.

I guess the rivers of tears will begin on Monday.

Cosmoetica said...

Luke taking Duke's hair means it's the real Duke because otherwise he'd have protested more. So, Faison is out. Faison could still be behind it all, though.

They are pulling the laces tighter. Nice.

Karen- no viruses now, so whatever or whoever was plaguing your blog is over now.

fnaylor1972 said...

Bye Bye Jason, Bye Bye

Hello Diane, how we missed

bumchickabowbow said...

"DOCK FIGHT..and Jason's down. Now, unless Duke chops his head off in front of us and rolls his lifeless torso into the water he can ALWAYS come back. "

I nearly spit my smoothie all over the screen! Haha :)

LaTanya said...

Now you know their gonna make it that because Lulu had an abortion she can't have kids. They always do this with soaps they have the character get an abortion then go crazy like Ashley Abbott on Y&R or better yet like Erica Kane who thought she had one but an evil doctor took the fetus and put in someone else and a grown son pops up years later! smh

mybelle18 said...

Regarding Lulu could it be that she might not be able to carry to term?

Duke? Wondering what's with him? I like the thought of him being Faison!

CareyN said...

I'd much rather have a realistic story with Lulu. I have a friend who's been trying to conceive for a while, and recently miscarried at 7 weeks, because of fibroid tumors. Apparently they aren't all that uncommon and can cause all sorts of challenges with pregnancy. Wouldn't it be nice to see a socially responsible story that may help educate women about their bodies?

I know happy couples are "boring" but I've really been enjoying the sexy, happy Lante all summer/fall. They seems REAL and add some heart to this show, which constantly treats women and babies as mere plot points and not people...under both the previous and current regime. Elizabeth and Aiden, and Elizabeth and Jake; Sam and Danny; Tea and Victor, and Tea and Danny, Starr and Hope....It's sad.

kdmask said...

I was underwhelmed. Again.

AntJoan said...

Oh, sob, sob, sob, can they make Jason's exit any MORE heart-wrenching? It really made me depressed, I always love happy endings on soaps, as they are not that common in real life (and even less common in soaps, it seems).

I HOPE also, Karen, that Lulu's abortion won't be the culprit here. She had it very early in the pregnancy, and it's a safe procedure, but you did spoil that Lulu would feel guilty about this, so I'm hoping against hope that it ain't so.

Welcome back, lovely Diane, you were missed!

skeebob said...

If Duke is Faison, the scenes with him talking to comatose Robin don't make any sense. I think Duke is Duke. Yeah, he's evil now, but a lot can happen in two decades, and if any of the Turkish prison stuff is true, that can explain how he's warped into a big bad now. The AJ connection, assuming there is a connection, is really intriguing.

Sonya: not only were KM's ta ta's in danger of falling out (which could probably be said at least once a week), but the director did a surprisingly tight butt shot on her today too.

LOVED seeing Diane again!!!

Also, I didn't see the Wed & Thur shows until today, and I just have to mention how powerful I thought the Tea/Todd scenes in jail on Wednesday were.

Christine said...

Today on the show, Lulu was told she could not have a child, but the reason was not given. (To us anyway) What if the reason she cannot conceive/carry to term is a result of the aplastic anemia/bone marrow transplant she had as a child? The anti-rejection drugs could have had a lasting effect.. I know she had the abortion in 06, but that doesn't mean that child would have been carried to term. Also, it would be interesting if Dante had fertility issues as well, because on soaps its almost always the 'woman fault' somehow. If Lulu and Dante are determined to be parents, it would be refreshing to see an adoption storyline (without any baby switching or extra drama involved)

Love4dogs said...

How would Bernie have known Duke Lavery? Wasn't Duke before Bernie (and Sonny's) time??

mosbp said...

Andrea, Trey and Kristina both signed the annulment papers...they are no longer married.

Oscar said...
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Cosmoetica said...

Love4dogs said...

How would Bernie have known Duke Lavery? Wasn't Duke before Bernie (and Sonny's) time??
October 20, 2012 7:38 AM


Love: Offstage action, it's called. Simply put, the PC universe goes on even when we are not watching it, or when other characters 'disappear' for weeks or months (ala Bernie- last seen being shot in late 2011). Bernie and his 'twin' Benny (same actor- Richard Fancy, I believe) were written into the show as longtime Mob accountants, before they started working for Sonny. In fact, Sonny recruited Benny from another Family when he took over PC, so it's plausible that Benny (and likely Bernie) knew (and worked for)the mobsters from the 80s- Frank Smith, the Jeromes, the McKays, Duke, etc. He'd be about their age.

Love4dogs said...

Cosmo...thanks...I was thinking along those lines, but I thought perhaps I was **over*thinking it. LOL

sonya said...

skeebob said...Sonya: not only were KM's ta ta's in danger of falling out (which could probably be said at least once a week),
ROFL! True. :)

but the director did a surprisingly tight butt shot on her today too.
The director did? Maybe the director thought her butt would fall out of her pants too ROFL!

kdmask said...

bob...I do have to go back and watch the Robin scenes, I agree. I need to listen for clues.
It's just my soap writing wishes in my head LOL