Monday, October 1, 2012

Blair's Back

There's no details on any plot points yet for this stint, but after Laura Wright(Carly) tweeted "Super excited!!!!" in response to the news of Blair's return to the canvas, DePaiva responded with "Hopefully this time Carly and Blair will have some real airtime!

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Andrea said...

Really disapointed in this news. Blair was never my favorite character and we have had enough of the OLTL people.

If Star needs her mother then send her to Llandview (offscreen)

Give Felicia a story rather then bring back Blair.

Anonymous said...


I will NOT be watching.

Deb K said...


kdmask said...


how was today's GH? it's on DVR for me to watch. I'm too tired right now

screamingeagle said...

For those of you who say they will not watch because Blair is coming back,just remember the ratings will either keep GH on the air or take it off. If you don't watch then remember this when ABC decides to cancell because the ratings are poor. Watch it and if Blair comes on and you don't like her,leave the TV on and go do something else until here scene is done. If you want GH to stay then it is imparitive to watch.

Deb K said...

People who say they are not watching are only blowing hot air. They will watch or FF thru her scenes.

Karen if everyone who said they were going to quit watching did, GH ratings wouldn't be rising like it is. They will tune in.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

This show deserves to be cancelled.

skeebob said...

I like Blair. Thought she was good in both of her runs so far.

I also like the actress playing Ellie. Like her much more than the two new chicks in the Patrick storyline.

The Dancing With The Stars thing today was weird.

I don't understand why Liz was made to do what she did last week if she was just going to tell the truth to Jason this week.

FriscoDances said...

I would imagine that with the news that SB was leaving, the Liz storyline might have had to have been moved along much faster.

I don't mind Blair coming back as long as we get Lucy Coe and Duke soon!!

I saw Ron mention something on twitter to Laura Wright about nurses sometimes having balls LOL. I'm sure he wouldn't have said that if it wasn't in the works. I can't wait for that!

Deb K said...

If this show deserves to be cancelled, why you watching it?

Anon said...

I like Cassie-she's a good soap actress BUT Blair and Tea popping in and out of GH is getting old. Felecia is back - GIVE HER REAL AIRTIME. Epiphany is great - GIVE HER REAL AIRTIME. Also MORE Jane Elliot too.

cooks7570 said...

I hate when people say they won't watch because of characters being written off or acter or actress leaving because it will be bad for ratings. Dr Britt is I hear a short term recurring character. I liked the show today.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

I watch part of the show on YT. I tried watching an entire episode recently (the on location one), but couldn't. The show is bad, it's unwatchable. The stories are badly written. Every time there's a good idea or potential for a good s/l, the writers screw up. I could go on for hours about the s/l pace, the lack of character growth, the bias toward certain characters or the endless plot points. The last time I watched entire episodes was during the metrocourt crisis!

CareyN said...

Well, everyone has different opinions don't they? I LOVED today's show. I thought it was better than anything that went on with the pathogen shenanigans.

I thought NuKristina actually was believable and somewhat sympathetic, and showed more talent than she has before. Becky H was nothing short of brilliantly understated in the Reveal, Part 1. Michael Easton was phenomenal in his first scenes with the letter. Then McBam made my laptop start smoking. Phew.

And, of course, everyone looked so pretty all dressed up for the wedding. I loved Maxie's dress the most. Then Ellie's. (I like her, even if she's a -bit- too much like Spinelli.) Alexis looked beautiful and classy. And Starr looked cute and very age-appropriate. Lulu's dress was a little too tight and a little too red for a wedding. And Carly, well, not my favorite but she looked good.

LSV422 said...

I don't mind Blair coming back but I would rather see Anna Devane on my screen everyday, and more of Felicia, Mac and Tracey. I still think Not-Kristina is horribly bad and the guy who plays Trey keeps looking to the side like maybe he can't remember his lines. Sick of Connie and the stupidity of everyone not knowing this isn't Kate. Really like Ellie, much more than the other two newbies at the hospital. Jeez, that Michael Easton is sexy!

Cosmoetica said...

The whole hate for OLTL characters is silly. Most of the old time secondary GH characters were bores, which is why they got marginalized in the first place.

Then there are the NuKristina haters. She actually did quite well in her scenes w Trey yesterday, and has grown in the role. Lexi Ainsworth was a solid little actress, but nothing special. The fact that the new girl is taller and has bigger breasts is th eonly reason most of the female viewers hate her.

But, like the OLTL hate, it's silly, and if the folks don't wanna watch, fine.

LSV422 said...

Maybe we "hate" the new girl because in our opinion she is miscast and isn't a great actress. Lexie at least looked smart and played Krissie as a good student. This one looks as dumb as she acts. She dropped out of school and is doing nothing besides marrying Trey. We have every right to resent more OLTL actors when Anna Devane, who can carry the whole show herself, was MIA for weeks, but Todd was on every day. This is GH, not OLTL, and if OLTL was so great, why is it gone?

Cosmoetica said...

Linda V:

When Lexi came on she tried to seduce Jason for two months, then she was dumb as a doorknob in throwing herself at an abusive weasel, then a guy way too old for her (Ethan).

So, that version of Kristina wa shardly 'smart.'

As for acting, how exactly would Lexi have been diff than Lindsay?

And how does she look 'dumb'? Big breasts = stupid. How shallow.

And, speaking of dumb, Anna (whom I love as a character and her actress) fell for Luke- a debauched old alcoholic rapist and child killer.

Face it, actors come and go on soaps, and Kristina Davis was hardly an integral character. Recasting Jason w Sean Kanan wd be dumb, bit recasting a tertiary, at best, level character like Kristina is not a problem. And, Lexi would look ridiculous with Trey.

Todd and McBain are far better and more interesting than Mac and Felicia, or even Steve and Olivia or Lulu and Dante.