Friday, October 12, 2012

Crazy Pants!

OH TODD! I love what you say!! LOL Calling Heather Crazy pants!

Poor Olivia...down the stairs..whoops. She and Steve Larzzzzzz can have matching bandages.

Heather and that baby! He was so good up there..Sam's face was in torment!! Why not just leave the roof? I mean, she has to come down sometime, why confront her up there?  AND Stupid DANTE leaves but doesn't stay like on the stairwell ..geesh.

What's that Transylvanian sounding lady doing there? You know she's trouble!

LOVE TRACY AND LUKE...nice..Tracy had on my fave jacket. :) They spill their love secrets to each other!! THAT'S HOW YOU write old friends, lovers. You don't just forget them!! Yeah!! Great writing. They said "In this town NObody dies"!! 

WHOOPS,  Anna bad timing. Heather's getting more cray cray. 

GOD Tea's scream was a banshee!! LOL


Unknown said...
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Cosmoetica said...

Dogs in china are baying at the moon.

sonya said...

Anna and Luke's room: Luke and Tracy talk about Anna and dead Duke! Then they talk about Joseph! Poor Tracy. :( Hey Luke! Yesterday Duke told you to go find Laura!!! Listen to him!!!! :)

Duke's hotel room: Duke talks to that nurse from Switzerland! The nurse is there. They talk about Anna. Duke wants to win her over. :) They talk about someone shot is all stitched up! Who is none other than JOE JR!! HEY! THERE HE IS!!! :)

The hospital: Sam and Jason are on the roof with Heather and baby Cheeto!! Sam goes on her knees and begs Heather for her baby! Jason wouldn't let Sam go on her knees! Oh come on!!! Sam going on her knees was a great scene! I was affected by it! If the writers would let Sam be on her knees for awhile, I would have balled!! Dante shows up with a gun! DANTE ARE YOU CRAZY?! Heather is holding onto baby Cheeto! Put the gun away!!! Sam got Dante to leave. Heather is surrounded by the police on the ground. HEATHER JUMPS WITH THE BABY!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and Karen, Tea is one of the best screamers on a soap opera!!! :)

Andrea said...

I couldn't take Tea today.

MatchboxGinny said...

The rooftop scenes were such a disappointment. Heather walking in circles holding the baby, one cop with a gun, hitman Jason, and kick-ass Sam all standing around staring at her not doing a thing. Ridiculous. I expected so much better for this wrap-up s/l scene. There was no intensity no drama.

AntJoan said...

OK, all they had to do was to pretend to leave the roof, and all of them hide--Jason, Sam and Dante--then nab the crazy bitch as she leaves. Or any one of them could have gone over and attacked her, she was unarmed and holding a baby, how could she defend herself?? The only real danger was that she would throw the baby off of the roof, which she never would have done if she wasn't cornered.

For someone who is a sociopath like her, who truly is incapable of love, it is very realistic that she would try to kill herself and the baby rather than let anyone else have him--if she can't live the idealized version of herself that she is invested in, she definitely would self destruct.

Also, yes, Anna's bad timing, really unfortunate.

And, also, my head is spinning with the Jerry Jax, Swiss clinc, Duke, Robin, etc., connection--where does Joe Jr. come in?

Di said...

I never watched OLTL so I have no history with characters like Tea. All I can say is I find it hard to understand how the people who've been complaining about nuKristina's acting can have nothing to say about Tea's shrieking and wailing. It wasn't heart-rending, just ear-splitting. I couldn't even work up any sympathy for the poor woman because I kept muting her.

I don't know why Dante went downstairs either. He should have stayed right outside the door.

That little baby is a sweetheart. And I think a lot of it has to do with the way that "Heather" talks to him too. The actress is really good with him. All her scenes where she was talking to him she was really talking to him. She made it hard to hate her.

And I'm wondering how Todd is going to worm his way out of this one. With Heather dead it will be a lot easier.

And I LOVED Luke and Tracy today. That is how old friends and lovers should communicate. They were great.

I can't understand how Anna could go back to work when she went home in the first place because she was practically passing out from fatique and hunger. And I haven't seen her eat anything since.

And her timing on the megaphone was terrible. Just when Sam seemed to be getting through to Heather too.

I'm also totally confused about Duke's motives now too, especially after Joe turned up. What are he and that Swiss woman up to?

friscogh said...

I hope Heather lands on Tea and squishes her to death.

I wonder if Olivia had another vision, this one of the baby falling, and managed to get alert the rescue team to get the catch net ready. Or perhaps Olivia alerted grandma Alexis who uses her bosom to cushion the babies fall? Or maybe Jax could fly over in his helicopter and rescue the falling baby like the scene from Annie when she falls from the bridge. Either way, despite the incredible acting from RM and SE this entire storyline is much to campy and much to OLTL for me.

Anna is one of my all time fave GH vets but I could not watch her in this episode as they forced her to share all her scenes with McPanty and Banshee.

I LOVED the Luke and Tracy scenes.

Im looking forward to Jason leaving so we get some Davis girls and Quartermaine scenes.

sonya said...

Karen that picture that you put up of that woman, who is she? :)