Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Through and Through

A "through and through" gunshot wound is where the bullet enters and exits the body.... 

Which is what I'm assuming happened to Jason--since he was shot in the back and fell on his stomach and is bleeding out all over the docks. Why he didn't invest in a bullet proof leather jacket eons ago is beyond me. You know what's coming next...Duke is going to roll that body into the river and...that dragon  thing will wash up "Confirming" he's dead.
Yeah, right.
Jason..shot in the back by a guy that hasn't been on the show in eons. Ironic, no? 

SCRUB UP!! We have some surgery to perform on last week's show... and there's A LOT to discuss. 

Ok, JaSammers, was it everything you wanted? Did you get enough? People on twitter seemed to be pissed that they didn't make the whoop one last time..and that SBu's scenes were too short..yada yada.
Can't please all of the people all of the time.  I thought the baby reunion (although rushed) was nice and the scenes really touching. Sonny and Jason vowing to be "happy"...Carly being happy for him, the works. They got out their wedding rings. The baby was adorable. His last word to Sam? "Always"... 

This guy is so far from the Duke Lavery we knew that it's laughable...ergo I'm choosing to believe it's not him. Some face-shifting going on. You know I think it's really Faison. Get Fee-Wee-Sha in that room too. Watch his eyes light up like a pin-ball machine!! LOL. That nurse of his even has a Faison-like accent. I'm really trying to figure out RC's vision on his. If it IS Duke, then legions of fans that watched back then are scratching their heads and it's not a joyful "reunion". Even the newbies have to wonder what's going on and why Anna would fall for this guy. (He wasn't evil back then). If he's NOT Duke, well... ok. It would make some sense but again, he was on a LONG LONG time ago and a lot of viewers don't even know him so it may not even have an impact.
Poor Ron, falling victim to the fact that Guza never used history--and killed off so many vets that if you started watching the last 10 years you're lost. 

Speaking of lost... This would have made way more sense if it was Diane or Max or Milo. I know no one wants to see them go, but BERNIE? we've seen him in the past few years. I think he had one scene with Sonny awhile ago. Quite a few people didn't even know who the hell he was. ERGO, the shock factor is lost. HOWEVER, kudos to Ron  for attempting to use history. 
SCENE OF THE WEEK: Tea and Todd... him leaning down in the chair...looking so despondent...she was playing with his hair. I thought for sure she was going to pull it--hard and snap his neck back. (that's so Tea!). She didn't do it,  and the resulting moment was just breathtaking.  I've watched this at least 5x since. I LOVE this scene. I want to marry it. 

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: TOO much sharing of the INFO with Dad, LULU... I do NOT want to see this. You don't discuss the 'swimmers' with your Dad either. I know he took her to the abortion but...uck. I am also dreading this whole thing but I'm afraid they are going to make Lulu "Pay" for that choice by not being able to carry a kid. WRONG WRONG WRONG. 

MOST FUN HAD BY ALL: Dante's CUP scene with Epiphany.  HEH... priceless. 

We had a hole filled people!! We were all wondering why Joe was hell-bent on killing Krissy to get Sonny's money for Trey. NOW we know it's because of Bernie. The money was all in HER NAME.  Ah, ok. Got it. 

Joe Jr. is off the show, which is unfortunate. I liked he and Tracy. There could have been more going on. Without Dad Trey will be--well, more insufferable than he his now. I just think he's wimpy. The whole Starr/Michael/Krissy/Trey thing isn't working. They aren't Langston/Starr and the boys-- sorry it's just not cutting it. 

COSTUME OF THE WEEK:  Did I really even have to SAY it? LOL 

So coming up...Jason's death rocks the  town... we'll have November Sweeps and I believe Edward's memorial/will reading. Alan may or may not be back as himself (or a ghost)...AJ's comin'-- and I hear Robin will make an appearance at the  Nurses' Ball in early December. I'm also thinking Robert  HAS to come back at some point. He just has to. Rumor has it he may be back sooner rather than later.  :fingerscrossed: 
Take the new poll up on WUBS NET. Last poll was: Next big romance you'd like to see? Todd and Carly took it with 32% of the votes. 
Thanks yet again to Lisa's Screen Caps for making the blog so fun each week! 


  1. Robin...?!? Robin Scorpio?!?! Or Robin Christopher?? I would LOOOOOVE to see Robin back!!!! I miss her...

    Also, the whole Lulu can't have a kid because of the abortion thing is such a step back 50 years ago. Seriously. I know its possible (by a very low chance), but I personally know that once you have an abortion you can still have a child later down the road. I think that making her not have a child due to abortion is too political.

    Jasam. Not enough!!!!! I mean everything was so beautiful and then he is just...dead. :( ... My heart broke for Sam.

  2. Robin Scorpio although I think Christopher will come back for Edward's will/death

  3. Gotta be the real Duke or he'd've freaked out over Luke's hair pluck.

    Re: Jason. A year or two ago- perhaps one Michael ago, he told Michael he knew he's one day die of a bullet from someone he didn't know, so I think Cartini used that irony. Hopefully he'll stay dead, but killing off a hitman does not count as 'evil,' Karen. Technically, it's justice.

  4. Cosmo, I'm thinking that IS Duke's, transplant. can be done!!
    Hey, I'm a wanna be writer!!

    Justice would have been Taggert doing it.

  5. Taggert killing Sonny would be justice. I think he just found Anger Boy annoying.

  6. How would Duke's hair test his DNA unless there is something of his in the past to test it against? (I really don't understand how the tests are done, so maybe it makes perfect sense, if anyone here knows.)

    I also was glad that the "hole was filled" re how Krissy got all that money! Poor Bernie, the only Jew on the show, they killed his brother and he came back as his twin! Maybe they were triplets, and he can come back as Bobby!

  7. This is probably a minority opinion but even though it's much better than it was there is still too much violence for me on GH. When I said I wanted less Sonny I also meant less violence. Even though we only saw Sonny a few times since the "wedding" there's been lots of violence. Having someone else committing mayhem doesn't make it better. I want romance and characters I like not more villains.

  8. Ant: I'd presume that Duke's DNA is on file with the Witness Protection folk, as every one who goes in takes a physical w blood samples. Anna could pull strings and easily do it.

    Dar: I presume you mean non-cartoony violence? After all, the Cassadines wanted to freeze the world. Yes, I tire of the shootouts and what not. It's a lazy way to tell a story. There is necessary violence, but a good 75% decrease would not hurt, and actually help the stories.

  9. Not enough Jasam by a long shot! They didn't even let them have a night at home back together with the baby!! We have waited years for a Jasam baby and this it what we get! So disappointed. They should have done whatever it took to keep Steve B. he is the one and only Jason and connected to everyone in Port Charles. Get him back!!!

  10. Karen says SCENE OF THE WEEK: Tea and Todd...
    Oh yes Karen I loved their scene!!! I thought she was going to pull his hair hard too!!!!

    Karen says Joe Jr. is off the show, which is unfortunate. I liked he and Tracy.
    I loved them together too!!!! I didn't want Joe Jr to die!!!! This stinks! What a waste. :(

  11. Jason, a fitting "death" for a hitman. Hopefully it will bring the downfall of Sonny's organization, because if Max and Milo are in charge of security, Sonny is a sitting duck. I hope this brings an end to the mob in PC.

    Duke, I hope he is Duke, NO matter how evil he has become. There is nothing I hate more than the "I changed my face stories." They never work out well. Lets say Karen is right, Duke is really Faison. The writers make up some huge story, we all believe it, then the real actor who played Faison comes back to GH, of course as Faison. THEN the writers reverse it all and the Faison who looked like Duke becomes the "real Duke again" who was brainwashed into thinking he was Faison by Helena or something equally as stupid. (ie Victor/Todd (OLTL) OR John/Roman (DAYS)) Trust me if Duke turns out to be anybody but Duke, he will be back to being the real Duke in a couple of years.

    Sad to see Joe go, I liked him. Poor Tracy.

    Not looking forward to any story with Kritina as the center, They need a better actress if she is going to be front and center.

    AJ is coming!!!!!

    Carly is going to be beside herself when she finds out Jason is 'Dead" Can't wait for that LW will rock those scenes.

  12. AJ and Carly are going to be awesome SK and LW will be an interesting mix

  13. Any chance we can see Rena Sofer as Lois back for "Eddie"'s memorial? Would so love to see her back!!!

  14. Any chance we can see Rena Sofer as Lois back for "Eddie"'s memorial? Would so love to see her back!!!

  15. According to an interview done with RC or FV, this IS the real Duke. It was stated that a lot can happen to a person in 20 years.

  16. I'll miss Jason, as I miss all of the legacy characters. His "murder"/betrayal was kind of a letdown. It seemed rushed and contrived. I'm kind of annoyed at how overtly evil they are writing Duke. I guess I'm too loyal to the past. I was so in love with Duke and Anna. Blah.

  17. Cosmo, thanks for the DNA info

    ITA w/others, way too much violence!! Give me families, love, humor, don't we all have enough pain in our lives?

    I also thought that Duke was hot "back in the day," he is not hot now due to his being sooooo evil, other than that, he has aged beautifully, as has Anna.

  18. Great Sunday Surgery! On point on so many levels. Thanks Karen :))

  19. I like the relationship of Luke and Lulu these days. I wish they would have Sonny and Luke talking about that stuff though. I wish they would do something with Johnny and Connie. I didn't think this weeks shows were bad.

  20. Hey, if Duke has truly been through hell, I can believe hr would turn really evil. (Let's hope so because as a mob boss back in the 80's he was kind of a whimp.) For the record, I think it is really Duke.

    Yes to Robin Scorpio back, even if only a flashback and PLEASE GOD YES TO MORE ROBERT SCORPIO BACK. They have left one of the great GH character's storylines hanging...SOME RESOLUTION please! Just dont't stick him in a closet like they have done to Mac and Flea.

    Would love to see Skye, Lois, and AJ back for Edward's stuff. AND ALAN TOO

  21. Anon,
    You forgot Ned, Dillon and Brooklyn as well.
    With Jason and Edwards' deaths and AJ returning this would also be an excellent time to bring back Keesha Ward.
    I would also like to see Jimmy Lee return to fight Tracy for the inheritance.
    It would also be a nice touch to have Amanda Barrington, Audrey Hardy, Lesley Webber, Lee and Gail Baldwin present.

  22. friscogh said...I would also like to see Jimmy Lee return to fight Tracy for the inheritance.
    Oh! That would be good! :) It would be nice to see Jimmy Lee Holt and his very tight pants again. :)

  23. Steve Bond was the Playgirl guy before Burton. Another wasted character: Eric Quartermaine.

  24. Any news on how Elizabeth reacts to Jason's death? I hope Liason fans like me get a little will get their screentime.

  25. Well, Karen...since you asked... :-)

    I have seen enough "JaSam" to last me the rest of my life. Good God almighty. From the Twitter comments I've read over the past couple of years, there are many (not all) JaSammers that will never be happy no matter how much they get. Now we will have to endure the weeping widow scenes for months on end with the requisite montages accompanied by that annoying theme song.

    I'm very happy for Steve and wish him much success in the future. I'm sad he will no longer be a part of the show.