Monday, October 29, 2012

Tristan Rogers is back to GH (Again)

Yep..Robert's coming back to GH it on TV Source Online!

Also, rumor has it Rick Hearst was on the set today as well. (Ric) Not confirmed just yet. Becky Herbst tweeted it. 


Adora said...

I don't even know what to think at this point. I am not surprised to hear that Tristan is due back, though he sounded so displeased with how his last return was handled that I almost feel bad for him.

I'm so incredibly disappointed with this Duke debacle that I have no idea how to ever be happy about a "return" ever again. It just doesn't feel worth the emotional investment. (I would really love to hear Finola and Ian's thoughts on this massacre of both their character's histories.)

Ric being on set is a little more surprising - he certainly wouldn't return as a result of Edward's passing, right? Can't say I really care though. Seeing what has happened to Duke I honestly can officially no longer think of one return that would excite me. Very sad.

Anon said...

Here's the thing about Scorpio comebacks on GH.
After Guza screwed up his initial comeback on GH back like in 2006, they did it right...REALLY right on Night Shift 2. That characterization was right on the money...Scorpio seemed like himself again but grew as a person as he battled for his own life with cancer. His relationships with Anna, Patrick, and most importantly ROBIN felt right. And the flashback dream sequence that saw him with Luke and what will probably be the last appearance of Sean and Tiffany were all well done. The appearances after that for Robin's wedding and baby Emma were also ok and were consistent.
Then came Robin's death and suddenly Robert's characterization was all out of sorts again (although Tristan did the best he could with the was not his fault although he should not have dyed his hair).
Look...Tristan and the character carried the show through the latter half of the 80's when Tony Geary was largely absent. That was done by showing a character with a sharp sense of wit, smarts, badassery, a roguish agent who actually believed in upholding justice, who was a loving dad and who was a bit of a conflicted romantic hero at times.

SHOW US THAT GUY AGAIN I know Tris still has it in him if you give him the freedom to improv with Geary (brings out the best in both of them) and "opposites attract" spar with Anna. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE GIVE HIM A SCENE OR TWO WITH THE FORGOTTEN FELCIA AND MAC PLEASE.

Anon said...

Cut and paste on more of Robert's return:

"Rogers was last seen on GH in early March when he was called and informed about the death of his daughter Robin. His character was distraught and on a downward spiral and ran off to chase his supposed son, Ethan, who Luke claimed was Scorpio’s son to give him a renewal in life and a reason to live. Rogers was disappointed with his short stint but expressed excitement with his current return.

An enthusiastic Rogers told Soap Opera Digest:

"I am feeling really good right now! My connection to GH and to this character is so strong. I think the fans will see a Robert who is the same, but also different ... and there's a reason for that difference. I was very excited about the story when it was explained to me.""

Avalonn said...

Old school, I couldn't agree more. Night Shift 2 was GREAT in regard to the Scorpios. Anna and Robert were brilliant. I pray we see more of that kind of writing for these characters again!

Andrea said...

Lets hope that Robert comes and he and Luke reveal Duke for what he is - As long as it is written well. And then Duke can go away, I don't like him like this. He was never EVIL.

Maybe Ric and AJ are working together to take down Sonny. At least they don't have to make up a back from the dead story for Ric too.

LSV422 said...

OMG I would love to see Rick H. come back. One of the best actors ever on this show and a great but misused character. I agree that Night Shift 2 was brilliant in every way and I hope Robert gets some good writing and interaction.

PM61 said...
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PM61 said...

Count me as one who wants to see the real Robert EFFING Scorpio back. The one who would kick FauxDuke's ass and send him packing, b1tchslap Luke for lying about Ethan, and find Robin as well.

If both Ric and AJ were back, it would make for some juicy storylines. Like Andrea said they could payback Sonny when he is at his most vulnerable -- Bernie isn't covering his assets and Jason isn't covering his ass!

If there was justice, AJ would end up hanging Sonny from a hook in a meat locker. Corinthos would end up like that guy in Goodfellas who was found in a reefer truck frozen solid. MWHAHAHAH!

CareyN said...

Isn't Ric Molly's dad? I remember her and TJ talking and how she said she hadn't heard from him in a while, and that he wasn't returning her calls. I would like Molly to have a father figure around who isn't Sonny. Also, maybe a love triangle for Alexis?

Cosmoetica said...

Forget about Duke. Robert needs to come back and clean PC of the scum that is Sonny Corinthos- the man who led his daughter astray.

Cosmoetica said...

Put Ric back w Liz- he had more chemistry w her than JJ or SB.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

LiRic was my favourite couple on GH for the last decade.