Monday, October 29, 2012

Waves, Water, Wind..

It's one of those days where some people won't be watching or even thinking about GH-- the Sandy Situation is dire. Hunker down!
We have the outer outer bands creeping in here. We've also had rain for 3 days already. SOGGY!!

Michael talking about Monica-- and Sonny saying what a creep AJ was. Whatever. 

AJ...with tears in his eyes. Explaining the 'accident' and he flatlined ..and MONICA Saved him. 

Sam and Carly... Sam's giving it to her. 

Olivia's still going nuts. Todd asks her to predict Dancing With the Stars!! ahahaa. Todd give Steven Lars Heather's stuff: BLT Sandwich card from Kelly'....a troll doll.. Swedish Fish and Fifty Hues of Blue (Where he hid the DNA  paper). 

Starr and Johnny--- weird. She really did care about him, eh?

Connie asks Johnny out for Coffee. Um, little late for that, eh? 

Today was too much...the first Steven Lars was working on the old AJ..and today the New Steven was working on the NuAJ ..and schmaltz?? 
OH WHEE..was it schmaltzy.

Jason isn't around to drink this in (yet_) and EVEN CARLY is the 99th recast since Sarah Brown. 

Maybe it's the low pressure but I don't care about Monica/AJ..and she didn't tell ALAN?? nice. Real nice. 


  1. Karen, thanks for the update, NO GH in NYC today (sob, sob), I definitely would have watched, as my clinic is closed, it is terrible here. I hope I can watch today's show tomorrow on Hulu.

    Good luck to all of us; stay safe and warm.

  2. Ant Joan, GH did air here. It was on ABC's 2nd channel, which is labeled Live Well on my on screen guide (I have FIOS and it is ch. 467). Everything that is normally on ABC is on that channel.

    The weather in NYC is absolutely crazy. We had a ton of water from Jamaica Bay in front of my house this morning (somehow I'm not in an evacuation zone).

    (pictures that my mom took this morning

    GH was okay today. I think Frankenstorm drama has made it all a little less exciting.

  3. I am just loving seeing AJ back and having scenes with Monica. Even the cheesy flashbacks. Nice to see Heather is still around to cause trouble. Starr made quite a scene at the Haunted Star - so loud it was amazing that everyone didn't stop to watch.

  4. Hey everyone. I'm sitting in 75-degrees-and-sunny San Diego...but I'm praying that all my GH friends out there are safe and that all your family and other loved ones are safe as well.

    If you have power and need a short break from crazy Sandy, you can watch today's GH now on YouTube if you search for SimplyGH. She uploads, commercial-free, at just about 3:15 eastern every day.

    Karen--Hope you don't mind that I posted youtube channel info!

  5. Alan wasnt angry at AJ; he was overcome with grief over losing him a second time...he was lashing out at everyone in sight

  6. The gym: Sonny is working out, and Michael shows up. Michael wants to join the organisation. UGH! Again Michael? COME ON!!!!! Sonny feels guilty about how Michael was better off with the Q's than with him! DOH!

    Q home:

    AJ: I thought she would never leave.

    Monics: AJ!

    It IS AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Oh so AJ was in a wheelchair and had physical therapy! And no more cane!!!! Monica knew that AJ was alive YAY!!!! But wait Alan didn't know. :( There was even a fake flashback which I could have lived without!!! Such a strange fake flashback! So he flatlined but because of his mother's voice, he lived again! Huh?!!?! Stupid fake flashback!!! And hey Steve knew AJ was alive too and helped!! AJ is looking at a picture of Michael awwww! :) They look a bit alike. :) And hey AJ, the last time I saw you, you were short!!! :) ROFL! Oh Michael shows up!!!!! :) I want a Michael and AJ scene!!!!

    The hospital: Steve and Olivia is there and Steve went to go in his mothers room! It looks like Olivia has colored her hair in a different color. Anyway Olivia is seeing things again! She sees Heather, and breaks the glass to get the ax!!! Wow I rhymed. :) It's not Heather! It's Todd!!! They had to tell Todd what is going on with Olivia. Todd is laughing and says can you tell me who is going to win dancing with the stars? ROFL! Todd says he is there to give Heather her stuff that was left in her office. There is a book! It's called Fifty Hues of Blue. Huh?! That looks like the fifty shades of gray book! The writers changed the name of the book! ROFL! Oh the DNA test came out of the book! :) Olivia and Steve now know that Jason is the bio daddy of baby Cheeto!

    Jasam home: Carly shows up to help Sam! Cus Jason isn't there, so Carly is going to take care of Sam! Carly starts cleaning. Carly has a text message from Jason before he "died". Carly wants Sam to have it! How come Carly isn't freaking out that her BFF Jason is dead? Maybe at the funeral.

    Haunted Star: Oh Stars is pissed off and angry at Johnny! She is telling him off but good! He keeps apologizing. He gives her the cd of her music.

    Starr and Joe Jr Jr Jr's home: Connie is there to suck up to her son so that he doesn't commit her!! She tells him that it was Kate who left him in the dresser! He don't believe one word she says and kicks her butt out! ROFL! Later Starr is alone with her cd and a picture of her and Johnny. Gee I didn't know they were a couple! Oh look she ripped the picture up!

  7. Wow Elizabeth!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Oh and I call Sandy a bitch too! :)

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  9. i am in central NJ. this morning i quickly dvr'd tonight's soapnet.

    you know this is serious when they pre-empt GH.

    on a positive note, they also pre-empted the Chew and Katie. so that's not so bad.

    believe everything you are reading on the net or watching on tv. this is bad. i'm watching out my bay window and the trees are taking a beating and the rain has been going since last night. it hasnt even touched land yet and it looks and feels like one of the worst storms i have ever seen! we are all bracing for landfall.

    ok, back to the wine...

  10. The fake flashback of AJ's death was Awful. Monica's words of love brout him back from the dead? Why wouldn't she tell Alan AJ was alive? He was so upset when AJ "died"

    Michael wants in the mob again, yawn. But let us take every opportunity to bad talk AJ.

    Todd is so great. I forgive him for everything.

    Please tell me that Star is not going to sing for this Halloween thing.

    Carly was very nice today, and Sam was a bitch. It is time to get out of denial Sam.

  11. Todd and Heather = dream team. Both so great! Keep them scheming together!

  12. How are all the East Coast people?

  13. Stephanie said...How are all the East Coast people?
    I'm fine!! :) We had strong winds and rain. We didn't lose any power. :) Are you okay? Where do you live?


  15. we made it through ok in the DC area. Glad everyone else is ok.

  16. I live in NS. We had strong winds and rain but nothing drastic in my area. We just got the power back.

  17. If/when the soaps disappear - Roger Howarth should go directly to prime-time TV.... or the big screen - he is just wonderful!

  18. One more thing re: Monica. Monica is no saint and that's what makes her such a great legacy character. She had multiple affairs on Alan and can scheme with/against the best of the Q's. That's what makes her so interesting to me and didn't really surprise me she could keep the secret from Alan all this time.

  19. I am in Florida. I am used to storms true enough, but nothing like you all saw. I am very glad my blog family is safe and sound. :)