Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'I'm Proud of You"...

says Lulu to her Daddy..awwww. He says he told Robert and Holly told him too. Ethan was mentioned!! HELENA was mentioned!! 
Why was Lulu in her robe?? Any idea?? OH!! They were going to HAVE A BIT OF A nookie while she's in a Yanks outfit. 

Finola Hughes killed it today as usual!! Nice Duke flashbacks with her giant hair! LOL ... Duke's eyes looked a little wild..eh? He escaped from where? Hmmmm. Luke sees her!!

Heather the nutty-- and Steven Lars buys a clue and tries to pretend he's on board with this. Then he makes a stupid move with his cell phone..duh! Like his Mom isn't smart enough for that. He really does have one brain cell. And Heather knocks him in the head and escapes! LOL 

Todd and John. Todd trying to play stupid. Heh. 

Sam gets the news that Heather has her baby... that kid is one cutie!! 


david said...

i liked the pacifier. had "stud muffin" written on it.

"trying" to act stupid? really? this himbo has to "try" to do it?

i cant help but think if Guza was still in charge someone would have thrown Heather down the Quartermaine stairs by now.

Finola rocked it, you are 100% correct. I'd love to see her nail an emmy nod for supporting actress.

sonya said...

Lulu and Dante's home: LUKE IS BACK!!!! :) Luke told Robert the truth! Robert wasn't happy. Luke didn't seem sad that he hurt Robert. Luke left, and Dante came home to make looooooooooove! :)

Anna's home: They showed flashbacks of Anna and Duke!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! She was going to arrest him and even put handcuffs on him, until he said that she owned him as soon as they met and his heart belonged to her!!! :) He said the exact same thing he said back then!! She took the handcuffs off of him! COME ON KISS!!!!!!!!!!! :) He said he was in a Turkish prison with Johnathan Paget!!! Johnathan Paget worked for Julian Jerome!!!!!!!!!!!! Luke walked in on them hugging! Karen I loved Anna's big hair back then!!! :)

Steven Larz home: Heather shows up with baby Cheeto, and says he is your new baby brother. Awww Steven Larz has a new baby brother awwww! :) Oh wait no it's not him! She isn't carrying any baby! Steven Larz pretended to want to be a family! When Heather went to clean up, Steven Larz tried to call Dante. DUMB MOVE!!!! Next thing you know, Olivia shows up and sees Steven Larz on the floor out!!! OH NO! His mother hit him!!!

Todd's home: McBain confronted Todd, who isn't admitting anything. Todd asks him are you on marijuana? It's illegal! ROFL!

Alexis's home: YES SAM! BABY CHEETO IS ALIVE!!!!!!! Jason tells her everything! :)

Heather and baby Cheeto: Gee. Did Heather leave baby Cheeto all alone while she went to see her son?!!?!

CareyN said...

Hey Sonya,
Just wondering why you call the baby "Cheeto". Maybe I missed the post where you explained it. I love the name, BTW. :)

sonya said...

CareyN said...Hey Sonya,
Just wondering why you call the baby "Cheeto". Maybe I missed the post where you explained it. I love the name, BTW. :)
Hahaha yeah I did explain it.. Someone on another board calls the baby, cheeto. And the reason is because when Sam was pregnant with her son, she was craving cheetos. :) Remember that scene with John McBain in the hotel hallway? He told her not to eat them cus it's not healthy for the baby, and then took the cheetos away from her. ROFL! Sam says but the baby wants it! :) McBain left, and she went to get three more Cheeto bags! ROFL! She talked to her baby and said you like these don't you? ROFL!

CareyN said...

I do remember that! Thanks Sonya.

Anon said...

Not liking the short-shrifting of Scorpio, but should I really be complaining?
We have Finola back and acting her butt off, Heather back and crazy fun as always, Luke and Tracy still get good screen time. Kristen Storms back as Maxie (I'm a fan, what can I say?)... Imma gonna shut up the complaining about Scorpio for now.

BUT I SWEAR, HE BETTER SHOW EVENTUALLY. You know that now he is off this quest for Ethan that he would eventually turn up back in PC. I mean comeon!
-oldschool GH FAN

PS Todd and Mcbain are good additions to GH. I like them both.

Carrie Ann said...

There are so many good things about GH and let us all just thank God for Frank V!!
Think back to GH a year ago..Poor Jason and Sam stayed on a honeymoon for weeks ..Before that poor Sam would just sit in the apartment and wait for Jason to come have a talk with her...Remember when Sonny and Kate went to Besonhurst and just sat outside on the steps...Snore..The show was so boring..
Now we have..Anna and Duke (the heavenly angels must be singing)
Luke and Tracey and Joe Scully Jr..Carly and Todd... Todd is such a hoot.. Alexis and her girls are on quite a bit.. The show is much more balanced.. I am loving it..

Cosmoetica said...

Old School and Carrie Ann: Right on!

Lost amidst all the complaining of the last few mos. about NuKrissy and Lilley-Storms and the faux OLTL 'INVASION' is the fact that GH is WAY better than this time last October.

A week or so ago I posted of reasons why I think soaps move too fast now- video game generation, so I doubt the rich, complex tales of the 80s will ever return (will there ever be, again, a whole scene of just 2 characters from commercial to commercial? I doubt it) but Anna & Duke beat Sonny & Brenda any day, Joe & Tracy beat Luke & Tracy any day, the reborn AJ beats Jason the walking dead any day. McBam annihilates Jasam or Jiz, and so on.

It never ceases to amaze how people bitch just to bitch. Last year maybe 10% of the characters and stories worked. Now 80-85% do, and people bitch over the very things they bitched for.

sonya said...

CareyN said...I do remember that! Thanks Sonya.
You're welcome! :)

enriquejimenez said...

Karen, Am I the only one bothered by the distorted, stretched look of the old GH flashbacks? Why don't they play those flashbacks in their original aspect ratio of 4:3? it's so annoying!