Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Spoilers are UP!

Ah, Faith's costume!! A Classic!!

Halloweenie is comin' ....tricks or treats???

AJ's is Blair...

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  1. Word has it the Lante tests were switched
    ROFL! So what's going to happen? Will Maxie offer to carry the baby for Lante? And then when Maxie is pregnant, Lante is told that Lulu can get pregnant, and she IS right now? :) I guess Lante will have two babies. :) Or Maxie can keep the one she is pregnant with. :) Nah Lante will have two babies. :)

  2. Edward's funeral: Will TPTB bring back Jimmy Lee Colt? Maybe an offspring or two? I am wondering if the past will be rewritten and we find out Alan is alive and its been AJ & Monica who have taken care of him. Just a random thought!

    Any chance Ned and Dylan will be back for Edward's funeral?

  3. Would love to see more people come back for the funeral of Edward. Will it happen though?

    Still nothing about Elizabeth? Not what I want to hear!!

  4. No Sonya, Maxie will not carry her baby. It would leave stretch marks on her perfect body.

    Mybelle...I have a feeling Ned comes to the funeral. Just a huntch.There are alot of people coming back for the funeral next month, and other than Brenda I don't think anything else has been revealed.

    Brender...I though Liz was going to hook up with new Cop. (see my blog) However, could he be more Maxies type??

  5. Edward's funeral: Will TPTB bring back Jimmy Lee Colt?

    LMAO!! His name was Jimmy Lee HOLT, not Colt. ;)

  6. The thread from yesterday re: the best female characters from GH history got me thinking. Who are my Top 3 best female characters? Who are my Top 3 best male characters? So many to choose from but I am going with:

    Guys (in no order): Luke Spencer, Scotty Baldwin, and Robert Scorpio...Honorary mention goes to Ceasar Faison

    Gals (in no order): Anna DeVane, Brenda Barrett, Laura Webber...Honorary mention goes to Helena Cassadine (as played by Elizabeth Taylor and Connie Towers)


  7. Deb K said...No Sonya, Maxie will not carry her baby. It would leave stretch marks on her perfect body.
    Ohhh that's right! I forgot! ROFL!

  8. Maxie's 86 lb. body is hardly perfect- perhaps Sam or Krissy could claim that- maybe Carly or Connie, too, or Olivia, but NOT Maxie. Steve Burton had bigger boobs!

    As for best character (with best meaning written/acted, not ethically 'good'):


    1) Anna Devane, by a wide margin. Mother, spy, cop, lover, sexy, smart (until NuDuke showed up), athletic.

    2)Tracy Quartermaine: could have challenged Anna had her character not missed many years on other shows. INtelligent, vulnerable, lots of complexes with other characters.

    3) Monica Quartermaine: similar qualities to Tracy, but Leslie Charleson a notch below Jane Elliott as an actor.

    Honorable mentions: Bobbi Spencer, Terry Brock, Laura Webber (overrated, but still good- also demerit points for falling in love with her rapist), Faith Roscoe (an even better villainess- less cartoony- than Helena Cassadine), Celia Quartermaine, Holly Sutton (before her retcon in the late 2000s).


    1) Frisco Jones: even with the retcon as a deadbeat dad, the real Frisco had the best of Robert Scorpio and was a better actor than Tristan Rogers.

    2) Bill Eckert: before the pirate silliness, wasTony Geary's best creation. The scenes between Bill and his son Sly are amongst the best father-son moments in American television history (yes, incl. prime time).

    3) Ryan Chamberlain/Kevin Collins- basically fractured aspects of a whole. The best evil twins character in American soap history and Jon Lindstrom nailed both roles in the early 90s. Best (and most realistic) villain in GH history, in Ryan.

    Honorable mentions: Lucky Spencer (JJ version), Todd Manning- a threat to Top 3 if he's on another 2-3 years, as Roger Howarth right there with Jon Lindstrom as Best ACTOR- not character- in GH history), Luke Spencer- rather stale and rote in original popular incarnation, TG matured the role in 90s-current version, adding cynicism and depth, despite often poor writing), Cesar Faison- not the best villain, but creepiest, due to Anders Hove, Manny Ruiz- perhaps the scariest, if not creepiest, psycho in show's history- and given Faison, Ryan C, Grant Putnam, and Kevin O'Connor, that says alot, Robert Scorpio- while not as well acted as Frisco Jones- the single best hero, Scotty Baldwin- the show's best ANTIHERO (Luke, Sonny, and Jason Morgan- not Q, are really and technically villains- not antiheroes).

    Child: Sly Eckert (with a bullet)- that kid could act, Lucky Spencer- JJ was great, Molly Davis- every young boy's romantic soulmate, Robin Scorpio- Kim Mc's childhood talents never grew as she did, and the actress and character went from being must see to one of the dullest on the show- a real waste, Mike Webber- another potential character to mine and bring back as an adult, Georgie Jones- they killed off the wrong F&F offspring ('nuff said).