Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Susan Moore!!

Lulu's PURSE IS HUGE!! She could have a ham..or a baby in there. Geesh!! Lulu tells Johnny she knows that Connie has something on him. Connie comes out of the bathroom and announces that the "toilet paper is rough"LOL 

And it's going to be "HIDE AJ" for eons now.. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Whatever. 

Todd and Heather--- and Heather opens her eyes. BOO!!!  "You should be a DEAD PANCAKE" says Todd. AHAHAHAA. They had so MANY MANY one  liners-- it was awesome!!  "You know she does NOT like you" he said about Diane to Heather.
Steven Larz sees his mama awake. 

OMG..Heather is pretending to be SUSAN MOORE!! She's pretending to have DID. Note she says STEVE. 

Steven Lars gives the DNA results to Sam. She's happy, stunned and hugs Steven.  She still "knows" Jason's coming home. 
"DreamJason" walks in..Sam's having a fantasy! Rumors were true that he had another scene in the can. Dream Jason and Sam hug, happy to be a family.

Starr and Xtina. (Kill Me Now) Although them gossiping about Connie was fun. 

Connie tries to tell Lulu they are "family".  There's a big Halloween party at the HS, Remember? I want Helena there...Zombie Claudia,  Bat..Stavvy... 

Trey talking to Sonny-- whatever. THEN Sonny dogs on AJ yet again. Those are GUZA's words. I hope AJ has some redemption this time around. Trey signs the paper to commit Connie. 


  1. Q home: Michael and Monica talk about AJ. Michael would like to hear AJ's side of the story but isn't sure if he is going to forgive him. I HOPE SO! Michael wants that picture of Jason and AJ that Monica has. He wants a copy, but Monica just gave him the picture. Such a great scene!! Michael leaves, and AJ wants to see and hug Michael so bad!!!! So do I!!!!! AJ wants his life back!!!! As he should!!!!

    Gym: Yesterday Joe Jr Jr Jr talks to Sonny. He even calls him Mr. Corinthos. Huh? ROFL!

    Starr and Joe Jr Jr Jr's home: They re showed the scene of star ripping the picture of her and Johnny. Awww they broke up. :( I didn't even know they were dating! Kristina shows up to look for Joe Jr Jr Jr, but he isn't there. Starr asks if Krissy is hungry and that she can order Chinese food, and that Krissy can wait for Joe Jr Jr Jr. They eat Chinese food and bond. Awww! :) Joe Jr Jr Jr shows up and signs the papers!! BOOOOOOOO! I want Connie to stay!!!

    Haunted Star: Boy! Connie is so paranoid! ROFL! Thinking Lulu and Johnny are going to have her committed! :)

    Jasam home: Steve tells Sam that Jason is the father of baby Stud muffin Cheeto! :) That binky kills me ROFL! He shows her the paper. Steve leaves, and Sam is so very HAPPY! Hallucination Jason shows up! She tells him the baby is his and shows him the paper! Sam, baby Cheeto, and hallucination Jason are a happy family! Awww! :) Oh oh he is gone!!! She wants to know where he went to! She is crying.

    Hospital: Yesterday Todd went to see crazy calling Heather! I was thinking she is going to wake up!!! He is talking to her and what do you know, she grabs him!!! So today they redid the scene. She is awake!!!!!!!!!! They have a nice chit chat ROFL! Steve shows up, and Heather pretends she is Susan Moore! ROFL! And she thinks Todd is a "doctor" ROFL! Steve wants to know what Todd and Heather are up to ROFL! Later, Heather is reading her book, fifty hues of blue!!! CoughcoughIT'SREALLYFIFTYSHADESOFGRAYcoughcough!

  2. I loved the conversation between Heather and Todd. I was laughing out loud at the 'Praise the Lord' and 'talking pancake' lines.

    "Starr and Xtina. (Kill Me Now)"

    I laughed out loud at this too. Thanks for that. I'm glad it's not just me. When she said she quit the club yesterday I was going,"Yes...yes no more singing Starr."

    And maybe now with the AJ storyline we'll finally get to see more of Michael without her attached to his hip. I like the way they're developing his personality now. He's almost like a younger Jason.

    And why was Kristina walking all around the back of the couch while she was talking to Starr? It was so unnatural. If someone invited me in for a chat I'd sit beside them on the couch, not circle around behind them to answer them, and then go lean up against the mantel and bat my eyes at their back. lol Starr must have gotten a kink in her neck by the time the conversation was finished.

    I knew Jason had to be a dream or a hallucination as there was no sign of a bullet hole. But it was still good to see him one last time. Sam seemed to realize the reality of the situation afterwards since she did start crying.

    And I know I've said it before but how good is that baby! And how adorable. He's definitely a keeper.

    And I liked that scene at the end. Shades of the real AJ definitely came through in that scene. Hold on to your hats!

  3. In all fairness, Sonny tends to tell himself things and then he believes them. So Guza's words are what Sonny believed in his mind. Now mind you AJ wasn't all sweetness and light, in fact he was pretty messed up by his family, but Carly definitely didn't help anything ever.
    I was thinking about the whole recast thing and since I've been watching (late 80s), I can only think of the following characters that haven't been recast since I started watching (still on the show who have been on more than a couple of years): Luke, Tracy, Monica, Elizabeth, Mac, Alexis, Sam, Johnny, Sonny, Patrick, Dante, Olivia, Heather[noting she was a recast but that was before I started watching], Epiphany and Spinelli. Both Felicia and Anna were briefly recast. Jason and Lulu could count if you don't count child actors (Molly in same boat).

  4. Yeah...AJ will be skulking around the docks and Q mansion for months, I'm sure. Boring.

    Where has Liz been? I'm already over Jason and Sam...time to move on.

  5. This is the second Monica, there was another one years ago.

    Also, Krissy and Starr were eating Thai food, not Chinese!