Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Oh, can YOU SEE AJ Sulking behind Anna? Yep, you know he's skulking around. I will be home late today so please recap if you will and leave your impressions.  WHAT SURPRISES does the day hold? Someone is going to get a shock!! 

And, here's a fun song that BelleKristin made up about GH Set to Fun. "Carry On" 

No One Dies
In a small fictional town in upstate New York that goes by the name of Port Charles
A man named Luke and a woman, Tracy, in a room at the Metro Court observed that here nobody dies.

It's true you know
People who, people who die here, they don't stay dead and they always come back
It's as if they all were given nine lives, the door's left open for the star to come back.
Their face may have changed, but one thing stays the same: 
no one di-i-i-i-ies! No one dies, no one dies!

Anna found a man in her room and he said he was her Duke Lavery. 
And Robin whom everybody had mourned, in a Swiss clinic, drugged.

And now we have Jason shot, kicked in the harbor too. Everyone thinks he is dead except McBain and Sam.
But now you see AJ's back. But not the last one we saw. Then there was Jerry, Jax, Brenda, and Stavros, the list goes on and on!
In this soap opera world, DNA gets switched, as do babies and lab results.
Crazy people like Heather run wild, steal a child, leap from roof. All the while, Olivia's still seeing things.
But we all know, they are immortal, as long as the actors still want to play them.
When they want a break, to move on to other things, they can always be written as dead...


  1. Just saw the very beginning.

    Luke went ot Todd and told him that he knew that he was the one who came to the cabin in the "jason' mask.

    Some Starr and Micheal drivel

    Monica and AJ in AJ's old bedroom looking exactly as it did. Talking about how he wants get Michael back.

    Lante being cute.

    Maxie celebrating her birthday with Patrick and Emma, then she told him she was moving out.

    Thats all I saw.

  2. Okay Karen okay!!!!! :)


    Todd's home: Tod forgot it was hallowen! Luke shows up wearing the Jason mask!!! Luke confronts Todd of being the guy in the Jason mask giving him food. HUH?! When did Luke find that out?!!?! Well, love the scene anyway!! :) Todd is alone with his Jason mask ROFL! Jossy who is dressed up as a corn, and Carly who is dressed up as a cowgirl. Todd was giving Joss money Carly says no. So Todd gives Joss a little bottle of scotch! ROFL! They leave, and then later cowgirl Carly shows up alone cus Jossy was tired. Carly can't stop thinking about Todd and wants him to spend the night. :)

    Q's home: WOW! A Q BEDROOM!!!! That hasn't been shown in years!!! It's actually Jason and AJ's bedroom! The Q house is HUGE and yet, they shared a bedroom as children! ROFL! Monica and AJ had a great scene!!! They talk about Michael! Tracy shows up, and the door is locked! AJ hid, and Monica tells her that she was talking to her son! (Which isn't a lie.) Monica is just heartbroken cus Jason is dead. Tracy leaves, and AJ and Monica talk again. She leaves and when she comes back, AJ IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Patrick's home: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXIE! Maxie is talking to Patrick about her moving, and that Patrick deserves to be happy. I love her curly hair! And Maxie what are you wearing? Aren't you cold?! Emma has a cupcake for Maxie for her birthday.

    Kelly's: Duke sees a little girl who looks like Robin! It's really Emma!!! Duke meets Emma and Patrick! Duke and Anna scene! He invites her to the haunted star party. Luke shows up and wants Duke to leave. Patrick and Emma come in and Emma says Grandma Anna! Awww! :) Patrick tells Anna, that he saw Duke! Luke rolls his eyes Oh Luke! Go be with Laura!!!! The love of your life! Luke invites Anna to the haunted star party, but Anna says no because she doesn't want to hurt Duke's feelings. Awww! :) Tracy and Luke scene!! They talk about Monica's loss. The way Luke is talking, he acts like he never had one of his children "die" before! LUKE DID YOU FORGET LUCKY?!!?!

    Joe Jr Jr Jr and Starr's home: Starr and Michael make out. They fall from the couch. Michael says let's take this to the bedroom. And the look on her face, I don't think she is ready for that! She sees a picture of Jason and AJ. She asks that is Jason but who is that? It's AJ! :) Michael talks about AJ. :)

    Haunted Star: There is Dante dressed as a burglar ! And there is Lulu as slutty kitty! :) They talk about adoption. Dante says he doesn't care where the baby comes from, as long as they have one awwww! :) It's 9:00 now and it's PARTAY TIME!!!

    Sidenote: DAMN Dante IS HOT AS A BURGLAR!!! *Drool* *Jumps on Dante*

  3. Thanks for posting my song:) Good Halloweenie stuff on today's show. NuOldAJ looks a lot like Jason, BTW. I just remember Billy Warlock's version.

    I love all the inside jokes RC works into the show, like the "Jason" mask, Maxie complimenting Emma on her Belle costume, and Joss as an ear of corn (did he read your blog about how the little girl playing her looks like something out of Children of the Corn?).

  4. I remember when I watched "back in the day," I couldn't tell Jason and AJ apart. I STILL think he looks like Castle, though no one here commented on my comment.

  5. I was so surprised that you didn't screen cap a picture of Nu-Josslyn in her corn outfit. I laughed so loud when I saw it - and Todd declared "How appropriate!" I remember when she was first cast and the boards were referring to her as a CHILDREN OF THE CORN look-a-like. I thought it was brilliant when they chose to dress her as an ear of corn. Was it just me? :)

  6. @kdmask A lot of people have commented on how AJ and Jason look a bit alike. I've been watching GH for many, many years, and I can remember when AJ and Jason were on, that I had read somewhere that they were cousins in real life. So I went to Wikipedia and found the following under Steve Burton.

    Steve Burton (actor) Sean Kanan is Burton's distance cousin. Not sure if it is true, but would explain a lot. :)