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Sunday Surgery: It's Just a Shot Away

SO much to talk about this's going to be tough for me to organize all my thoughts. I hope I make sense and make you think a little bit about the show we sometimes love to hate!! The week was a wild one, really wild. Had me open mouthed, sad and wanting to get home to watch. Yes, you read that right. Even with company I was rude and watched Wed-Friday because I just 'had' to!! 

I chose the Stone's song for the title because it was blaring through my head when Monica went down and then in the Sabrina chasing scenes. Do you do that? Have some song playing in your head when watching a show?
Maybe I'm just nutty. :) 

Ok, so... what for breakfast? Poor Sabby is laying in the morgue and everyone else is all upset. To honor her I'm having angel food  cake. That just seems appropriate for her

Let's start with the more banal of stories. Morgan and the Mania. (name of a band?) We know now that BC is leaving the show by his choice. Either they'll kill off the character, have him leave with the door open, or recast. I have a feeling he'll leave for "treatment" and come back later a changed man. 
SO! Darby shows up. We all know there's only one reason for A Darby to show up. Sex. Yep, I'm sure they'll hook up again. Morgan is now trying to do the business college--which we know will fail because Ava messes with his medication. This story is too stupid to continue, imo. I really hate it for a number of reasons. 

Carly, Nellie, Nina and the Kidney.  Nina gave mousy Nell a "make over" and put her in a dress that frankly, was a strange choice. It was better than dressing like a Duggar girl but..couldn't you at least have gone to a hip shop? We know Nellie is up to no good, and watch how she circles like a hawk to comfort a poor, poor Michael. 
Notice who's absent? Josslyn, the kidney recipient... and Jax who was on for a hot minute...then gone. Typical GH. I'm sure it will all come up again at some point---but...will we care then? 

The Trail: I'm only talking about this first because I know I'll have a lot more to say about the serial killer story.  What you need to know is that Sonny tried to get Jules to plead guilty (which he was ready to do)-- and then Scotty got evidence that the address was wrong on the wire tappy thing and it couldn't be heard in court. Paul's trying to mess around with this to get Jules off so Ava doesn't kill him.
Side note: WTF wouldn't Paul just KILL Ava like he did Sabrina? He's a big-ass serial killer right? This makes no sense.

Ok, back to the trial.  Alexis is very nervous. Diane tries to coach her. At the end of Thursday's show she drinks from a cup and wads it up (they focus on it for a minute which was weird) and then on Friday she gets all dizzy and can't really concentrate. AH HA~~ !!! Paul drugged her!! She faints and he runs to catch her.
Other problem with all this? Jules is basically a good guy. They wrote him that way when he came back. Then, he went all wack a doodle with Alexis and Carlos. It's just all over the place, imo. I have a feeling Julian will get off, and because of double jeopardy, he won't be tried for it again. Which, is stupid, wrote this guy into a corner so, bye. 

Nice touch: Diane coaching Alexis to do her best on the stand. Yeah for friends! 

Friz and Fayden  have been a highlight for me!! Love the dynamics between the four of them. Very soapy, playful and a bit sarcastic. My cut of tea.  ME and RoHo are magical together anyway and Becky and Rebecca have good stuff to chew on. It's all good. This week they found out they were sisters with Todd (and he WAS Todd at that moment) Just blurting out "Be Nice, You're sisters"! In the meantime, Liz told Sabby to turn over the diamonds to Nate not realizing what had happened. She found out Hayden saved her life and didn't try to kill her. WHOOPS!! Then, Hammy Finn told Hayden not to leave, he'd help her and who steps out of the elevator? The feds. Dun dun..dun.... 
By the way, when you get a quad like this that's magic? You GO WITH IT. 

Killer Story. I'm going to put a lot of pics up for this because so much happened. I had a shocker with Monica going down because I honestly didn't know it was going to happen. I thought maybe they put out a false spoiler because Monica's killing would have been huge. BUT! Nope, it was a bait and switch. We got to see Sabrina get offed in what was (for a soap) pretty brutal.
Killing Sabrina seems just plain weird. She just came back, and she and Michael weren't in many scenes at all. Ergo, having her getting her job back and almost engaged in the one day before she dies? Um? Not good planning, imo.  Carlos' twin shows up and I guess his object will be to wrench Teddy away from Michael, right? Hmmm..

And..PS if Sabrina has a twin, I'm going to lose my sheeze. 

A lot of these scenes were juxtaposed with Andre, Dante and Jordan doing some CSI type 'put together' at the station. Why can't we get more of this? The editing was great. It's the first time we've seen that kind of thing and I liked it.  The Sabrina aftermath scenes were heartbreaking of course, and Chad did really well. Marc Anthony was also perfection. We need to give it up for RB and TC for the harrowing killing scenes. They couldn't have been easy to do. 

SCENES of the WEEK:  The Felix/Sabrina flashbacks. Really good stuff to remember! They had a good friendship and until they both went MIA, it was funny to watch.  I'm wondering if we'll even SEE Felix after her funeral. 
By the way, there were a LOT OF scenes of the week: Monica getting the shot, Sabby finding out it was Paul, Alexis on the stand... the Liz Hayden reveal. 
So...wowo, good job GH! 

ADORABLENESS OF THE WEEK: Awwww Greens McBain Selfie!! 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Sabrina sees Paul with the syringe and realizes who he is!! Great horror-shock face. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: The wrong address? Yep.. Paul doctored that well. Alexis' coffee cup should be in there too but I have no screen cappy of it. 

FINAL NOTE: thank you to whomever had RoHo eat. :) it's my happy place

NO matter your feelings on NLG, she ALWAYS gives 112%. She was superb!

SO, for me this was a pretty dang good week. For one thing the whole Maxie/Nate/Griff/Claud thing was gone. It's such a NON-story imo that it was great not to clutter up my screen. Everything else seemed to dovetail on each other--even the trail and the killings because of the Paul connection.  Ava's running around town with her RED lipstick on just causing trouble. She's going to be the demise of Morgan and be one of the reasons Jules gets off the hook. 

A few newsy things to discuss: Bryan Craig deciding to leave, TC not coming back and the writers/upper management got renewed. 
Dear Bryan: While it may seem "the right time" to you, I can name a half-dozen actors that got an Emmy who left, nothing.  While Morgan's story is a repeat there is gold in that Corinthos' brother story. Not sure if they'll recast, have him 'die' or just leave the door open. 

Tyler Christopher left of his own accord as well. It's shown for awhile he's not been happy. Which--he wasn't happy, took off TWICE and came back both times. SO? I hope he finds the career he wants. The guy that played his replacement was well-received so perhaps he'll be the NuNik? Hell, I just want to see Spencer now and again and he can be on with Grandma Laura. 

Frank and the writers? Well, I haven't looked at the ratings but it is what it is! I can only hope they stop hiring people and focus on tightening the whole show. 

Isn't Ava just awesome? :) 

Thx as always to @SourceJenn @Daytime_Spoilers and @Fyeagh for the cappies. Where would I be without ya?! 
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