Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Here's Your Tie

Julian's trial is supposed to start today. You know it will get F-kd up!! 

Monica is down! Sabrina goes in when Paul goes out-- she finds Monica. Paul stares at her.  He leaves to go get help. Sabrina gets Monica breathing again-- they found the injection site. Paul left. Oh, he's on the phone at the hospital. Sabrina finds him and says "you never got help"-- she tells him it was an injection. THEN she realizes it was Paul who did it!!  She tries to run and he takes her into another room.  It's pretty brutal. Sabrina is like NO NO..Paul is like I'm sorry but I have to. They tussle.  Wow, it really showed a lot-- I was surprised. 
Bye Sabrina. 

Later, Tracy sees Monica on the gurney. She's all upset. Mon is breathing but passed out. 

Diane is coaching Alexis on the stand to breathe. NLG plays nervous so well. Diane tells her to get angry! 

Liz and Hay are all mad they are sisters, aren't believing it. Especially when he says Heather told him!!  They DO believe him in the end and Elizabeth is upset she gave Nate the diamonds. Hayden runs out and wants to blow town. Finn stops her. Says: no don't go. I'll help you and get a lawyer. Then the Feds step out of the elevator and arrest her. 

Tracy asks Mikey what his intentions are regarding Sabrina. He's all smiles. He shows her an engagement ring. Carly sees it and says HELL NO!! Tracy reads her so well: You came to town and slept with your Mother's husband. HHAHAA. Carly thinks Sabrina doesn't love Michael. 

Sonny visits Jules in the jail. OH! He has a KEY to his cell. OF COURSE he does! He gives him his necktie. Sonny says "I offered you a deal, you gonna take it"? The deal is: Jules pleads guilty before the trial. If not, Sonny will have him killed in jail. 
Scotty Baldwin walks in and Julian says he's going to plead guilty. 


Michelle Latta said...

I'm watching now, edge of my seat! I have to miss the last 10 minutes. :(

Di said...

You need to go back and watch it later Michelle.

sonya said...

Police station/Julian's jail cell: Man William Devry's body! YUM! :)

Sonny and Julian: Sonny! Kick Julian's ass! Where is your baseball bat? Break his legs!!!!

Julian and Scotty: Oh going to plead guilty eh? I hope so!!!

Outside the courthouse:

Young man and Scotty: What the!?!?! Scotty what do you have?! What was in that envelope?!

Courthouse: Great Diane and Alexis scene!!!!! I wonder if Alexis drank alcohol before she got at the courthouse.

Metrocourt restaurant:

Finster and Tracy: Love their scene. :)

Tracy and Michael: Awww love how Tracy is protecting Sabrina! :)

Tracy and Carly: HAHAHAHAHA Love it! Love how Tracy brought up past history!

Carly and Michael: Michael, Carly learned from her past mistakes! She doesn't want you to go through pain! She is just trying to protect you!

The hospital:

Liz's room: GET A DNA TEST! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day.

BobTodd: Yeah well, he helped himself with something else.

ROFL! Just get a DNA test!!!!

By the elevator:

RayRay is a runin! Yes Finster is right!!! Don't run!!!! Stay!!!! Now go to the candy machine and get another candy bar! Oh oh the men in black show up!!! Do they want a candy bar?

Monica's office: Wow did you see Paul's face when he left Monica's office? It looks like he feels guilty! Sabrina save her life!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Monica is gonna be okay!!!! :'(

Sabrina and Paul: Oh Sabrina put on a poker face!!!! Oh crap you didn't! RUN SABRINA RUN!!!! Oh crap you are not doing that. Don't walk slow!!!!!

*Paul grabs Sabrina*

OH CRAP! When Paul dragged Sabrina in a private room and she begged for her life, I cried. :( And the look on Paul's face, it looked like he didn't want to do it.. Like he had to! Well two more people should be added on that murder board at the police station! Monica and Sabrina.. Poor Sabrina!!!! :( Goodbye Sabrina. :(

tracy long said...

I hope for poor little orphan teddy that sabrina left a will otherwise tracy,michael and joe are all going to be battling over him.

LiamAZ said...

Well, now I'm pissed at Ava for not turning Paul in and I'm sure we will see her reel from that decision - especially considering the dynamic she had with Sabrina. While I wasn't a huge fan of Sabrina when she first came on, I now reflect back on how chipper and naive she was, how she grew as a person, and now she's dead. :( I feel bad for Felix and Tracy - it was a nice change for Tracy to have that friendship with Sabrina; however, just like Connie Falconeri (although that was shorter-lived), her friends end up dead.

So, now Liz loses another friend (Sabrina) and another familiar face with with Tyler Christopher out, but gains a sister :/

Di said...

sonya said... Michael, Carly learned from her past mistakes! She doesn't want you to go through pain! She is just trying to protect you!

No, she's not. She's just trying to control him. She loves to control everyone's life. Michael should have said, "Ok, Mom. Why don't you just go pick out a girl for me and let me know who. That way I'll be sure to get it right." ( I was so glad he sent that text to her.)

I was thinking DNA test too. As for the charges Liz can just say that she was fuzzy coming out of the anaesetic and wasn't sure what she said to Sabrina. She can say that Hayden had given her the diamonds to give back after she found them in Nick's possessions. She was wary to handing them in herself. Or just say she found them in Nick's things, which she did. And she doesn't know why she mentioned Hayden to Sabrina but she was very groggy and she must have been confusing recent events as Hyden was on her mind. ( Poor Sabrina won't be there to dispute anything. *sniff* *sniff*

That scene with Sabrina and Paul was gut-wrenching. Such good acting!! I was yelling RUN too, alternating with SCREAM but as I've frozen at times when I've been in danger I can see why it took her a minute to start to fight back.

The worse part of her death is that stupid CDL was right.

OK...any guesses as to waht that picture showed? Has Alexis done anything else stupid lately? Or did someone do a screen grab of Paul shooting Carlos? PMSL

Michelle Latta said...

I left just after he got her in Monica's office. Can't wait to get off and see the last part.

Michelle Latta said...

Probably that one from TMI of Alexis grabbing Kristina arm

gracegirl said...

I haven't been the happiest GH camper lately but I'm really hating that they're killing off Sabrina. And I too was shocked and saddened by the brutal scene between her and Paul. I thought I heard her say to him "please don't I have a baby"! Did anyone else hear that or was it just my shock and grief? Anyway,I was never a Carly fan but.I can't even stand the sound of her voice now! She's definitely going to try to hook Michael up with her beloved Nelle now and he'll become part of her payback Carly plan. Really wish Sabrina wasn't leaving.

Michelle Latta said...

He'll froze over....cdl was right :( poor Sabrina, poor teddy poor muchael...I could go on...

Di said...

Michelle Latta said...
Probably that one from TMI of Alexis grabbing Kristina arm

That wouldn't be a surprise. It was in the paper. Everyone would have seen it already.

sonya said...

"Di says No, she's not. She's just trying to control him. She loves to control everyone's life."

Awwww no! She is just trying to protect him. :( And sharing her experiences..

"The worse part of her death is that stupid CDL was right."

Yeah I know!!! Crap!

AntJoan said...

I have almost finished today's show. I am soooo sad about Sabrina and Nik, losing them both, this is horrible for the fans!! I know I get a lot of joy from the show, but there is so much pain and grief . . . Just like life, I guess.

I wonder if Ava will even care that Sabrina got killed because she didn't turn Paul in, I doubt she will even give it a thought. What is bothering me today about the show (not including the above-mentioned losses), is that, there is a SK loose in GH, and NO ONE IS AFRAID!! Liz and the other patients are just lying there like sitting ducks, cops are not patrolling, there is no extra security. Think about it folks . . . you are at work, and people there are getting killed left and right, and no one knows who is doing this. And you would just continue to sit there alone, without protection? This makes NO SENSE to me.

Michelle Latta said...

🤐 I wanted to cry. Michael was talking about their future and she's laying there dead. She's with Gabriel but Teddy doesn't have his mommy.

Michelle Latta said...

Stupid B....I wish Paul would kill her! Sabrina was so sweet and innocent.

GHfan said...

OMG day time confidential is saying Tyler Christopher isn't coming back. Are they out of their minds!!! How can you let him go???

Anonymous said...

I'll have to admit, I really didn't think they'd go through with killing Sabrina. Especially after just bringing JVP back as Joe. (Unless MAYBE she's in a coma). Between that, and reading that Tyler isn't coming back has made today pretty bleah. :(

At least the one positive is it appears, that Robert will be sticking around through the fall. According to SoapCentral at least.


sonya said...

"Michelle Latta said...She's with Gabriel"

And Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!

"but Teddy doesn't have his mommy."

Yeah. :( Now he is an orphan! Tracy, Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos, and Michael can raise him together! Aunt Tracy, uncle Jaaaaaaaaaaaarlos, and daddy Michael.

Michelle Latta said...

Oh yeh and your lovah Caaaaaaaaarlos. LOL!

sonya said...

"Michelle Latta said...Oh yeh and your lovah Caaaaaaaaarlos. LOL!"


LSV422 said...

I hope leaving was Teresa C's choice. I was happy to see her with Michael. Poor guy lost Abby and now Sabrina. Pretty violent scene. I was hoping Paul would turn out to be a good guy but he is a monster. Carly needs to shut her trap. Love Alexis and Diane!

sonya said...

"LindaV says Poor guy lost Abby and now Sabrina"

Yeah! That is what I was thinking!!! Poor guy can't catch a break!

Michelle Latta said...

I am pretty sure it's her decision.

Michelle Latta said...

I am pretty sure it's her decision.