Friday, April 18, 2014

WHAT A MESS!!!!!!!

WTF with NotLUKE! This is STUPID! Dave, you are right, his ass needs to be in JAIL! They'd better out him soon ..because not only is it riduculous it's getting boring as hell.  I know he's NOTLUKE--- but given REAL Luke's history it's so wrong.  What a mess of a story. BTW, it wasn't CUTE or funny in ANY way, shape or form. 
Kristen Alderson pulled that scene with Morgan off just wonderfully-- she was perfect; all shaky and upset. Good job. 

UM... I don't know what to say. ahahahhaa. Carly and Franco. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz They just review everything for people to catch up. LOL And hes' going to jail so he can talk to Carrrrrrlos.?? Oh, brilliant. (she says rolling her eyes) Hope Donna Mills isn't in there too. How would they all pee? 

Could they get a MORE boring "driver" for Spencer? GEESH!!!  MilkManMoo. With all the character actors in LA --they get HIM!???????

Get Felicia and Mac on and Lucy/Kevin..maybe a scene at Floating Jake's to all see Maxie?  NO, let's have her stand in her apt for three days talking to WoodMan and Levi. @@ 

SONNY..and AJ and Spencer were great. Only part of the show I liked. SK is great!!   I do wish they'd make that blood look a bit more real but hey..

Ava is going to kill Sabby and the baby if Carlos doesn't take the fall. Interesting. That actually fits and makes sense. 


Paul773 said...

I really wish Kiki would have taken that bat to NOT Luke's face.

sonya said...

"Karen says How would they all pee?"

Share a toilet? ROFL!

"Ava is going to kill Sabby and the baby if Carlos doesn't take the fall."

Go ahead Ava! Kill Sabby!! Just leave my Caaaaaaaaaarlos alone!

Cosmoetica said...

Latest rumor is that Fluke is Trevor Lansing.

kdmask said...

Cosmo..if they make NotLuke someone with plastic surgery or a stupid mask, I quit.
I said it before lol

I realize he's not acting like Bill Eckert, but Trevor wasn't this bad either. The ONLY one THIS bad was Mitch Lawrence. Swear. I know it can't be him but gees

MatchboxGinny said...

What a mess is right!!

delcodave said...

i am beginning to go with the theory that Luke is Luke. But at Miscaviga, a lunatic asylum owned by Helena injected his brain or gave him a lobotomy (his hair is longer, covering the scar) with the DNA/stem cells of another person. This, making Luke turn into that person's personality.

Helena, owning Miscavage, decided to inject/transfer the personality of someone she loved and wanted to come back to her.

Helena always had a sexual tete-e-tete with Luke so it would fit.

And now, Helena is coming back on screen. What is going to happen when Helena sees Luke again? Will Luke smile and will Helena say "oh, my beloved Mikkos...."

Outlandish possibility? Yes. But it avoids the mask storyline I think the writers would avoid. And turning Luke into a Cassadine... just think how delish this is.

The problem is that Mikkos wouldn't want to take over ELQ or destroy Tracy. And yes, I know there are flaws in my scenario, you dont have to point them out.

But I am sure Helena has some Mikkos DNA somewhere and is just waiting to bring him back to life somehow.

If not Mikkos, would this scenario work for another Cassadine?

Carrie said...

The story HAD potential and my interest. But they killed it. Now I don't care at all. They could kill Luke off and I wouldn't be curious about who he was suppose to be.