Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NBA Interruptus

Well...guess the NBA ain't foolin! It was great to see the head of something actually be gutsy and stand up and say what he did. Banned for LIFE! Too bad he's 80. Anyway...


It's STILL crypt sex night...and funeral night. LOL Can you believe it? Things are really moving so so slowly. Weird.

TJ gets into PCU..he's happy.  Jordan makes it seem like Shaun didn't kill her hubby in "Friendly Fire"..that there's something more there. I still think TJ is his son. I don't care about this story. 
I did like the sundae on the counter tho!! 

Morgan tells Julian that Ava was funneling info to Sonny. Sonny was afraid Morgan was going to tell him she cheated with HIM. Welp. NOT yet.

Alexis was on, but I couldn't tell what was happening because of the cut-in by ABC.  Looks like late night wine in the studio. 

Kiki talks to Ava..and there was some fake flashbacks of Carlos "killing" AJ. Anna believes him. 
@@ duh. Same as Olivia believes Sonny.


sonya said...

Oh man! I hate that the breaking news cut in!!!

Metrocourt: Oh Olivia is horny! Well of course Sonny doesn't wanna do it with you Olivia! He already spread his seed! And now he isn't hot and bothered anymore! Now he needs to take a shower really badly! Olivia try again tomorrow!

Ava's art gallery: Julian and Alexis!!! They have a date? Oh Morgan shows up! Oh just spill Morgan! Tell them who Ava slept with!!!

Pier: Jordan you sneaky gal you! And I love the way she talks to Shawn, who is a raving hypocrite!! Shut up Shawn!!! Oh so Shawn shooting Jordan's hubby wasn't an accident?! Well if so, then why is he anywhere near TJ?!!?! Unless he is TJ's bio father.

Kelly's: OH TJ IS GOING TO GRADUATE THIS YEAR!!! And going to college! :) So he IS older than Molly! I love how excited Shawn is! And I love those ice cream sundae's!!! YUM!

Ava's home: Stupid Starki! Your mama isn't going to tell you anything!! Give up already!

Police station: Caaaaaaarlos and his fake flashback! ROFL! That made me laugh! Oh man I don't want him in trouble!!! I can't wait until the truth comes out!!!

AbsoluteLunatic said...

So SK's last scene on GH was a fake flashback with Carlos? I'm glad I'm not watching anymore.

Cosmoetica said...

Utterly insane interruption- no other channel interrupted for this crap- not even NBC and DOOL- the NBA's version of a Kardashian story- some young ho cons her rich BF into saying stupid sheeze and THIS is important?

Presidential assassinations, hurricanes, floods, declarations of war, ok.

Pope BS, NBA melodrama, some local city ordinance passed- NO (1000x)!

Stacie Miller said...

Ok...Cosmetica...I love my soaps but--you don't think that the NBA taking a stand against racism is important? Or at least more important than a TV show? Come on. I find your statement about "some young ho" pretty offensive. That's a pretty sweeping assumption about someone you don't know. And Pope BS? What exactly does that mean? In reality, the NBA taking a stand and not tolerating racist behavior like this will actually reach and hopefully impact more people--and more young people--then a lot of other things. But anyway...as for the show...I really wish they would give these characters just a little more intelligence. Morgan is on the warpath, which is great--and that guy is doing the best acting that I've seen him do so far--but hello Olivia? She is supposed to be this strong, smart, no nonsense lady...and she is currently acting like a moron. Sonny's bull excuse about why Morgan would come straight to her was so unrealistic. It didn't even make sense. Of course neither does having sex in a crypt or attending the funeral of a guy who you hated for decades and whom you killed yourself. Come on! I agree about Shawn and Jordan--who cares? It's really hard for me to get into a story line for a guy who has gotten maybe an hour's screen time in the last three months. And most of that time was serving someone a BLT.

Cosmoetica said...

No other channel pre-empted shows, DOOL was on. Everyone else saw this as a laughable interruption.

This guy owned the team 33 yrs, was sued and lost multple times for race discriminationa nd only because his mistress set him up in revenge w a TMZ ready tape did this make news. The NBA was as complicit as Sterling. This is not as if LeBron James pulled an OJ.

get serious. No one cares, save for Clippers fans. ABC was pimping ESPN and giving the finger to soap fans- AGAIN.

The Pope BS was the non-story of smoke one day from the chimney that was nothing.

You pre-empt for disasters, massive loss of life, wars, Presidential assassinations.

In the last year, we had the tRayvon Martin story, the Pope BS, multiple minor local interruptions- in TX we had 35 mins of Obama getting on Air Force One- just reporters prattling on about Obama's hand on Michelle's ass. We had Boston Marathon stuff- where 3 people died. There was an explosion in TX that killed half a town, and NADA! Then we got the year anniversary, where nothing went on.

Utterly ridiculous and mostly small stories that years ago got there 3 mins on the nightly newscast and that was that.

This was no great story, it was Kardashians in jock straps. Get REAL.

I want to relax when I watch the show, not get bombarded w garbage- that's what tabloids and the Internet is for.

Again, major events- like a Challenger disaster or a landing on Mars- or Russia nuking Crimea, BUT not some o bag setting up her racist scumbag billionaire BF and getting some other billionaires discomfited because he was dumb enough to get taped saying what most of them feel.

And, likely, Sterling will win his lawsuit since it was taped w/o his knowledge.


And NO- this tabloid trash is NOT more important than millions of people looking for a little enjoyment (however rare these days) in their harried lives.

If you do, then I guess th enext time Batboy escapes and goes on a rampage, Stephanopoulos can interrupt.

He has replaced Corinthos as the most reviled Greek midget at ABC!

LSV422 said...

I have no use for a bigot but this wasn't some tragedy that should have stopped programming. I've never even heard of the Clippers before. Now his trashy girlfriend will have her 15 minutes of fame. I'm happy he was justly dealt with but this was an illegally taped conversation, wasn't it or entrapment? Good riddance but the news media is out of control.