Monday, April 21, 2014


EMMA'S real LIFE SISTER will be in the ballet recital!!! WOOT! Isn't she adorable? Her name is Londyn..Londyn and Brooklyn lol 

OK.. today's show. I did hear "Tumor in a Jar" from Diane.  

And...Sonny and Michael are ... blah blah blahing over AJ
YEAH! Ghost AJ is back! he was awesome again today. Hey, put EVERY person that Sonny directly or indirectly killed into that room!! 

Ava threatened Sabby and her unborn kid to get Carlos in line. 

Sabrina and Patrick are going to tell Emma about the baby boy. She's not happy.

Spencer and Fluke were cute. Fluke threatened Emma if Spence didn't shut up. Sonny walked in.

People still gots their SUITS on for the funeral!!!  It's going to take another DAY to happen.  



  1. I look at the picture and it reinforce my Team Cameron allegiance.

  2. Q home: Spencer and Fake Luke scene was great!!! :) Spencer MUST have a photographic memory! Even though Spencer doesn't know what that means! ROFL! Fake Luke wins the line of the day!

    Fake Luke: Forget Woodward and Bernstein. You're a regular rain man.

    ROFL! Good one! Oh boy Fake Luke threatens Emma! That will do it! Spencer is gonna keep his mouth shut!

    Police station: Does Ava have to lay down on the couch while talking to Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos? I can see up her nose!! I don't want to! Oh Caaaaaaaarlos is angry and shaking! I love an angry and shaking Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos! No I don't want him to die!!! Poor Diane! Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos and BobTodd don't need her help! ROFL! Yes Diane must be something in the water ROFL!

    Sonny's home: A sweet scene between Sonny and Mikey! I can't wait until Mikey finds out the truth and disowns his father and mother, and move into the Q home!!! Oh Sonny you are not going to the funeral for Monica's sake!!! You coward!!! Tell Michael the truth I dare you! ghost AJ taunting Sonny again hahaha LOVE IT! Altho the paint on his shirt is distracting hahaha. Come on it does not look like blood!

    Patrick's home: Oh we see Sabrina again. I thought we weren't going to see her until she is in labor. Oh Patrick didn't tell Emma that Sabrina's baby is his yikes!!! The scene between Emma and Patrick made me cry!

    Wyndemere: Ric, Liz, and Nik scene LOVE IT! Nik tries to throw Ric out hahahhhaha! For a minute I thought Nik was going to hit Ric! Ric wants to take care of Liz awww! :) I love the Ric and Liz scene. Love the facial expressions they make to each other! Ric again says he won't give up!!!! I LOVE MY LIRIC!!!!

    Ava and Morgan's secret place:

    Ava: It's Ava. I need you to do something for me. Write this name down. Sabrina Santiago.

    OH OH! Is Sabrina gonna die? Is she going to die and the baby will live? Or are both going to die? I can't wait to find out!

  3. Oh and love the picture of the kids!!!! :) Londyn and Brooklyn! Hahaha cute names. :) And hey the two girls look like twins.

  4. I kind of wish Michael was mad at Sonny and Carly for what they put him through. I just hope Michael is mad at Sonny for more then one month when he finds out what Sonny did. I loved the Luke and Spencer scenes. I liked the show today.

  5. I cannot believe what a terrific actor that little Spencer is! Good grief, holding his own in scenes with a very intimidating Luke/Geary-WOW! And he puts the right infection in the words and has these long speeches--I am SO impressed. How old is that kid? He is so Cassadine.

    Every time I see Todd/Franco, I wish once more they hadn't made him Franco. Love the actor, but can't quite forget how much I hated James Franco. How i long to enjoy Todd, but it is hard now.

    At last Liz kind of has a story. She has long deserved a GOOD one.

  6. I'm ready for mad Michael too. Chad has to play the angst ridden too much. Love SK and MB and the haunting. I'll miss it when he's really gone.

    So help me if Bill Ekart is wearing a mask I'm done... but did love the scene.

    is anyone else hoping Britt is pregnant with Nik's kid?

  7. "JasonRoks says is anyone else hoping Britt is pregnant with Nik's kid?"

    No, but I do now!!! :) I wasn't even thinking that.