Friday, April 18, 2014


I'm headed there today!! It's a gorgeous little town on one of the Finger Lakes. I was going to watch GH last night and just couldn't bring myself to do it! Someone (DAVE) told me Tracy bought NotLuke's crap about no pre-nup. WTH. Come on now. So, that made me mad and I decided to wait until I have to do Surgery on Sunday to watch yesterday/today. 

Have a good Friday--we can feel the warmth here finally. I can only hope it lasts and we don't have snow later in the week.  
And..Good Friday to those that observe. Easter's coming soon!


  1. Karen, I live really close to Skaneateles! If you get a chance go to Anyela's Vinyard on the west side of the lake. It has beautiful views and tasty cheese boards to eat with your wine!

  2. Have a wonderful time and a Happy Easter!

  3. Karen, Have a wonderful Easter. And if you decide NOT to watch any of Friday's show, at least watch the scene between Kiki and Luke that comes about 25 to 30 min. in. Worth the price of admission,

  4. you take the good... you take the bad... you take them both and there you have... today's GH

    i state it like that because I really felt today's show was either very good or very bad. But no real middle ground.

    (These are MY opinons only.)


    The scenes between AJ and Sonny are good. Maurice is showing some range of emotion. Normally with him, it is whispers and shouts. But he is starting to find other emotions to play off of. I can only hope this is a sign of things to come, and that he will have some good scenes as a result of this. (I am pretty much talking about the final scene). When Sonny had his head in his hands. The look in his eyes and his lips trembling. There is some really good acting brewing there.

    Michael was shirtless. I know. Shallow. But I take what I can get. I'll take Nathan and Levi shirtless if they keep their mouths shut.

    Diane. Diane. DIANE. OMG Why cant she be on more often? People complain that vets are not on enough, or are wasted (Mac, Felicia) but I do enjoy it when Diane swoops in and nails her scenes like a tornado. I'd love her on more often. She rocks on so many, many levels.

    Someone finally yelled at Spencer. Ok, so it was Sonny really yelling at AJ, but I will take it.

    Tracy and Ned. Absolute GOLD. Is that an egg salad sandwich above the mantle?

    Carlos became human while talking to Ava. I am interested in seeing how this plays out. Yes, I am interested in a storyline with Carlos in it. How did THAT happen?

    The bad.

    I thought, and correct me if I am wrong, that when a suspect/prisoner asks for a lawyer, the cops are supposed to cease and desist their badgering and harrassing of the suspect. But, as we all know, Anna is written as if she is "super cop" and above the law and can do what she wants.

    Luke threatening to kill Ned. Only because we know that Tracy is NOT seeing the light on this and will support Luke no matter what. Ned is being the voice of reason and while I am glad he is back on the show for a few days, this storyline is dragging and stupid. It's bad. And most people feel the same way.

    Carly and Franco. Enough said.

    Luke and Kiki. I really want the women wubbers to comment on this one. Is Disney doing a service (PSA) to sexually assaulted women in the world but writing this storyline the way it is? I applaud Kiki for FINALLY defending herself, but her first call should have been 911 and not to Morgan. Luke needs to be behind bars and Kiki needs to cut the "distant family" crap and send a message. Kiki is clearly emotionally compromised. That in itself should show viewers that this isn't something that should be taken lightly or a "fun" storyline for comic relief. But unless she calls the authorities, Luke will keep coming back harder and harder. What message is Disney sending to young women about this subject?

    Happy Easter everyone.

  5. Police station: Damn where is Caaaaaaaaaaarlos's lawyer!!!! Oh there she is! Hi Diane!!! Oh she was out of town! Where you with Max Diane?!! :) Oh oh Ava is threatening Caaaaaaaarlos! I don't want him to die!!!! I have a feeling he is going to. :( I love Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!!!! I don't want to lose him!

    Ava and Morgan: More sneaking around from them. :)

    Fake Luke and Starki: WOW!!!!! He was going to rape her!!! And she kicked him in the nads!!! Wow she knows how to take care of herself! Great scene! And of course she had to call Morgan. Cus Mikey knows nothing about what Fake Luke is doing.

    Sonny's home: Ghost AJ still taunting Sonny hahahaha! That blood looks like red paint. Spencer trying talk to uncle Sonny awwww!

    Q home Fake Luke trying to walk but it hurts when he does ROFL! Go Ned go Ned!!! Oh Fake Luke threatening Ned!!! DOH! Spencer wins the line of the day!

    Spencer: Turn around and face your accuser uncle Luke!

    ROFL! What a doll! But be careful sweetie. He isn't Luke!!!

    BobTodd's home: Carly in fighting mode! YEAH CARLY! You find out what Ava is up to!! BobTodd got his mojo back!! YAY! Oh he did it so that he can go to jail hahahaha!

  6. "Delcodave says Michael was shirtless."

    You mean Morgan right? :)

  7. You do?/ I love it there! We ate at The Garage Eatz..sooooo good!!

  8. Hope you enjoyed your day in Skaneateles. I spent part of my childhood there and still go to spend time with friends and family.

  9. What an odd Friday it was.

    They have got to explain Luke. This is ruining him as Guza never could! Guza made him a drunk and philanderer (the real Luke never was) and a wanderer, which he was, but with reason, not without little reason. AND real Luke was not a thief--he could cut corners with the law, but he was NOT a criminal, as Guza tried so hard to reinvent him to be. I have long loved the character and Geary, but this story is really turning me off and I am NOT enjoying it at all. There is no humor in this story and I hate it!

    I am in awe of the little actor who plays Spencer--he's GOOD! I like that he's such a true Cassadine. Granny Hels would be so proud.

    The actor who plays Carlos is really excellent. But I wonder how long he'll be with us with Ava threatening him.

    Dave, as to the Luke-Kiki thing...well, this is just shoving my Luke way down into the sewer. Very upsetting and nasty. Most young girls wouldn't know how to do what Kiki did to protect themselves. This definitely not 'comic relief'.

  10. dear soaplover

    comic relief was a bad choice of on words on my part. i think I meant to say that they are taking this too lightly. this is a serious subject and they are glossing over it. I felt the same way with michael's rape in jail. i thought that was really handled poorly and wasnt given the serious subject it should have been. he should still be affected by it and for a lot of people who are raped, he could be having intimacy issues with relationships and nightmares. and sometimes i watch the show and feel it is "oh, yeah, I was raped. la di da la di da..." so wrong. And it burns me to see them not handle Kiki assault with more seriousness.

    ps. yes, I am very adamant on this subject because I know of which I speak... been there, done that

  11. Dave,
    I agree with you entirely on the Luke-Kiki thing. Someone close to me went thru this and is still emotionally damaged, even though almost 30 years have passed. The nightmares, the problems with relationships, all of it! Sexual abuse is nothing about sexiness or even attraction. It is about power and sickness and to treat it lightly on this show does us all a disservice. And it is SO damaging to my favorite actor.