Friday, April 11, 2014

Broke Down Today

And watched.

Now, poor baby Ben is going from Cassa-Luxury to..what? Tiny fan-wall loft...they are gonna change his name. Wonder if it will be Connor. Connie, Connor. 

Does NotLuke know he's trying to BE the "real Luke"??? Because he's failing in epic ways. Tracy might not realize it but even Sonny is like: WTF. 

So, Sonny doesn't NOTICE Luke has a suit on and cares about him or his business? LUKE says: "You My Dawg"!!?????? OMG You mah dawg!! ahaha.
Luke kept saying watch out for Up and Comers.. and newbies. Like who did Sonny supplant? Frank Smith. Although he HAS to be Bill Eckert.

Looks like Britt and Nathan are siblings, according to der Mutta. I loved when Dr.O said Maddie would hold her down and make her slap herself LOL! Just like a sibling!! Maxie is so happy about Lante. 

Spencer, "I fired Alfred"..and he's worried about Britt and Ben. He's sad they are gone. 

Nathan and Britt almost kiss and Maxie comes out. Britt acts like she's had 89 drinks and Nathan acts like..

well. You know. (wood) 

BY THE WAY they mentioned 2x it was THREE AM in the morning!! What the hell...Olivia's just out, Luke's wandering around. I mean..Ric's visiting Liz?

OK..Dr. O's shocker: What about your OTHER child says Obrect?!!


Carrie said...

I'm so confused. Who could possibly be the other child?

When will this Luke nonsense end? It could have been good if they told you who he was 3 weeks ago....

I might watch later for Maxie though. I love KS

Kanella said...

Is that Obrecht's get out of jail free card? I need a break from this pathetic excuse of a show.

AntJoan said...

Well, I guess the other embryo, which they said was "no good," was implanted in someone else and is now a baby?

Glad you didn't leave us, Karen. . .

ishouldreadmore said...

Karen, the best part of watching the show is being on Twitter at the same time, and watching your tweets along with the show. It sure beats watching the show without doing something else. If you are not on, it stinks, 'cause Ron only tweets self-serving garbage.
Did anyone else love Sonny's look of perplexity today after he talked with FLuke? And Nickolas is dumber than a sack of hair. His obnoxious, spoiled, overexposed brat was trying to tell him that Uncle Sonny was in trouble, and he just spouted stupid platitudes. YAWNNNNNNNNNNNN
Don't care about Zulu's "other" babies, Julian and Alexis, etc. Do think there is a grown baby of Silas and Nina's floating around. But who needs another newbie???

soaplover said...

Today was pretty good, but I am finding some items a stretch. Like Obrecht and Maddie being sisters. Who is the elder one? Lisle looks older, but we know the actress playing Maddie is 71 which is a bit older than the actress playing Obrecht.

Luke is behaving the way Guza used to try to write him, which caused a lot of newer viewers to think Luke was a real shady, pathetic, irresponsible, drunken, thieving guy, which is certainly not the heroic Luke we watched in the early 80s. When Sonny said about playing games, 'You know I always win', well, that was much more true of young Luke, that intrepid adventurer who took big chances, had a heart of mush and loved his lady beyond anything. We could love that Luke because he never gave up, was a one-woman man, and did things his own brilliant (sometimes) way.

I cannot see where they are going with this story, but I'm uncomfortable with it.

Victor is returning so I guess he'll get Obrecht released which will be a bad joke. They need to let her go for awhile, concentrate on other stories, and bring her back down the road sometime if they want.

Now they have 'cleared' Ava of the one murder, I'df like to see her get caught for Connie's.

love2chat402000 said...

Rumors are that stone cold is returning and will be even colder!He may be a recast as I don't think SB is free from his Y&R contract.

CareyN said...

Sonya, where are you?? They named the baby Rocco, just like we've been wanting them to. :)

I know I'm in the minority, but I love Spencer, especially in his scenes with Nic. IRL I had a pretty craptastic day, and was gonna pass on the show based on comments, but then I saw Spencer was on, and the little guy just put a big smile on my face. And the way Nik tossed him onto the bed was so cute and realistic. I can see why Britt is so heartbroken. I would be too if I lost these guys. (And as someone who lost all their favs when OLTL was cancelled, trust me, even those of you here complaining would also be heartbroken.)

I think the show is somewhere between good and great. It's moving on at a good clip this week, with big reveals weaving their way into new things that are entertaining whether or not they are riveting.

delcodave said...

one of the facebook groups asked this question yesterday

"what was your favorite moment on GH this week?"

my response was:

"The closing credits. Because that was when I knew this painful show would be OVER!"

Rachel Ingrisano said...

Spencer is so annoying. From day one he is an annoying snob...and that ridiculous speech problem. Dear Lawd!!! Everytime he is on the screen I want to change the channel.

Di said...

I used to love Spencer but I'm now finding him to be one entitled, obnoxious child. I can't believe Nicholas lets him talk back to him like that. Who was raising him in Europe?

I'm also hating the way they're writing Luke, if he is Luke. They lost me when they had him snorting dope.

And we definitely don't need yet another child. What are they going to do with all these babies?

Paul773 said...

I'm really tired of 'Luke' trying to act like Breaking Bad's Walter White. It's not working! So sick of Dr. O. getting away with everything. Glad Britt and Nathan didn't 'go there.' Maxie is definitely a bright light - love her!

sonya said...

Liz and Ric: Oh I just LOVE their scenes! The back and forth playful fun scene!!! Come on Liz! Forget Nik and go with Ric!!! :)

Lante home: Well Rocco it is!!! YAY! :)

Maxie's home: Oh boy Britch and Nathan almost kissed twice but didn't! That means they ARE brother and sister!!! :)

Sonny's home: Fake Luke lies to Sonny and isn't happy about having a "grandchild" damn damn damn someone has to figure out Luke isn't acting like himself!!! COME ON SONNY!

Jail cell: Dr O wins the line of the day!!

Dr O: I'm sorry were you speaking? You began droning and my mind drifted back to my favorite childhood coocoo clock. They might have hair or a tail.

ROFL! These are great scene. :) Oh oh Dr O has another secret!!! What?!! Dante has another child?!!?!?! WHERE?!!?!?!?

Nik and Spencer: The little actor who plays Spencer sounds like he has a cold. He is all stuffy. Spencer tried to fire Alfred! ROFL! Love the Nik and Spencer scene! Great conversation about love and how Nik will never stop loving Spencer awww! Yeah Spencer you tell your dad about Luke!!!

sonya said...

"soaplover said... Luke is behaving the way Guza used to try to write him,"

That isn't Luke! :) This guy is just pretending to be Luke! I don't know who he is yet.

"CareyN said...Sonya, where are you?? They named the baby Rocco, just like we've been wanting them to. :)"

Sorry sorry! I didn't watch it live or online yesterday I have a temp job. I just got done watching it now. YES THEY NAMED HIS ROOCO WOOT WOOT! :)

Di said...

Sonya, I'm also loving Liz and Ric together. They have far more chemistry than her and Nicholas.

sonya said...

"Di said...Sonya, I'm also loving Liz and Ric together. They have far more chemistry than her and Nicholas."

Yeah! I want Liric back together!!! I love how panicked Ric got when he found out Liz was shot! :)

friscogh said...

Soap Lover, Madeline is older, she referred to herself as older sister.
Di, what will they do with all these babies? Why probably kill a few of them of course. That is great drama is it not, urgh. The only way a baby is safe on this show is if the writers name it Ron.
Given the cartoony nature of this show
I bet Dr. O has the other baby stashed in a lab somewhere, filed under organ donor, in case anything went wrong with Britt's baby.
Spinelli and Ellie are on their way back. Does this mean Connie/Georgie is actually Lantes? Or is Maxie getting her back? Or do they just need to add a few cast members who can sing just long enough for the nurses ball.
I hear Sabrina dies. I hope this is true. Cast is too big, never liked that character, could open the door for Patrick to move on to a better relationship. Id prefer Patrick with Liz, Sam, Carly, or heck, even Alexis or Monica than have him back with Sabrina. Hey, perhaps he will hook up with Lucas! I just hope it doesnt mean he is leaving

sonya said...

"friscogh said...Spinelli and Ellie are on their way back.

Yeah! Cus it's going to be May pretty soon, and that is when Maxie can see her baby! :)"

kdmask said...

I put the rumor up that Sabby dies, btw. That was all me !!

Donna Mills is older. And Lesil said she was the older sister when Donna made her slap herself.

Jason Recast: I refuse to entertain the idea. I can't think of St. Jasus rising from the dead. Even with a new face

Holley said...

I totally agree with you CareyN and Sonya about Spencer! I thought when he told Nik him he had no authority, I would crack up. I believe they are writing him to be obnoxious. Maybe a story line later down the road as to why Emma chose Cam? I dunno.. but anyway, about the way he speaks... As a parent of a child who had difficulty pronouncing things I think it give a more human approach to him. I love the kid and hope he is involved in more storylines. He is playing this role wonderful from the lounging coats to his demands.. I enjoy watching the scenes he is in.

sonya said...

"Holley says, As a parent of a child who had difficulty pronouncing things I think it give a more human approach to him."

Yeah I agree with that! :) It does give him a more human approach.

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