Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Short and Sweet

Just like Sonny...Carey N said on the blog:
Wow, Sonny sure is a quick shot! Carlos wasn't even finished leaving his voice mail by the time Sonny and Ava were done. No wonder they were both like, "That's never gonna happen again," "No need to talk about this." LOL

Yep.. that's about it!! What more can you say when two characters go at it in the crypt where the guy they murdered was JUST buried like 15 minutes ago? WTF? I mean, we knew they were going to have Sex..but geesh. 

Today's Surgery is short/sweet because my Aunt's 80th Bday party is this weekend and everyone is coming and some staying over (which means Sunday Brunch). BUT! I couldn't let this fun filled week go without some of my good ol' Wubbin.

Grab a pair of sunglasses because you might want to look away at times!

Let's start with... NotLuke. Not only is he being a perv creep, they can't pull one over on him either. WHY is he acting like this IN BROAD DAYLIGHT if he wants to hoodwink Tracy? WHY? Makes no sense. I'm sick of him already. Either tell us what's up or stop it. It's been 2 months. If he IS someone from the past, half the people aren't old enough to remember him  anyway.  Whatevvverrrrrr

AJ's Funeral.

Where was BOBBIE? SHE totally should have been there. She's a part of that whole past, she was with Alan..and for that Matter Lucy could have been there too. Instead, it's at the yard with a bunch of people that didn't even like the guy.
And it was all about Sonny.

Yes, Sonny. The great Operatic Tragic figure. Oh SOLO MIO........!! I expected Amadeus' Funeral Durge to play. I get this is supposed to be a Greek Tragedy. And it is Blanche, but not for the reasons they want. It's a tragedy that it's playing out like this. I get we need shocking moments, and a lot of stuff did happen in 2 days but..really? Where's Sonny to go from here? I guess the Mental Hospital? If Ava's pregnant..ahahhaa. OMG. I think they'll marry so they won't have to testify against each other (although that is not a law now, but doesn't matter in soapland).


Morgan gets burned by his brother and fiance..then his father and lover.  Bryan did a GREAT job with the material given. Sonny saying "they slept together" was so dumb. No, you had crazy death-sex surrounded  by corpses. Maura West was superb as well. You felt her EVERYTHING during that scene. She's so damn needy. And being a nympho doesn't hurt either.

"Mother... you need a brain" 
Ned..the only bright light

Baby is Born: So, either Ava or Fluke ordered someone to run that car off the road. I don't care who did it. Seriously. Whatever. The whole baby birth I guess was 'tense'-- but the aftermath? Patrick carrying that thing around? It would be in the ambulance getting oxygen and fluids and some kind of tent until it can be in an incubator. I mean, we aren't THAT stupid. Well, hell, maybe we are. They certainly treat us that way most of the time. 

Let's put DUKE in a throw away scene with Olivia-- instead of having him at Emma's recital. I guess so Olivia could go over the fact that she loves Sonny. And you know, at the moment he's doing the tango with Ava.  Ditto Lucy. Why why have her talking at the hospital about the Nurses ball and not at AJ's funeral? She was married to Alan at one point. Again, whatevvvvvverr.

Carlos and Todd. Where were Dr. O and Madeline? Do they have a lady/man jail cell thing? Carlos tells Franco the truth in 2 minutes. Ummm, well, then. You are a great criminal (not).  

I take it Alexis and Julian had the week off. I think Molly is sure.

Ok, I'm going to stop-- The show was incredibly weird this a creepy way.  Yes, it had a lot going on. Yes, it was interesting. BUT I still say it's so choppy I can't get into it.  The Nurses' Ball will be here before we know it.  Which will always be a plus.   

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Morgan lashes out at Sonny AND calls him out on trying to kill Jax. BRAVO thank you very much for that!! I so wish Jax was still on canvas to be calling Sonny out. 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  The moment Sonny said "YES..I SLEPT WIDT HER"!! 

PROP of the WEEK: Whatever the hell Paddy was holding. Bundle of...?? Potatoes?? Old socks? Because Come on..if that was supposed to be a baby then..FAIL LMAO. 

WHAT Says YOU??  Did you dig this week? (I'm talking like groovy NotLuke right now)... 
BTW, The funniest part was that Ava never even made it outside for the funeral. She just watched TV and drank. :) heh 


ishouldreadmore said...

There are isolettes in emergency vehicles. Whatever the heck that was Patrick was grasping to his heart was not the baby. Maybe he has reverted to his own security blankkie.
Whoever said that Sonny reached irredeemable hit the nail on the head. He cannot be brought back from this week. Unless he too has a toomah.
Can anyone believe how fast the kid playing Morgan learned how to act??? Remember when he came on the scene, everyone's eyes were rolled back into their heads cause he was so wooden. (Now this does not mean that I think there is hope for Nathan or Maxi's hippie dip; they are so awful that each time they are on, Laurence Olivier turns over in his grave again. Easter Island stone heads could be used in their place, and no one would notice.)
Happy birthday to your Aunt, Karen. Have a great day with family.

dar said...

My apologies to AntJoan but for me Sonny has always been scum. For me he was the slimy bastard who drugged and raped Karen. So, he has always been irredeemable. I know others see him differently,

I, too, have been impressed with the growth in the guy playing Morgan. He was one of the people I was thinking of recently when I said sometimes actors start out bad but then surprise you with their improvement. So far no improvement in Nathan.

Just a thought here. Tony Geary supposedly makes a ton of money. I almost hate to say it but maybe it's time for him to go away and free up some money to make the show less choppy and stop the two people in a room stuff. Maybe they could afford to have Ned stay

I am not sure how we are supposed to view Not Luke but I am just disgusted. The you don't desrve my donuts scene was not funny or cute just profoundly repulsive. I wish it would just stop. Shoot him, push him off the parapet on Spook Island, throw water on him and make him melt whatever. Just make it stop. I am not emtertained.

imspncycl said...

I really REALLY want Ghost AJ to tell Sonny, "Hey, know what? I wasn't going to tell you this until later.... but this is too good to pass up! Why do you think I wanted to choke Ava? Ava killed Connie. You just had sex with Ava.... try living with that you out of control psycho!"

katydid53 said...

Don't like the show right now but I am a loyal fan so I still watch!! Too many characters and the story lines appear choppy. People aren't seen for weeks which makes a viewer tend to get bored with the story!! And Patrick carrying that thing was too much. He's a doctor!!A baby that small should be on oxygen. Are we to believe he will be just fine? and now they will blame Brit for the crash

ilona saari said...

Way to go WUBS... Thought Morgan was terrific... Sonny can't sink any lower - tho I get Ava - she's so needy and Maura is terrific imo... A multi-dimensional villain... The whole Sabrina/Carlos/whatever stuff is a yawn. Sabrina is bringing the character of Patrick whom I love down to her boring level. ;o(

ilona saari said...

Sadly, TG's salary is not the reason why the show is choppy - that's bad storytelling and all Ron's fault - he can't seem to master the arc of soap writing which juggles 3 storylines at the same time weekly - one winding down, one just starting and one in the middle... by deal w/ all 3 stories weekly, fans who don't like one, can still feel included in the ones they do like... by backburnering stories for weeks at a time is just bad writing and bad scene planning.

ilona saari said...

But yes - so want the Luke story to be over w/... This is the lst time I've ever FF thru TG's scenes. This whateverLuke just repels me.

CareyN said...

HEY! You quoted me on your blog! :) Thanks.... I feel special.

I'm riding this "downfall of Sonny" story on the off chance it's a setup for him to really get some real help and turn his life around: leave the mob, be a better guy, etc. I do believe MB is a great actor, but Sonny is just so repetitive. It would be nice to see Mo get something different to do....Like they just gave Geary. (Not that I like that story very much either b/c this Fake Luke is GROSS...but at least we can all be reminded that Tony Geary is a phenom actor.)

Cosmoetica said...

The Fluke tale is the only mildly interesting thing. Sonny in more angst- yawn.

dar said...

My apologies to AntJoan but for me Sonny has always been scum. For me he was the slimy bastard who drugged and raped Karen. So, he has always been irredeemable. I know others see him differently,


It wd not be bad if tptb SHOWED and WROTE Sonny as scum. We root for villains in fiction cuz we know they'll lose, they're underdogs. We wanna see Joker beat Batman at least once.

But Sonny always wins, is the OVERDOG.

I think the reason Fluke is gonna win- and rumor is Sonny goes comatose while MB's on vac, is that Tony Geray is the only bigger star on the show, so it's dick size, again....

Which is what I thought the thread title meant- LOL!

LSV422 said...

I think the Luke storyline is interesting, but it has gone on a bit long and he is so creepy. About that towel Patrick was carrying, they didn't even have the baby cry, so maybe it was dead. Sonny is despicable but that is nothing new. I hope Brenda and Laura do come back, and several others head out the door. BC was excellent - the kid is doing great. I was also wondering if Franco and Carlos were in the men's wing of the jail.

Andrea said...

I want Laura to walk in to a room with notLuke And say where's Luke your not him in front of Tracy. There would be NO WAY laura wouldn't know.

Avalonn said...

There's little I can add here. My thoughts this week mirror yours Karen. Along with the other posts in here I agree Sonny is and always has been "scum". We were just really reminded of that this week. The latest "fluke", not fake Duke but, fake Luke has in my opinion expired. Sorry, I don't care how great Geary is supposed to be, I'd trade him in a New York minute for Tristen Rogers. Also agreed, Morgan has quickly become one of few characters I card to watch given I too could not stand Bryan Craig when he started. And pardon my caps, PLEASE KEEP WALLY KIRTH!!! I'll forever miss his pairing with Alexis. I think the only decent man she ever had.

barbkat said...

I totally agree and enjoy your posts! Thank you!

soaplover said...

Andrea, I was thinking if Bobbie walked in the room and looked at Luke, she'd KNOW! Those siblings were once sooo close, she would see right thru him.

But you notice how they haven't brought Bobbie on lately or had her even mentioned? Personally, I dispise this Puke storyline (love that someone put the proper title to it.) For well over 30 years TG has been my favorite actor, but this story is having an alarming effect. I am close to hating him. I know it only a soap story, but it is a particularly nasty one and TG should not have agreed to it...

And this story-telling is not altogether due to Ron being a poor writer. He isn't. I watched him pull OLTL together in grand style and know he can do it. It is a combination of poor judgement and tight money AND too big a cast. And I keep reading they are sending out casting calls. They can lose Levi right now before he starts--awful! And let Dante be Anna's go-to cop amd send Nathan home. I would so much rather they had made Shawn a cop to work with Anna than Sonny's thug.

And yes, yes, yes Sonny is a slimy, scummy SOB and certainly NO leading man. (Would any intelligent woman look at him twice?) I've watched him from his beginnings and he was irredeemable from the start. He's been on waaay too much and too long and we have seen every single acting trick or technique he can do many time over. There is nothing new there. He's tedious, boring, repetative.

I try to keep interested in some aspect of GH, but right now, it is difficult.