Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And Jordan is..

A dealer! Kingpin..not a druggie mule. That's good, I'd rather have her be that than the other. That shirt tho..
Julian thinks Jordan is a narc. She could still be one, we won't know. She does a strip tease for Julian to show him she's not wearing a wire. She stomps out the gallery with her shirt open. LOL

Anna takes Carlos in for questioning and "roughing up Dante" (she just wanted to frisk him lol) NO WAY would Carrrrrrrrlos sit there with no lawyer. 

Luke is SO NOTLUKE...there's no humor there, and Tracy doesn't notice!! Ned wants a pre-nup. No way is Luke gonna do that. Tracy tells NotLuke--oh yes you are!! 

SONNY THREW that glass. I would think Olivia could see Dead AJ?...huh. Dead AJ sniping at Sonny is awesome.  Sean K was having a blast. Olivia got yelled at --wow!!  She left him, told him to get help. He calls Ava.
Let the games...begin!! 

Duke and Shaun: Blah, blah...blah...Jordan's a drug dealer, jail time..Hey, Shaun, you have BLT orders piling up!! 

Dr. Chu said she was assisting Dr. Pacabra with a double delivery.

OMG..that's hilarious..get it? Chupacabra??  ahahaa. Patrina will find out their baby sex..and it's a ..BOY O'BOY! 


sonya said...

Sonny's home: Ghost AJ still taunting Sonny hahahhaa! When ghost AJ was on the stairs with the drink in his hand, it looked like ghost AJ was drunk. Hmmm a drunk ghost. ROFL! Olivia, Sonny and Ghost AJ scene, how did they all keep a straight face? They must had to do the scene over and over again. :) Oh oh did Olivia break up with Sonny? :( Ghost AJ wins the line of the day!

Ghost AJ: OH BURN! Hey you know what Micheal would call it? Betrayal!


Ava's art gallery: Jordan is a very sneaky lady. Jordan knows too much about the drug shipment in Port Chuckles. She is a OH WOW SHE IS A DRUG DEALER AND WANTS IN!!!!!! :) I love this woman!!!! :) Ava is getting way too close to Caaaaaaaaarlos. Oh damn Jordan and Julian have got ALOT of chemistry.. He wants her to prove that she isn't wearing a wire!!! She unbuttons her shirt! Damn can they have a one night stand!?!?! PLEASE?!!?! :) I mean he isn't serious with Alexis is he? :) We don't even get to see Julexis have sex! I'm not sure why. So let's have Julian and Jordan have a one night stand. I'll call them Juldan. :) Oh what the hell I'll call them that now. Oh oh Caaaaarlos is arrested!!! :(

Police station: I don't want Caaaaaaaaaarlos to get in trouble! I don't want him to leave Port Chuckles!!! I love Caaaaaaaaaaaaaarlos!!

ELQ: I really thought fake Luke was going to say something really insulting to Ned, but he didn't. I mean fake Luke didn't bring up Ned sleeping with his aunt Monica! :) Go Ned! Go Ned!!! Yes fake Luke sign prenup papers!! And when Tracy tells Fake Luke she wants him to sign it, WOW he is manipulating her and she knows it!

The hospital: Oh Patrick and Sabrina are having a boy. Emma is having a brother!! So, when is the next time we get to see Sabrina? When she is in labor?

jasonroks said...

I thought todays show was great. The Jordan stuff blew me away - she was great. Julian with her was hot. Ava and Carlos was tense too- she was twizzling his hair at one point.

AJ, Sonny and Oliva was amazing. I was LOL quite a bit. Especially when he tossed the glass! They were having a ball. So happy Olivia threw it back at Sonny too. She needs to find herself a new man.

Anna sounds like she has a cold.

Tony Geary really needs to go on vacation - are they trying to make him look dead? He's so creamy and white or maybe Ned and Tracy are just tan. They could at least give him a light spray tan. He looks like death warmed over. Good for Ned on the pre-nup. This story needs to end. I swear if it's a help me.
Has he met baby Rocco yet?

Andrea said...

I agree with Julian. Jordan is a narc. I hope they have a wild affair, poor Alexis but tht is what you get when you date mob bosses. Didn't she learn from dating Sonny and Shaun.

It's a boy. Yay. Little brother for Emma. I hope they recast Sabby with someone who has more chemistry with Patrick. Robin is dead to me, let her revive Jason and have his love child. Time to move on.

Tracy, honey. Your smarter then this, do not get taken in by "Luke". You are On Luke's Hook ( real or fake). Come to your senses move on. No Luke is good for you.

Sonny you deserve every bit or your torment.

cooks7570 said...

What's with all the babies being boy's on this show. Here's a awesome line from today. You bring out my mother's better angels just when she needs her demons

Cosmoetica said...

While it was nice to see AJ again, yester's show was an abomination, the worst of the Cartini era- not a single scene was well acted nor well written, but the absolute worst was MB's acting, esp w Olivia.

The glass throwing, the hang dog eyes, the furrowed brow, the gasps, the gesticulations, the phone call to Ava.

How anyone can say MB is even a passable actor any longer is absurd. They need to get him to do overt parody. Yes, RC's writing is ABOMINABLE, but Maurice Benard simply is a horrible actor these days.

LSV422 said...

Cosmo, I agree 100% with your assessment of MB - he is terrible! His facial expressions and actions are totally predictable, but this is nothing new. CD is no great actor either. I did love seeing AJ taunting him again. Can't believe no one notices how strange Luke is. Julian has chemistry with everyone, including his sister.

Anonymous said...

I have never liked Sonny. I think having him pay for his crimes by facing the death sentence would be a riveting storyline. It would get him off our screen and give his kids, Alexis, Carly, etc a great storyline.
LSV - I find that FH (Anna) also has chemistry with everyone, including her son in law Patrick. I find Duke to be a bore, and one who is going to hurt Anna again. I'd like to see Anna dump Duke and go a little cougar. Patrick would be icky but she could hook up with Dante or Ned or Milo or a recast Dillon or Nicholas.

LSV422 said...

Friscogh, I agree about FH - she is fabulous with everyone. I do like Duke though - there aren't many great options.

dar said...

frisco : no death penalty in NY except for killing police officers

Anonymous said...

Dar - when has reality every got in the way with these story writers. Like saying stealing an embryo is not illegal. If, however, they want to stick to NY laws, perhaps he can kill Nathan. Get rid of two boring characters!