Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I DON'T Like to Be Tricked!!

Yep...Emma, you got it! HOW can ANYONE be sure who's baby is who's anymore!!?? She looked adorable in her little ballet outfit.

Spence is gonna spill? Fluke is pretty funny. Wait until Gam-Gam Hells gets back. She'll give Spence a nice ICE PICK. 
Having Cameron and Spence in the same house is kinda brilliant.

Todd and Carrrrrrrrrrrlos.  HE says 'WESTERN upstate NY" which made me swoon. WE ARE Western NY!!  thank you writers for that.  Todd is trying to get intel on Carlos' and teh murder.

Tracy, buy a clue. GOOD GOD. Like Kiki would come on to Crypt Keeper LUKE! NED --please hire Wally Kurth. OMG, Ned spills Luke's history to Kiki and Morgan. "She MARRIED Him'??
"He convinced her it was a seduction"
"And people BOUGHT THAT'!!??????
"it was a different era"!!

OMG..that's us fans, arguing about it!! ahha WOW.

I guess Monica, Alice and Michael were out getting snacks ready for the funeral? Is the funeral at the Q house? Why is everyone waiting around there? OH I know, the crypt!! LOL

Ava to Carly: I'd offer you a ride, but I despise you!! ahhhaa.


delcodave said...

living in NJ, I loved the line about the lane closures on the port charles bridge.

Anonymous said...

i missed three episodes and am only catching today's by accident (i made a phone call and when i got off the phone my dad put it on for me, not realizing that i missed the last 3 lol). i love having Ned back and it would be great if he could stick around long term. He was always one of my favorite characters and he and Alexis were great together. They could end her fixation with mafiosi and put them back together again.

sonya said...

Q home: I love Fake Luke and Spencer scene! The look on Spencer's face when Fake Luke was talking to Sonny! ROFL! Starki, Morgan, and Ned scene, Ned believes Starki YAY! :) I love the walk down memory lane with Luke and Laura. Starki and Morgan didn't know the history? WOW! :) I can't believe Tracy doesn't believe her own son when he tells her that "Luke" threatened him! And then she bought what fake Luke is selling!

Wyndemere: Nik wins the line of the day! It would have been Ava winning because of her telling Carly that she would give her a ride, but she despises her, but Nik's was funnier!!!

Nik: There is no skipping school! They teach things. There. At school.

ROFL! Really Nik? :) What do they teach? :) That looked like a blooper. It looked like Tyler Christopher was flubbing his lines :) And then Nik couldn't say the words grounded! Cameron had to help him ROFL! Poor Spencer! He is so worried that Fake Luke is gonna hurt Emma! Not if you keep your mouth shut Spencer!

Fake Luke: Listen I am in need of your talents I have a problem that needs solving.

Oh oh! Spencer has a right to worry!!!

Jail: BobTodd and Caaaaaaaaaaarlos bonding in jail. :) Then Carly had to come in and disrupt that!! Fake arguing ROFL!

Carly and Ava: Awww they are bonding ROFL!

Patrick's home: Poor Emma! She has been jerked around so much, that she is afraid the baby isn't her brother! Yeah I don't blame you Emma! She is afraid something is gonna happen that will make her little brother go away. Oh oh is this foreshadowing?!!?

dar said...

I went to Google and found the address for the blog and had no trouble. Thanks.

Do you think Tony Geary might have pissed off one of the people in charge? This story is so awful it could be punishment. Unfortunately it is the fans who are suffering. Any idea when this awful story will end? If it drags on into sweeps I will scream.

AntJoan said...

Yes, Dave, the Port Charles Bridge, what a hoot!! Do the rest of you know they are referring to Gov. Christie and the GW Bridge scandal, or is that a story local to NYC area?

LOVED Spencer, he is a great little actor, and my new crush!! Of course, my main crush is and always will be Sonny, but I also LOVE Dr. O, and now Spencer, maybe because he looks so much like his Uncle Sonny!

dar said...

Christie's bridge scandal has been covered to death here by the Buffalo stations

kateleibsle said...

I LOVE Wally Kurth. That is all.