Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crypt Sex. Yep. Went There.

Britt is going to help Sabby deliver her baby, just like Sabby helped HER on the floor of Wyndemere.
Geesh, get EMMA OUT OF THE CAR!! they kinda just left her in there. 

Anna gets to the scene in a flash..Emma's all "Grandma"!!  The paps arrive and the news is there in a flash! 

Luke is JUST SUCH...OMG, no one notices he doesn't move his head? Or isn't funny? Or anything? WHY wasn't Bobbie at AJ's funeral? She was JUST on the show, you think she would have been there for her bestie Monica. 

Why would Sonny go into the crypt when he's totally claustrophobic?? And you know he's looking at Ava's boobies.  
They did such a good job together. WOW..Maura West just BLEW ME AWAY!!  they are going to DO IT people..and Morgan's gonna walk in??
ALL we need now is for Kiki to have sex with Sonny and the whole thing is complete. GEESH! 

Cam is all "PSYCHE" to Spence...they are kinda driving me nuts today.  

Franco and Carlos. Now Carlos is going nuts, thinking that Franco is in with Ava. Todd's all mad that he almost got the truth outta him.
Carlos leaves Ava a message hes' gonna kill her. 


  1. This sounds awful! Has Sonny completely forgotten Olivia? I'll be honest I'm like 2wks behind and won't be catching up anytime soon.

  2. After watching the Bill E. from 1993, my new impression is that it has to be Luke brainwashed! He doesn't move his head, he has no humor, I go with Zombie Luke (Zuke???). Bill E. just doesn't make sense from what I saw from the clips. The idea that it might be Trevor is interesting. And just cause there is such a height difference is negligible on the soaps. Look at Billy Warlock; he is a lot shorter than Sean K. but he was a really good AJ.
    The mask think would not be at all acceptable to me, either. There are so many holes in that idea and we have discussed them al before. I still say that the first time Tracy kissed this dude she would have known. No two men kiss alike. (Not going any further than that with that one. Ahem.)

  3. I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but Deb K passed away April 19. I know she enjoyed her friends here and on her blog. I thought Sonya and Di might want to know. RIP Deb-You will be missed

  4. OMG! I knew she wasn't well and she said she'd be off the blog for a while, but that was quite unexpected.Thanks for letting us know, Kat Tu.

    RIP Deb :(

  5. Di- Can you still post on her blog? If so you might consider posting a RIP for her.
    Thanks kat2

  6. While I think that they may make Not Luke Bill - mainly because I think people will riot if he rips off his face. Bill Eckerts character was erratic, but nothing at all like Not Luke is acting. I doesn't seem like Bill to me at all. Now if they hadn't brought Aj back already I would have said it could have been Billy Warlock's AJ for NotLuke.

    Crypt Sex was classic Sonny. He has always been selfish to the core He can betray both sons in one fell swoop.

    How did NotLuke know that it was Spencer on the phone when Spencer was using Cameron's phone?

    They should have made the kids into a new version of the three musketeers, not Cam and Spencer at odds over Em?

  7. it would be funny if Luke ripped off a mask, and underneath the mask he was Bill Eckert.

  8. The car accident: So Patrick has airbags that's good! :) Well one airbag! That's not good. Too bad he doesn't have on star!! Emma is okay! YAY! Oh oh Sabrina is in labor! Is she going to die after childbirth?! :) Poor Emma is scared! :( I like that people around her are trying to make her feel better so that she can be less scared.How ironic. Sabrina helped Britch when her baby was coming, and now Britch is helping Sabrina! Wow Emma and Anna on the news! I wonder what channel.

    Jail: Damn I don't like how that guard is treating Caaaaaaaros!!! Come on guard! He has a right to his one phone call!!!! My poor Caaaaaaaaaarlos is so upset thinking Sabrina is hurt! BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: What you think I'm wearing a wire? Oh Carlos. Come on man! You want me to take off my clothes, really all you had to do was let me now. Clear warning I haven't been at the gym in awhile.


    Q home: Oh Morgan! You almost slipped up telling people what kind of guy Luke is! Or Fake Luke. :) Oh oh Morgan and Starki sees Ava's car! I know where she is guys!!! :) Morgan went to look for Ava! Soapy goodness!!!

    Q mausoleum: Some great acting!!! :) The same damn conversation though. And Ava is wearing old school eyeliner! I love it! Oh FINALLY Ava and Sonny kiss!!! Their conversations have been so boring it's about time they kiss. Oh they are gonna have sex too!!! Mausoleum sex! AWESOME! :)

  9. on the next General Hospital....

    Guest star Henry Winkler recreates his famous role as Author Fonzerelli and jumps a shark in the Port Charles Harbor...

  10. "Kat Tu said...I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but Deb K passed away April 19. I know she enjoyed her friends here and on her blog. I thought Sonya and Di might want to know. RIP Deb-You will be missed"

    Wait what?!!?! Are you kidding? Tell me your joking. What happened!?

  11. Was Deb "my 2 cents"? That's sad news. My condolences, may she rest in peace.

  12. OH no.. I'm so sorry about Deb.
    Thank you for posting this.

  13. Yes Deb was My2cents. She had been ill for sometime I believe it was her kidneys that gave out. She had been in and out of the hospital a lot in 2013, and early 2014. She went to rehab and never came home. Her cousin sent me an email yesterday. She was 55 years old. I will miss her a lot.

  14. Oh wow!!! I totally misunderstood you last night Kat Tu! I was so tired I thought you meant Karen passed away! It was Deb?!!?! Yeah Deb has been very sick.:( She was a good friend of mine. Now she is free and in a better place. With no more pain, and doesn't have to deal with her mean family members!

  15. Thanks Kat Tu for letting us know about Deb! I'm glad her cousin emailed you!

  16. SO sorry to hear about DebK. Too young to be gone. Very sad.