Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Watch this Clip from 1993 about Bill Eckert and listen to Geary.

It's so BILL that we are seeing!


sonya said...

Wow! I never seen this before. Thanks Karen! Yup this guy pretending to be Luke, is Bill! I bet!

CareyN said...

WHOA! You're soooo right! I think the current powers that be would quickly acquiesce to Geary if he requested they bring Bill Ekert back and if meant Geary could be on screen more. Like or hate this story line, Geary is fantastic doing it.

Cosmoetica said...

The actual clip shows the exact opposite.

Bill was never a killer nor a Mobster. Luke was the hitman, rapist, and child killer.

In terms of personality, the best match is Trevor Lansing, who propositioned Alexis when Ric was married to her, hates Sonny, and wants to control things. Bill never knew Sonny.

Avalonn said...

I have to agree with Cosmoetica. I looked up d Bill Eckert clips when we knew Luke was not Luke. The obvious being his doppelgänger, Bill Eckert and in my opinion he's not Bill.

LSV422 said...

I think it is ridiculous that this would be Bill. Not only is he "dead" but his vendetta is so unlike the character. I don't see the point in bringing back such obscure characters as Bill, Jenny E. or Paul Hornsby, when we have Duke, Felicia, Scott, Bobbie, Kevin and Mac doing nothing.

Cosmoetica said...

Clearly, Bill is the easiest to explain physically- no surgery nor- - masks, but AZ was a foot shorter than Luke.

While Barrett Ent was mentioned, and shell co's, Bill wd just have ZERO reason to hate Sonny. Sonny helped Luke kill Frank Smith- the man who had him killed. He'd be grateful, at least logically, assuming it's Bill.

Trevor hated Sonny, groped women, and wanted to run the Z's, so backing JJ wd seem in line. Hell, Heather fell off GH and survived- why not Trevor, too?

Cosmoetica said...

I will say, this is the lone story even remotely interesting.

Dona Mills-Silas sux. The kiddy triangle is a snooze. Liz and her vagina's needs- yawn. Carly-Franco- yawn. AJ's dead and Sonny's ready to have a meltdown and shiver at Deke while in the closet- been there, seen that.

Literally, Fluke is the only GOOD thing. It does take balls for Cartini to, 35 years into a character, do this. Luke is, outside of Erica Kane, the most famous soap character in US history, and Geary is FINALLY NOT phoning in his scenes.

kdmask said...

COSMO..yes, Could be Trevor. Could be any of the cartel.
I have said it a million times, if it's another mask, I'm done. LOL

I think it's gone on too long --2 months for not knowing? BORING. Especially when there's not a lot of GOOD hints. AND how many of us even REMEMBER back then?! When it finally comes out--FINALLLLLLLLLY. We'll be like: Huh. whatev

dar said...

My thoughts exactly . we're waiting for months for a reveal that when it comes most of us will say who cares. I can't wait for Maurice's vacation.

Avalonn said...

Agreed, this has gone on way too long with "Luke". It was fine in the beginning but, I'm more annoyed than intrigued. And I second looking forward to Maurice's vacation.

theromancereader said...

That clip. wow. i guess the early 90s was still very much the 80s style-wise. oh, i think it gave me a migraine just looking at that Pure Soap set.

I wasn't watching in 1993, so I really can't comment on the Bill/Luke thing. I do find Geary's comments regarding the death of Bill Ekert interesting because it reminded me of his reaction to Jake's death and Luke being responsible for it.

This whole storyline is a bit ridiculous. Luke and Sonny haven't done much of anything since Lucky's "death" back in 1999 when Luke decided he couldn't work with someone he believed to be responsible for his son's death. Why, then, would one of Sonny's enemies choose to impersonate Luke to get close to him? It doesn't make sense. The only thing I can think of is that whoever it is hates both Luke and Sonny and wants revenge on both of them. Are there any 90's mobsters that would hate them this much? Could it be someone related to Frank Smith, since apparently Sonny helped kill him?

Also, based on what he said in the interview about Bill Ekert, I don't see TG wanting to go down this road. He seemed to genuinely care about what happened to that character and he didn't like the way the writers took things. I think it is safe to say that he wouldn't want this for that character.