Thursday, April 10, 2014

So... Someone Agress !!

Just reading the Michael Fairman/Laura Wright Interview. It's a good one. Hit that link to read the whole thing, but here's the clip that got me. Oh we know EVERYONE thinks the show is CHOPPY CHOP CHOP!

But, do you think the character of Carly is head over heels for Franco?
I guess that is what they write, but I have not actually gotten a chance to play it.  I got rescued from Heather, and then we say, “I love you”.  Then, all of a sudden AJ is shot, and meanwhile, we have a love story to tell.  Roger and I really play off of each other well, and we really have a great time together, and we don’t need a lot to come up with really interesting beats and moments, which you will see in a lot of upcoming scenes.  I mean, Carly says it all the time now: “I love you” to Franco.

I know she does!  I am looking at her going, “YOU DO?”(Laughs)  It’s hard for me to invest.
That is because you did not see the journey of them falling in love, or having a moment where she says, “I don’t know if I can be with you,” because then Franco pulls Michael out of the water, and then Franco got laid! (Laughs)  And that is great too, but it happened very soon after that saving Michael moment.  I don’t know what Frank and Ron’s timing on certain stories is.  I don’t know if they had something they had to get done in two weeks, because we have sweeps we have to worry about, people going on vacation, Nurses Ball, the anniversary, and so o


Andrea said...

when the actors think the story is moving too fast, that is telling you something. I think Laura hit the nail on the head when she said they are just flying through some stories to get to whatever they want to get to in sweeps.

No one gets Carly and franco, because its like she got out of bed one day and said OMG I think I love franco, let me go tell him and give him a shag!

JPink said...

Oh snap! Careful girl, you don't want to get "killed off" BTW, Can Carly & Franco ever leave that damn room. They don't interact with any other characters on the show. Get Franco a job quick.

delcodave said...

who didnt want AJ dead?

um... I didnt.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

The SlagBeastpaloozaa right after AJ died was tacky and a slap in the face to all SK and AJ fans.
As for Cranco, we don't see people fall in love, we're told they're in love.

kdmask said...

and you are RIGHT they NEVER are in another room with ANYONE!! I so hate that. It's going to be like Jordan and Shaun,yappin' it up in the diner once a week.

Carrie said...

Whoa she really tells it like it is. I wish TPTB would listen!

LSV422 said...

We can't see them in a room with anyone else because everyone hates Franco and thinks she is an idiot! He has no money so she is supporting him. He was totally non-believable as an artist - only a BS artist. I'm still pissed that AJ is dead. Who wouldn't have rather seen Franco dead than AJ?