Thursday, April 17, 2014

Watching Later..

I'll be watching the show later and I'll update when I do!
Too nice out to be inside...FINALLY! 


  1. Hate, hate, hate having Tracy be such a fool.

    If they insist on bringing on one new character after another, why can't one of them be likable? Despise Levi - make him go away.

  2. Agree Dar - hate Levi. Totally not needed. Has Maxi even said hello to Felicia and Mac?

    The Tracy thing makes me sick too.

    Britt and Lulu were good.

    Spencer gets a beat down from Nik on being so nasty- and makes him share his Easter eggs? Where is Aiden? He was referred to but never seen.

  3. Maxie's home: SHUT UP LEVI JEANS!!!! And stop calling her Max!!! IT'S MAXIE!!! Maxie this guy is manipulating you!!! Can't you see that?!!? Maxie wins the line of the day!

    Maxie: I'm trying hard to work on my focus. What were we talking about?


    Sonny's home: Oh man Sonny and Ava scene UGH! Talking about the same damn thing. Blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzz. Do something else!! Like kiss or have sex! Do anything but talk about the same thing! Sonny can't talk to Carly or Olivia but he can talk to Ava and Ava is the only one, who he can talk to! GIVE ME A BREAK!

    Police station: Oh come on Anna and Dante!! Caaaaaaaaarlos wants his lawyer!!! Stop beating a dead horse!!

    Wyndemere: Spencer tries to fire people! ROFL! I love that Nik had a talk with him. Spencer vs Cam! ROFL!

    Lante home: The look on Britch's face when she found out that Ben's name is Rocco, UGH! I just want to slap Britch's face!!! Love more Lulu telling her off! :)

    ELQ: Oh come on Tracy! Fake Luke is manipulating you and you are falling for it!!!!

  4. Sonny is wearing a suit blazer around the house. What man does this? How is this comfortable?

    Tracy, who was once a conniving, manipulative shrew of a woman (and I mean that as a compliment), is getting railroaded by Luke. It is so out of character. Wasnt she a mob boss once? I would like to see her see through Luke (but we dont know it) and she transfers all her accounts except for $1 over to Ned along with all her shares of ELQ and then after they are married, Luke finds out he got swindled.

    Spencer is unbearable. I am over his attitude. And Nic, although it looked like he tried to scold him, did not do nearly enough. Bring back corporal punishment. He needs a good spanking. Nic is not a good parent. He needs to be tougher on him and stop letting Spencer run over him and the house. Since this show is obsessed with bringing on new characters, I'd like to see Nic bring on a proper English nanny to school Spencer in finer Ettiquette and then Nic can fall for her.

    Levi made it totally clear today that he is scamming Maxie. I got the impression that there is a triangle forming there. Maybe in some alternative universe, Levi and Nathan can pair up and ride off into the sunset and off our screens.

    Has anyone noticed that Anna and Dante try to be "professional, competent cops" when they are working with petty, insignificant theives, but when they have actual murderers and serial killers and truly violent criminals (Heather, Ava, Dr O, Sonny) they are totally incompetent. Today was like "look at us!!! we know police jargon. we look like we know what we are doing". But they don't. Anna's dialogue today was stupid.

    Hey, how is the Lucas return going? Isn't Bobbie back in town leaning on Scotty? How is that storyline going? Lulu called Laura today. Laura must be sooooooo busy in France she can't find time to come home and see her grandson?

    What I missed today.... Olivia smothering everyone. Carly and Franco in a scene together with no one else. Lucy doing... what exactly does she do on this show anymore?

    I swear some of these actors must thing to themselves "oooooh... easy money. I stand there. do nothing. say one line. sign me up. easiest job ever!"

  5. Suddenly I am disliking every story. Hate the Fake Luke mess. Tracy is not a stupid woman--so why isn't she listening better? And Luke has long been my favorite character on GH and this story is just awful!

    Sonny's dilema? Do NOT CARE! I long for Sonny to go away, either be shipped off to the loony bin or prison or jusr run away for many months. Maybe we could forget mob stories for awhile. Hate mob stories. I can't relate to that stuff at all. And Ava needs to be caught out. At least it would clear AJ's name, which would be good, give us a little satisfaction. Bad enough we lost him, but he was still thought to be a murderer...

    And others here dislike Levi as much as I do. A really unnescessary character and very annoying.

    And why won't Nik consider for a moment that Spencer might have really heard something...even if he misunderstood (which he didn't).

    I love Anna but was disgusted with her today, saying she would support Dante's idiot idea of clearing Obrecht. There is NO proof at all that Obrecht tells the truth here. Ridiculous. Obrecht's crimes are too severe to be dismissed! The writers are really pushing the unbelievable buttons.

    I like Britt and feel bad for her and think Lulu might be kinder to her since she herself just went thru a simular situation. (Yes, I know Britt brought it on herself to a degree.)

    The Maxie stuff with the guys was boring and pointless. Hope she gets a job soon. I liked her as a fashionista working gal.

  6. Well, thanks for all these!! sounded like I would have HATED yesterday lol

  7. "kdmask said...Well, thanks for all these!! sounded like I would have HATED yesterday lol"

    You're welcome! And yes I think you would have! ROFL!