Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Run By Post

Saw Donna Mills confess to everything.
WHY would she do that? I mean, why tell about the baby..yada yada?? I know, it's a soap.

And I saw Olivia's cleavage. 
And SOME RIBS!! Eat them RIBS!! 

Why isn't Anna helping out with Obrect? 

Oh, and yesterday's show?? What? No one could call TRACY ABOUT AJ?  stupid.

Taking a nap.


Andrea said...

So Donna Mills spills her guts and gets thrown in jail, along with Dr. O. ...and they know each other.

I guess Madeline used Nathan as a pawn in her and Nina's relationship. (nah... he is not Nina's son) and she managed her daughters medication and wound up sending her into a coma trying to force an abortion through some sort of medication. This is way way too complicated about a character that we have never met, and why should I care.

So Franco figured out it was Sonny killed AJ, I guess he and Carly will keep that secret together. I bet the PCPD will never figure it out, so he has one up on them.

Liz got shot in the shoulder, ho hum.

Lante got their baby back - Finally

wolfy said...
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Di said...

I FF'd through the nonFranco the clown /Carly stuff and the Sonny/Carly scenes and even most of the hysterical Lulu scenes. (I did watch her scene with Anna though.)

Finally that baby is where it belongs.

Madeleine definitely confessed to more than she had to. I'm wondering if that's to set up another story. She and Dr. O know each other so perhaps that baby didn't die. Women in comas have often been kept alive until they can deliver a child. Maybe they kept Silas away so he wouldn't see that Nina was pregnant, and Obrecht has that kid somewhere. Wouldn't he or she be a teenager now?

delcodave said...

its tuesday. dr o. and maddie are in jail. that means they should be out of jail by what.... Friday?

I am sure Dr O. will resume the great job she has at GH since thats the way they write for criminals on this show.

Maybe Maddie can be Hospital Administrator. That would be a good job for her.

screamingeagle said...


screamingeagle said...

I know this is a dumb thought but the way they write these story lines I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Nathan turned out to be Nina's son which would also make him Silas's son.

Anonymous said...

I know Donna Mills is some sort of legend but her acting today was TERRIBLE. On the plus side, it made her and wooden Nathan more beleivable as mother and son..
Are Alexis and Julian still humping on the desk?
Only decent part of todays show was the last few seconds...Maxie!

sonya said...

The hotel: Oh I see!!! So Madaline tried to kill Nina and McSilas's baby, and ended up putting Nina in a coma! So what happened to the baby!?!?!!?

Liz's home: Wow! Dr O showed emotion to her daughter and was crying! :( Poor Dr O. :( Woah! Dr O shoots Liz! Gee the way Liz is acting, it's like she is in labor! Oh Liz is going to have the gun's baby!!!! How exciting. Is it a boy or girl? I can't wait to find out. Gun I hope you are going to the hospital to see your baby bullet be born. :)

Police station: Oh Nathan is taking his mama to jail! :) Oh I guess Anna wants that honor. :)

Jail: Ohhhhhh! Dr O and Madaline know each other!!!! Soapy delicious! How do they know each other? Sisters? Cousins? Ex lovers? ROFL!

BobTodd's home: Carly and BobTodd were so boring today. Zzzzzzzzz. Oh! BobTodd put two and two together! He knows that Sonny shot AJ! :) He is one smart guy! He won the line of the day!

BobTodd: You don't have to walk around like you're hiding something, which by the way, you suck at.

ROFL! Really? She sucks at hiding something? Since when?! :)You changed her BobTodd!

Nathan's home: WOAH MAXIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! :)

Kanella said...

Donna Mills has lost her touch. It may be my Midwest sensibility but, her face doesn't move. I have the same complaint of Monica. I can't buy anything they say.

CareyN said...

Di- The baby would be the same age as Kiki, which was established as 21 when she was marrying Morgan.

MAXIE! :-D I didn't think I missed her but as soon as I saw her I squealed with joy. Let's see if she "found herself" or if she'll just be up to her old tricks.

Cosmoetica said...

Can Helena please kill off Maxi this time and give us all something to cheer for?

LSV422 said...

I am very happy to see the adorable Maxie back, and hopefully with a good storyline. Finola was her usual magnificence yesterday, and even brought out some decent acting from ER. Tyler was good, too.

dar said...

I had the same reaction. I never much cared about Maxie but when she appeared I was thrilled. Weird. Must be because there are so many characters I can't stand. I just hope the new guy she brought with her is not another terrible actor - way too many of those already.

Di said...

Thanks, CareyN.

I was also thrilled to see Maxie. I hope the new guy doesn't stay too long.We have enough new people.Maybe she can loosen Nathan up a little bit. lol

Kanella said...

Ummmm did anyone watch today? I hope Victor Cassidine has some connection to Madeline and Obrecht.

sonya said...

Okay I guess I will put my thoughts for today in here.

Carly and BobTodd: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

BobTodd: That is awesome. I finally got that son of a bitch right where I want him.

BAHAHAHA! Good stuff. :) And the look on Carly's face! Priceless.

Ethan's home: Okay this Levi guy is annoying and rude!!! So good to see Maxie though. :)

The hospital: Oh the baby bullet is out! It's a girl!!! Gun is so happy! Time to celebrate! :) Liz forgives Nik awwww! Nik telling off Britch again! Love it!

Police station: Wow I can't believe Lulu let Britch hold Ben. Lulu has a good point though. I hope they change his name.

Jail cell: Dr O and Madeline are sisters!!!!! OH MY DETECTIVE WEST IS DR O'S SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soapy twisty delicious!!!

The floating rib: Sonny and Olivia same ol same ol.. Same as Sonny and Ava. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh and the scene with Lulu and Anna yesterday, was great!! Great scene with Anna!

Andrea said...

Dr. O and Maddy are sisters. And Nathan ( do we have to call him James now?) is Dr. O's. Is he Brit's twin? or is Brit not Dr. O's child, because rumors have it that Nate and Britt get it on. EWWWWW.

Why are they giving all these new characters these long lost family connections? Maddy should have been related to Monica and Nate should have been Monica and Sean Donnely's love child.

Maxie's new boy is cute, and spent the whole day shirt free, but he is an annoying buttinsky, not the happy fun character that he was described to be. I would rather have seen Nate shirtless. And obviously Maxie does not have Georgie with her :(

I'm sorry I can't get onboard with Carly and Franco. ick.

Liz and Nik were nice. Britt deserves everything she is getting.

Lante and the baby were adorable, they need to change that name - pronto.

Anonymous said...

New guy is super annoying. Reminded me of the turtle from Finding Nemo.
Way, way, way too many newbies. It is like a new cast member a week. Turtle dude, Madeline, TJ's mother, Nathan. Soon we will probably get Nina, Kailey Cassadine, etc. STOP ADDING NEWBIES. Next we will have Bill Eckert, Jenny Eckert, Julia Barrett, Victor Cassadine, Helena Cassadine, Stefan Cassadine, Heather Webber and recast Jason all brought back. Cast is too big, kill off about 15 cast members.
I will give the writers credit for one thing though, they are adding depth to the character of Brit...can almost fell sympathy for her. That is a great soap character when you can loathe them and sympathize with them at the same time. The reason Britt should stay and Sabrina (no one misses you) should stay gone

dar said...

I don't think we will be so lucky as to be rid of Sabrina. If this new "dude" is supposed to replace Spinelli - very poor substitute.
It will be interesting to see who they cast as Jason. I never liked him but Steve was extremely popular and his fans will probably hate a recast.

ishouldreadmore said...

I was away until Wed. nite, so had myself a ff marathon Wed. night. The scene between Ava and Silas (can I call him McDoc????) was surprisingly good. The lady who plays Ava was really good. She wanted to warn Silas so he could go and take care of Knock-a-Mora. I watched all three shows in about an hour and 10 minutes. Don't care about most of the story lines.
Karen, I can understand that you need to take a break. It's your sabbatical. Thanks for putting up spoilers. I love the blog, too, but can understand your being over it the show now. Totally.

sonya said...

"friscogh says I will give the writers credit for one thing though, they are adding depth to the character of Brit...can almost fell sympathy for her. That is a great soap character when you can loathe them and sympathize with them at the same time."

Yes!!!! That's exactly how I am feeling with Britch!!! And yes they are adding depth to her!

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