Tuesday, April 15, 2014

GH Viewers React to Storylines!

Wow..my readers have the best comments!! So, if you didn't have time to scroll and find them, I'll highlight a few here. Even people who disagree with me..LOL. I'm not scared of that!! If you already read the comments, feel free to skip this post. I am on a break from work all week and am concentrating a bit more on the site/show. Forgive the indulgence. 
THANK you to all that leave comments, hit sponsor buttons and also those that just read and lurk. You're all part of the Wubber Fam! BTW, my Sunday Surgery posts get double the hits that the daily ones do. Guess people love a round-up. 

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The ADD editing is distracting, creating false climaxes. We don't need every 30 sec clip to end with a contorted face in mid-speak. Also, have a conversation be deeper and don't cut from it. Allow the cameramen to use the camera to imply things. Cinematography is an art- USE it. Use music better. The 80s were loaded w character themes songs- the villains' were great.

KinderCawley said...
I agree with most, the show is a mess. But, I stick with it. I was a big fan of 90s GH, so i can see where the show is so completely different now. But, with so many old favorites back, I can't turn away from the show, even if it's sort of disjointed. It would be like turning my back on an old friend....plus, it's my guily pleasure ;-). I enjoy reading everyone's comments, keep 'em coming!

dar said...I agree the dialogue is the highlight right now. The best line of the week was deliciously soapy: "That bitch is my mother." Unfortunately it was delivered by one of the worst actors ever.
 Frankstrovel I agree with you. I find myself thinking GH's casting director can't have picked this guy. Sometimes people start out bad and get better but that isn't happening so far. My biggest problem is that I don't care about most of these people. For soaps to work you need to care about the characters. Love them or hate them, they need to matter. And for me half the characters on the show don't. Shaun, TJ, Nathan, Madeline, Kiki, Franco, Sabrina and on and on - DO NOT CARE.

  soaplover said...I've noticed that the show has fallen into the old pattern of two and two and two... Two people in a room, cut away, another twosome, come back, they are still in the room talking, cut away, another twosome in a scene talking, go back, still two in same place, same conversation, and so on til the end of the show. No one moves around much, very little happens, very little action, very limited number of actors in scenes, plotting laid out in dialog, not movement. I'm sure block shooting saves money, but it does not make an exciting show.

Michael M:
The budget is probably THE biggest obstacle here which leads to block taping and and a general sense of disjointedness. The veterans who we all love to see are also probably quite expensive. We get Laura for 6 months, Vanessa Marcill for a year, Ric for probably 6 months and then they're gone. While here, there's no story for them either. Pickle-Lila? Robin off to rescue Jason, leaving her husband and child behind when she's just returned? Very improbable. I think if the show can only afford a real narrow window for the vets, don't bother. The actors don't even have time to warm up their chops again, on top of disappointing storylines. Either bring them back as very rare cameo guest appearances that propel an existing story or sign them on for a two year minimum.
There's got to be a way to make block taping work more fluidly. It feels like the writers and editors are floundering and we viewers simply can't connect and feel the story.

 delcodave said...so, pretty much today was the day they rounded up most of the cast that CANNOT ACT and put them in front of a camera? Carlos, Levi, Michael and especially Nathan? You just found out that you have a sister and that your mother isnt your mother, but some other nefarious woman is, and YOU JUST STAND THERE? Seriously? No reaction or emotion? What kind of direction are you getting from the director?

 Paul773 said...
I'm really tired of 'Luke' trying to act like Breaking Bad's Walter White. It's not working! So sick of Dr. O. getting away with everything. Glad Britt and Nathan didn't 'go there.' Maxie is definitely a bright light - love her!

 sonya said...Liz and Ric: Oh I just LOVE their scenes! The back and forth playful fun scene!!! Come on Liz! Forget Nik and go with Ric!!! :) 

 Why are they giving all these new characters these long lost family connections? Maddy should have been related to Monica and Nate should have been Monica and Sean Donnely's love child.


Way, way, way too many newbies. It is like a new cast member a week. Turtle dude, Madeline, TJ's mother, Nathan. Soon we will probably get Nina, Kailey Cassadine, etc. STOP ADDING NEWBIES. Next we will have Bill Eckert, Jenny Eckert, Julia Barrett, Victor Cassadine, Helena Cassadine, Stefan Cassadine, Heather Webber and recast Jason all brought back. Cast is too big, kill off about 15 cast members.
I will give the writers credit for one thing though, they are adding depth to the character of Brit...can almost fell sympathy for her. That is a great soap character when you can loathe them and sympathize with them at the same time. The reason Britt should stay and Sabrina (no one misses you) should stay gone

shouldreadmore said...
I was away until Wed. nite, so had myself a ff marathon Wed. night. The scene between Ava and Silas (can I call him McDoc????) was surprisingly good. The lady who plays Ava was really good. She wanted to warn Silas so he could go and take care of Knock-a-Mora. I watched all three shows in about an hour and 10 minutes. Don't care about most of the story lines. 

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