Monday, April 21, 2014

Just Gabbin'

It's Monday, the day after a long break and I so don't want to go to work! So, I thought I'd have a little chit chat with you all.
How was your weekend? It was finally NICE here-- Sunday was perfect. We had a nice brunch at my hometown's country club. I saw people I hadn't seen since the '90's. I ate too many red velvet truffles. Oy.

I have to say I'm watching some great shows. Fargo is SO GOOD, and if you are a Cohen brothers fan, it's even better. Many little hidden eggs to find (white russian specials). The cast is awesome. It's on FX.
I also started season 2 of Orphan Black. If you can, watch season 1 (I think it's on Netflix now) --it's just one of those shows that make you think TV is really advancing and glorious! 

Is it wrong I totally think Lindsay Lohan is faking having a miscarriage? Geesh, you know you are on bad terms with the public when they think stuff like that!! 

Call the Midwife was so sad last night. Another stellar show. It's on PBS. This is season 3.  

I have the big Atlanta Housewife Hair pulling reunion on DVR, can't wait to watch!! 

What are you watching?? I really tried to get into Scandal..and I couldn't. I watched 3 shows from Season one and was like..meh. I think we may try The Good Wife next? I do love to binge watch a great series.  It's either that or The Black List. 

SO, GH starts another week and AJ's funeral is finally here. Only 23 real days after it happened. @@ I'm going to TRY to be more positive on the show (if I watch) this week, but don't expect miracles!! If they don't tighten up stories/cast soon, it's just not worth the time.  Nancy Grahn put up a hilarious post on her FB page; enjoy! 

Today. Pretended to forget my wallet forcing Maurice to buy my lunch. Jane Elliott attempted to teach me to knit. It did not go well. However I kept a pair of knitting needles in my dressing room to fend off Finola Hughes constant attempt to make me watch her old "Blossom" reruns. Let it go Fin. Tony ran through the halls naked again swearing at the cast in Danish. Security doesnt even come anymore when we call. Between Kin Shriner constantly parking his Pink Vespa in my space and Tony streaking, they are fed up and bored. GeneralHospital Facebook Page is showing #julexis fans some love, so be sure to go on there and like how they're liking us. More tomorrow. xo


LSV422 said...

Orphan Black is so good! I like Bletchley Circle on PBS - season 2 started last week. Really interesting mysteries. I taped Fargo but haven't watched it yet, since it had such great reviews. Watching Mad Men sadly since I hate to see it end. I'm a big fan of Nashville, too, which is odd since I don't like country music, but the music they play on the show is really good and great cast.

gina said...

The Good Wife is amazing. This season has blown me away.
Scandal didn't really find its groove until the end of Season 1. It is worth making it through Season 1 just to watch Season 2 and 3... it is the only show that shocks me.

ishouldreadmore said...

The Blacklist is good when Spader is on. He is remarkable; if you don't like him, don't watch the show. This is a bad time to start; it's reaching a climax in the main story.
The Good wife is also very good. You will have to binge watch this one to figure out what is going on. With The Blacklist, you might be able to catch up on on demand, since this is the first season.
I really like Call the Midwife, too.
To my fellow wubbers, when is Orphan Black on and on what network? Both my hub and I would like to watch that one.
I love Castle, too. Didn't you used to watch that one, Karen?
And we also watch Person of Interest, which can be a little hard to take sometimes, but keeps us coming back.

LSV422 said...

ishouldreadmore, Orphan Black is on Sat. on BBC America at 10:00 PM. Worth catching last season.

ishouldreadmore said...

Thank you so much, LSV442.

dar said...

I really love The Good Wife. Fabulous cast and well written. But you've missed 5 seasons.
As Ishouldread more said if you like Spader (love him) watch The Blacklist. It sometimes gets a little gory for me but Spader is great.
Have you tried The Americans? FX show in its second season. Soviet spies in Reagan era living undercover in US. Keri Russell is excellent. Show is dark but I don't think you mind that. It just got renewed for next season. I think it's really well-written and quite different. I strongly recommend it.
I agree that Scandal got better in season 2. It packs a season's worth of twists into every episode. But it's more of a guilty pleasure.

nance24 said...

I agree with Orphan black and Fargo. Also the Americans. Definately you should watch The Good Wife

kdmask said...

I LOVE would be easier to catch up on that then Good Wife.

I did start the Bletchley Circle! It is good...

If you guys want a good run, watch Luther on NetFlix. It's all over now, I think there's 3 or 4 seasons but they are short.

I don't watch Castle anymore. It got too "same" for me after awhile

I don't watch The Americans. I did hear it was good.

I do watch Homeland but only seasons 1-2 so far.

And ORANGE is the NEW BLACK!! can't wait for season2

Salmom said...

Call the Midwife, Bletchley Circle , both very intelligent, great writing and dialogue and three dimensional women. TNT's Dallas is entertaining in a very dark way.

AntJoan said...

Oh, Nashville--Well Jonathan Jackson is on that, so good reason to watch (I don't watch it, though).

My husband and I have been watching Person of Interest as one of our shows we can watch together, but we both barely can stand it now.

I watch The Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Mad Men and Downton Abbey, all of which I love. I also watch Castle, Haven and Ressurection, which I don't really love. I also watch (and love) Hot in Cleveland, Nurse Jackie and Elementary. I don't love Once Upon a Time, but I watch it.

With my busy schedule, I have to say, thank Heaven for the DVR!!

AntJoan said...

Oh, and my husband and I (who are giant Coen Brothers fans), watched about 4 mins. of Fargo, and both of us looked at each other and just turned it off (it REALLY turned us off!).

soaplover said...

The channel here called ME (Memory Entertanment?) which only runs old TV shows, has me hooked on old Perry Masons. I always wait to the end and check the cast to be sure my memory serves me right on who is who. I've seen Connie (Hels) on there so many times. She is harder to recognize with her heavier brows--she just got more attractive as she aged. And I've seen other soap stars before they were soap stars and lots of movie stars (Like Colleen Grey or Mona Freeman) who started doing TV after the studios closed. David Lewis (Edward) has been on PM lots of times.

Yesterday I watched an old Cannon (always liked him) and the main lady star in the story was Leslie Charleton (our Monica). Very young, wearing bell-bottoms, but very recognizable. Looked wonderful.

LSV422 said...

Soaplover, I'm a big Perry Mason fan and I watch on ME. The late Jeanne Cooper (Y&R) was on quite a few, and I agree Connie Towers looks better now. Luther was a great miniseries and I even bought season 1 since I missed it. I like Once Upon a Time and I think this season of Dallas was really good. Read an interview with James Spader in Rolling Stone and he is just as weird IRL.My absolute favorite is The Walking Dead.