Friday, April 11, 2014

I Saw Levi and...

Well. He's got an AUSSIE accent. hmmmmmmmm wonder what that could mean?

He doesn't look as good as Nathan in a towel--but can act better.

Looks like the guy in "Mask" and George of the Jungle.

You could sniff the con-man in him when he went on about the "hurricane victims"...

Did he really slobber all over Maxie? 


  1. No comment on Levi yet, but I have to commend KG on her Dr. O. Not only is the dialogue well written, but she just nails that accent and all of the German wording beautifully. So now we are in for some incest I guess with the new brother and sister. Lucky Liz to have those two guys fighting over her!

  2. I don't know about his acting talent. To me, his accent sounds fake, which is funny since he really is from Australia. He really turns my stomach. Hmmm, if I could figure out a way to save his scenes and watch them before meals, I might be able to lose some weight.