Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Surgery: An Out of Body Experience!

Since FOUR people took the time to respond to last Sunday Surgery's blog, I figure I'll keep this one micro short. No use going over boring bored bore.

Tuesday was ok because it was the 51st anniversary show. I'm still pissed at AJ dying and then climbing the stairs with Emily and a "we already did that" with Lila/Edward impersonators. To add insult to injury, we got to hear Sonny and Carly go on and on about what an idiot AJ was--and a bad father and well, you know, all around asshole. I am not bitching about the writing for the story, that was done well and Michael's angst and Sonny's guilt will be played perfectly. I'm angry because I really wanted AJ redeemed (we've done it with everyone else, why not him?) and ELQ to rise again as a focus of the show. And--well, goes without saying: NO MORE DEAD Q'S!

Lucy, Scott and Kevin. Hey, they aren't ON ENOUGH for me to care. That's the fact. 
I thought for sure Bobbie was crying over AJ but no, she's crying over Noah and Annie Logan! LOL

Who else was on Tuesday? Oh yes, the three Carly girls. That was done very  well and the highlight of my week. (Although weird seeing the three of them all in a row). I miss my Sarah. All the ladies were their own "Carly" -- and we have Sonny. Same dimples, year after year after year. Cool concept, I don't think it's ever been done before?? So KUDOS!!

"I DID IT because I WANTED TO"!! Sonny yells. Um..sir, you are no Walter White OR Kevin Spacey-- it just makes you look like a dick. "I HAD AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE"!!!
Ok, then.  I love how AJ's death is all about Sonny--and now Carly.

I hope Monica gouges your eyeballs out and then Michael pours ants in there.

Then. Um..the gawd awful, tedious unnecessary Dr. O kidnapping Big Ben and fleeing to Liz' house. I honestly can't find ONE thing that makes any sense in that 'story'. WHY WHY WHY bother. After all this time ..just give that giant ball of fun to Lante. Having Nikolas and the Lulu parade in and out and stupid Liz not doing a damn THING to get out of her situation was infuriating.  

Ava and the KnockAMora-- whatever. Don't care. Don't care she didn't kill him, don't care that Donna Mills did. Don't care if Nina's alive. Don't care if she's dead. Don't care. Nada. Zip nothing. 
Ok, the ONE GOOD THING on Friday was that we all thought Ava was going to show up and kill Sam but it was Mama  Madeline.  How did she find out??

Drugs make an appearance in PC--meaning THE BADDIES are here! We know SONNY doesn't deal in mean ol' blow/horse/meth--but NotLuke does! BTW Disney banned smoking on camera years ago or Luke would be puffing away at the ciggs--another sign of evil-doing. BTW, he was on Monday, then off the rest of the week. Again, thanks for the build up.

Jordan is in town. And.......she has a secret! Wow! Was she a prostitute? Drug mule? What? By the looks of her outfits she wasn't living the high life.  Love how all her scenes have been in Kelly's. Don't think we've ever seen TJ and Shaun's apt over Kelly's. The diner is their living room.  Where's Molly? First she's clinging all over the guy now she's totally MIA. 
Speaking of MIA: Anna sure is invisible.  And until Felix showed up for his BLT Friday, I thought he was too. Nancy Grahn tweeted that she and Julian get busy next week on the art gallery desk. So, I Guess Julexis become the new Lucy/Scotty. Just goin' at it.

Yes, that pic is supposed to be headwriter  Ron C. I still say it looks like Adam Sandler. LOL. That whole "Gallery" is ..well, very '80s. Kinda like Ava's dresses lately. Good inside Joke tho. I wish the gallery had a 'Serge" character like in Beverly Hills 90210.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I guess I'm going for the three Carlys. A stunt but a good one. Made me miss Sarah. All the "Carlys" were unique however.

PROP of the WEEK:  yep..give it up for the generic fruit loops.

FACE OF THE WEEK: Ava's shaking freak out over the KnockAmora paper. 

There ya go.  Some spoilers are up. I've been so bitchy about the show this week, I may cool off for next. I'll try to get something up if you want to post your thoughts though.
have a good one. we are still in the grips of the winter blues here!! 


ishouldreadmore said...

The weather here is nice, and I am in a good mood. As far as the show goes, just when I'm ready to throw in the towel on the show, an event such as Madeline showing up instead of Ava happens. Too bad that towel cop cannot act, so whatever is coming will be watered down.
You have hit the nail on the head, Karen. There is nothing and no one to care about right now. It is time for my mythical bus to come into play. That's the bus that the whole cast is on going over a cliff and the cast being thinned out. Everyone has their own list of who should be lost. Unfortunately, the writers will thin out the historic characters and leave the crapppy newbies for whom none of the long time fans care. TJ, Molly, Jordan, Ava, Julian, Britt and Dr. O will be the major characters, and they will bring in a whole new bunch of irrelevant characters. The fans will take to drink, alternative shows, or new hobbies such as knitting or scrapbooking. Karen will get a new job writing a new soap opera called THE VOICE OF REASON, and it will be a ratings sensation, and the fans will sober up, give up the hobbies, and celebrate the excellent writing and life in general.

Cosmoetica said...

The scene w Luke and JJ was a nod and a wink. The 'coffee' reference was to say that their stuff is better and purer than Sonny's drugs.

kdmask said...

HEY! CJ I SEE your comment!! congrats! LOL

kdmask said... think? I hope so..I always thought Sonny dealt in illegal handbag knock offs lol

PM61 said...

Sonny and Carly's conversation where they justified the murder of another human being (as well as not reporting it) was disgusting.

I assume to have them do otherwise would have been out-of-character, but if the writers could manage to give them a shred of decency or humanity, it would be more interesting. I can't identify or sympathize with these people at all.

The truth always comes out at the worst time--and it will come out. I suppose it will only be a point of interest if Michael snaps out of this emo, whiny phase and does a heel turn on his amoral adopted father and equally reprehensible mother.

I think the only reason I still watch is the brilliant work of Kathleen Gati, but I'm afraid they will paint her into a villain corner where the only storyline left is jail or death. How trite and boring that would be Schatzi!

sonya said...

Karen, you mean Serge from Beverly hills cop! :)

Diane Brusso said...

I could not imagine how they were going to use the three Carlys - boy did they do a good job! I want Britt back with Nicholas, but that's probably not gonna happen. Liz with Patrick is a good idea, but that's probably not gonna happen either. But all in all, I'm still enjoying watching the show. It's like an old friend and I don't ever want that old friend to leave!

Pat..... Sun..... said...

I may be the minority, but I still love GH. Regardless of whether the charactors are new, old, vets, or whatever. Of course, there are some I like better than others, but my interest is still peaked every day.

Killing AJ was sad for me though. I always loved that guy, regardless who played the part. I wanted him redeemed, united with Liz, and happy as a SUIT at ELQ. Then he could have exited, and not be seen anymore...but this exit was a lot to bare.

As for that picture in the gallery.. to me it looks like Morgan.

Loved the look on Silas' face when he turned around and saw Ava.. he expected her to be trying to kill Sam. Now, for the first time, I am curious about that story... what is Ava's and Silas' secret?!! She was panicking to talk to him.

Maria said...

For me...and probably for all longtime fans...GH IS like an old friend. That's why watching RC's GH is so painful. The missed opportunities, the characters he chooses to prioritize, the story direction he's going literally pains me to watch. I love GH and I hope it never goes away. But my old friend seems to be dying a slow death. I hope someone with common sense can come and save it!

Cosmoetica said...

Maria said...

For me...and probably for all longtime fans...GH IS like an old friend. That's why watching RC's GH is so painful. The missed opportunities, the characters he chooses to prioritize, the story direction he's going literally pains me to watch. I love GH and I hope it never goes away. But my old friend seems to be dying a slow death. I hope someone with common sense can come and save it!


To go retro Motown: I second that emotion.

guy416 said...

It's still lent so my Be Nice to GH is still in effect...or my version "Be Nice" by saying NOTHING at all.

But love your Sunday surgery and Wubby spoils and wanted to just appreciate the greatness of you.

Highlight of the week was the 3 Carly's. Special Highlight that Carly 1 SJB and Carly 2 Tams are light years better then Carly 4 and would still be kicking Franco in his Chiapet if they were playing it. Wish Carly 3 had made a cameo as well.

The continued destruction of all things Quartermaine is #forever SAD! And now BG has a buddy on the blame ledge as RC has been just as unfeeling and disrespectful of the amazing Q's.

Love how GH with out Sabrina, Carlos, Felix and Franco is still a great thing to see. Ratings don't reflect nor msgg boards that they are even missed. Can Kooky Mikey and McBainMorleyClay go on vacation NOW so we cannot miss them as well.

b80a057c-bd9b-11e3-b0bf-000bcdcb471e said...

Sadly, the wasted opportunity of the return of Sean Kanan, as AJ, resulting in the god awful choice to kill off the character, has left me in a "GH haze". All scenes that I may find entertaining, or engaging, are interconnected with scenes of reprehensible characters doing inappropriate, immoral, or illegal things, which they then defend and get away with. I am REALLY hoping that GH is not representative of society, particularly since the fictional town of Port Chuck is supposedly located, geographically, where I live (By the by - the ongoing "mob lifestyle" in a "small city near Buffalo" cracks me up. Buffalo, maybe. Surrounding areas? Unless the Menonites have thrown in with the mob, I don't think so.;)However, I digress. The Carlylapalooza could have been an interesting ploy, if not peppered with insults of AJ and interjected in scenes of mourning AJ. The whole placement of the "3 Carlys" was awkward, disjointed, hurt the emotional impact of the mourners, and was downright disrespectful. AJ deserved better. We, the viewers, deserved better.

Beth Greer said...

First thing, whomever said it, FYI, GH was the only soap who showed an increase in viewers last week. Someone most be enjoying the show. Oh, that would be me. You will be hard pressed to find many people who have watched as long as me, as I have been watching since day one. As I stated somewhere, it is impossible to be behind 100% of the show all the time. As I am a huge fan of the two gentlemen who took over from the train wreck, now destroying Y&R, when looking at the show as a whole, I am enjoying the show more now, than I have since the days of Gloria Monty. Although it may not be wonderful for all of us at the present, how great is it for the actors, that they have a bit of a rotation, to have a couple week here and there off. Seems to be they will deliver much much better coming of a small break; instead of being in the middle of a month of 18 hrs day. I for one, am enjoying that fact; along with the fact that AJ is no longer there. I never enjoyed the character nor the actors playing. JMO

b80a057c-bd9b-11e3-b0bf-000bcdcb471e said...

Dear Beth:

You just found the other fan it would be "hard pressed" to find. Watching since day one. Clearly, people are watching. No doubt. I think Cartini have done an excellent job of reviving the show. There are many things positive going on. I think, with the exception of you, universally - fans believe the continued termination of Qs is not winning favor with fans. However, we are all free to our own opinions. No matter how incorrect they are (AJ);)

Maria said...

I didn't necessarily LOVE AJ. But AJ represented the hope that long-time viewers felt when Cartini took over. AJ represented the GH we all loved rising from the ashes...instead...we got more of the same. I might argue that the stories and pacing are actually worse now than's just my opinion. I love GH...but I"m hoping for better...because right now it's as bad as I've ever seen it.

Pat..... Sun..... said...

I am another viewer to add to the "from day one" list. On and off over the years there have always been dry spots where I lost interest for awhile. But now is not one of them.

katydid53 said...

I loved the anniversary show with the 3 Carly's. Very well done. The rest was boring. I have gone from loving Sam to not caring any more. she's all about Silas and seems to have forgotten she has a son!! I feel there are 2 many actors on the canvas and we don't get to see the vets enough. I still watch because I am a fan but I DVR it and fast forward a lot.

nance24 said...

while the 3 carlys and Sonny was entertaining it shouldn't have been on the 51st anniversary. After we heard those pages for all of our old faves there should have been a show of flashbacks. I have been watching almost since the beginning too and Ron C is not the worse thing to happen to this show

neaneah said...

I'm with you GH has been boring lately.. Sam and Sialis are so boring I wish they would be done with the Nina story line.. Baby Ben story has dragged on way too long.. Lulu and Dante are boring. Alexis and Julian are good but they never give them air time.. when are we gonna have a great love couple like Sonny and Brenda Robin and Patrick in the early years.. none of these couples on here have passion together.

Jagger Cates said...

Every day I watch I feel like I am on a teeter it...hate it...boring...

I feel bad for Ryan Paevey. I'm sure he is a great guy, but I have to FF every time he comes on. His delivery makes me cringe. He should just walk around with his shirt off and not say anything.

I can tell how much I am loving GH by how much FF I am using. Lately, it has been about half and half.

Didn't Port Charles have an earthquake once? I think it is time for another.

soaplover said...

Boring? Occasionally, but GH is moving along and surprising us here and there and the cast of vets is a real gift. Love Anna.

I thought some of last week very enjoyable, some of it even riveting. Personally, the current Carly is my fave and I really disliked a couple of the past ones and I am enormously sick of Sonny, so IMO that day was the worst of the week. I hated the way AJ was once more demonized by those two. Sonny is a real criminal; AJ was a drunk and an occasional screw-up, so who is worst? I suspect Sean K was perhaps difficult at times and so the backstage problems came out on-screen. But I really liked AJ, especially when Billy played him, and always felt he deserved a chance. I found myself crying when he died this past week.

Hate the story with Luke. Hate more mob crap.

I am intrigued by the Silas/Sam story and have been, especially since they brought on Delhia. Since Donna is on short term, I wonder how she can be the real villain there--but it is my favorite story at the moment.

Find baby stories boring in general, and Lulu's in particular. Get it over with, please.

Ava is such a wily, creepy little snake that I long to have her stomped on and soon! She needs to pay.

I now like Britt and feel bad she is alone and sad. Not that she didn't deserve some pain, but the actress is good and I feel for her. I hope Nik comes around.

I hate Lucy cheating on her husband--he's a good caring man and deserves better. Never cared for Scott (the character) and find Lucy's cheating reprehensible.

I've been watching GH since 1977 and it is an old friend. Hard to leave it, although I took 7 years off to move to that jewel of a soap, Santa Barbara. But with SB gone, I came right back to GH and even sat though the god-awful Guza mob years with Sonny on 24-7. I had about reached the end of my loyalty, however, when Frank and Ron took over and gave the show new life. Now (if they would just retire forever the boring mobsters and mob wars, etc.), I am looking forward to watching and feel it is almost ungrateful to pick at it too much!

Mrs. Goose said...

Thanks, Karen, I'm always reading and agreeing with your comments. Why was Ava shaking and so upset if she didn't show up to kill nokamora Again? I don't get that part.

Pat..... Sun..... said...

soaplover.. I cried too when AJ died. I loved both AJ and SK....

Avalonn said...

Most are wondering why Ava was shaking and upset, I think that's pretty straight forward. She figured Silas did do it and was worried he would get caught and go to jail because she clearly still has feelings for him.

Dinesh gir said...
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jasonroks said...

Love all your comments. I still watch and FF. Been watching for many many years- but Santa Barbara did rock!

I hate they miss little things in the stories that could so easily be incorporated. Like - why wasn't Bobbi with Monica?!?!?

Why isn't Olivia having visions to find Ben?

Where is the mean Nikolas?

There are waaaaaayyyy to many characters to write effectively. No sign of people for weeks and then they pop in is killing me.

Karen - love your updates and blog. If you wrote a soap it'd rock.

Sagheer said...
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