Thursday, April 3, 2014

I should have napped.

SNOOZAH of a day...good lord. And Detective Nate needs to emote or GET OFF THE CANVAS. Sorry but it's painful now. Ava listening ..and hello, she didn't keep any kind of  a poker face when she read the paper. AT THE END when she shook? ahhaaa.

Jordan buys herself daffodils before finding out the Jeromes are mob material. whatevs Shaun is all mad because, basically HIS mob is better than HER mob.
Don't care about her ---AT. ALL.

Sonny and Carly..blah blah blah..AJ..Ava..blah. Sonny says he shot AJ "because he wanted to". 
OMG I Hated their dialog HATED.  I hate Sonny right now and this protection of him by Carly.  Good God, I HATE IT.
AJ wasn't that bad-- and having Sonny villify him even more right now? Just stupid.



Carrie said...

LOVE the blog title.

I will skip out on this. I can't stand them making AJ look like a bad guy. I feel like that's what the 3 Carly day was all about. "Saint Sonny" is too much for me.

Andrea said...

I cannot take another story with Sonny being the hero. He is a mobster and has killed or ordered to kill many many people. He needs to pay.
He is NOT A GOOD MAN. AJ was not a villain. Sonny destroyed him time and time again. AJ is the victim. Why in the world would Carly keep this secret.

Please let this mob story be quick, I already hate it.

dar said...

Too damn many villains on the show. Sick of it.

Denise Preston said...

I'm still ticked off they made the anniversary show all about Sonny and Carly (though it was nice to see the other actresses).
Don't you think it would have been so much more appropriate to make that show about MONICA and the Q's? How many awesome flashbacks of the Q's could there have been. Monica is the longest running character currently, I believe, and I really thought that was where they were heading when the show began with her exiting the elevator. Leslie could have come to be with her. Something other than the tired old "ghost" routine, which I hope they will retire ASAP. Missed opportunity there to celebrate the history of the Q's and GH.

Instead we get 3/4 of the show about Sonny, the villain. and Carly, who isn't even his greatest romance. Hello, Brenda?

Kanella said...

I did nap and I am going to skip it my DVR. I can't handle another Sonny and Carly discussion. Wake me up when Michael goes ape shit on Sonny and moves in the Q mansion.

kdmask said...

OH AND PS. Lulu and Liz are sitting at the table..with CRAYONS. Like Liz couldn't have written a note? Give her eyeballs? Nothin?

And WHY DIDN'T THEY FOLLOW BRITT if they thought her mama was going to get in touch with her?

It's so stupid!! Why did they go this route? we know Lante will get the baby back. Just do it already

cooks7570 said...

Not to many people liked Tuesday's show. Did you know that's a painting of Ron hanging in Ava's gallery

sonya said...

Sonny and Carly: Carly talks about how they are going to keep this secret to their graves. Which pretty much means it's going to come out very soon. Well Sonny wins the line of the day.

Sonny: I had an out of body experience.


Police station: The actress that plays Britch sounds like she has a cold. Well the Britch is free now!

The hospital: Britch and Brad scene. For some odd reason I like that they are friends. It's sweet of him to offer her his place to stay.

Ava's art gallery: Oh yesterday she was so happy! Because AJ is dead but of course she isn't going to admit that. Now she is all upset and shaky because she thinks the pharmacist guy is alive!!! WOW SHE DID DO IT!!! :)

sonya said...

"kdmask said...OH AND PS. Lulu and Liz are sitting at the table..with CRAYONS. Like Liz couldn't have written a note? Give her eyeballs? Nothin?"

Oh I wouldn't trust Lulu! She already ruined the phone conversation with Britch and her mama! So Lulu would do something stupid again if Liz tells her that Dr O is there!

Avalonn said...

Agreed, Lulu is not the sharpest knife in the drawer! Honestly, I can't say anything good about today's show. Sad, just sad!

kdmask said...

Yeah, I heard that was a painting of RC in the gallery, I think it looks more like Adam Sandler tho lol

friscogh said...

So Lante is investigating his own missing embryo, while Nathan investigates his own sisters death. Hello, conflict of interest. Have they stopped investigating who shot Connie and AJ? And where is Anna lately?!
The cast is so bloated but they keep adding more characters. As soon as the Nurses Ball is over all the vets will be put in a closet somewhere while a bevy of new teens appear to take over the screen for the summer.
Monica can not be Chief of Staff because of something her son allegedly did but Brit goes straight from prison to the hospital? Don't even start me on Natasha (Dr. O - Rocky and Bullwinkle reference).
Cartini came in with a bang but is now ruining the show. And he has the nerve to put his own picture in the gallery?

friscogh said...

Also, where is Luke (even if it is a fake Luke), why is he not with Lulu? Tracy? Leslie? Laura!! Are we suppose to believe Laura would not come home for this?!?!?

LSV422 said...

I had to ffwd. Carly and Sonny. Once again he gets away with cold blooded murder. He was such a hotshot boxer with AJ - why didn't the little twerp just jump him instead of shooting him? I really wish the end was in sight for Sonny. This show has a really bad case of the stupids lately. Maybe Frank Carlivati, living in NY, needs to be onsite to witness the crap he has his staff writing.

soaplover said...

That Sonny is still even on the show is a wonder. Surely every long-time GH watcher is as sick of him as I am. His stories are so repetitious and tedious, so worn and weary, just like Sonny. Guza put him thru his paces day-in, day-out for year after year after year so we have already seen all there is to see there. I was so dismayed to see an anniversary dominated (again!) by the showhog and his disgusting 'I stand for honor' nonsense. That I had to hear AJ villified one more time--made me want to scream. I LIKED AJ and hated that he died.

Andrea is right. Sonny is NOT a good man, AJ was NOT a villain. I feel the show is just insulting me to expect me to believe otherwise.

What I want now is for Carly to go to Anna, tell her Sonny is the shooter, watch Sonny get arrested, locked up, and we don't see him again for another century! Mo can get another job and a better character.

GH has been so disappointing lately. Where are the people we want to see, and why are we having to put up with the ones we don't want to see dominating all the air-time?

Stephanie said...

Ok I know a lot of you won't agree with me, and you guys are all anti Sonny but.. to me.. as a "newer" GH watcher, Sonny and Carly are my vets. I started watching when TB was Carly, and I really enjoyed seeing all the Carlys and how they put it together.

Avalonn said...

Well said soaplover, I couldn't agree with you more!