Wednesday, April 2, 2014

AJ Quartermaine born: 1969

 Nineteen SixtyNine...SORA at it's finest!! They aged Jason and AJ 10 years, btw.

Hey, Franco's back today. Carly remembers AJ said Sonny shot him "Because of Ava". And Franco says: It's hard to watch someone die.

Um... Hey, there bucko, you are  a SERIAL KILLER! Brahahaa. That's so rich coming from you!

Dr. O is eating fruit loops LMAO . You know, they almost had it believable that she could be free and COS of GH. NOW? After this? WHY did they paint her into a villain corner? Ugh. She hired Diane to be her lawyer. Diane didn't realize that Britt stole embryos. It's not a crime to steal embryos.  SO, probably Britt will get off. (NYS has no law against taking embryos or something like that, just go with it).
Dr. O calls Liz "mousy poopsy" aahha AND makes fun of her pale face.

JULIAN and Ava...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ that "art" is from 1983 I swear. Julian prints a false story that Dr. KnockaMora is alive.

Jordan and TJ. Whatever. She's staying in PC and needs a job. She goes to the art gallery for a job and plays the 'I lost TJ's father"card to Ava.
I PREDICT: Jordon is a drug addict..she's going to get back into them ala NotLuke


ishouldreadmore said...

Okay, enough is enough. I am sick of Obrecht's catty insults and awfulness. She has outstayed her welcome. Give the baby back to Zulu and go away.
Not at all sorry AJ is dead, because the story line was so bad there was little way to redeem it.
Karen, I find that I am in agreement with you that most of what is going on is not worth caring about. What happened to good stories? Why all the destruction of characters and pushing the boundaries of believability beyond the pale. AND WHY WAS MONICA DOING CPR WITH THE PATIENT ELEVATED, AND HER HAND IN A COMPLETELY WRONG POSITIO????? The lack of attention is maddening.
I did like the Carlys. I never saw Sara, and was interested to see that she and Tamra look a little alike. I always thought the current Carly looked too sophisticated for Carly. (Except for her teeth.)

Andrea said...

I am so done with Dr. O She is just awful, she is not even a good villain, she is just nasty and tiring. Send her back to where she came from and let her do her evilness in somewhere else.

The are turning this show in a farce. The villains are a joke, Ava, Sonny, Heather, Franco, Dr. O all get away with doing horrible things Because the villains are a joke, everyone else has to act like a moron.

There are seriously no stories that I care about. I'm sure Lante will get their baby back next week and Dr. O will get away with it all. Then what?

I do not want to watch another mob story, with Sonny coming out on top, Drugs bad -- Sonny good. NotLuke gets taken down.m And it seems that this is the only thing they are going to show for the foreseeable future.

Silas and Sam, they are hot, but who cares who killed his wife and Nate is just painful to watch.

Patrick and his kid with Sabrina, the actress has to be ready to pop, so where can that go?

Lets get on with TJ/Molly story and have her get pregnant already.

Scott/Lucy/Kevin would be good except we only see them once a month.

Michael and Kiki are tiring.

Monica has no one left, how many times can we see all the dead Q's walk up to heaven.

Enough with the outrageous, just write some stories about great characters, you can have mean characters they make it interesting but all Ron's villains are psychotic and kill people. I want to root for the here, not the less bad character.

Di said...

The little Q walk up to the Pearly Gates was Ron's way of appeasing the GH fans. Now he'll feel free to focus on his villains and his clowns.

I've really had enough of this show too. They are bringing in more and more new characters yet there's no time for the GH regulars. That's cause he wants them gone.

e7494d78-bae1-11e3-9885-000bcdcb8a73 said...

It IS against NYS law to take an embryo. The relevant provision is 10 NYCRR 52-8.7(f) which states: "Reproductive tissue stored for a client-depositor shall not be destroyed or released for other purposes ... without documentation that the client-depositor was given at least 30 days' written notice by certified mail, return receipt requested."

friscogh said...

Re: SORAing
Cameron seems to be reverse SORAed. Cameron is actually ten years old but hanging out with six year old Emma. Cameron should actually be hanging out with Morgan who technically is only year younger older than him. Or Cameron should be romancing Molly who is actually one year YOUNGER than him.
Molly is actually only nine years old, only three years older than Emma.
Emma is two years younger than Spencer and four years younger than Cameron.
According to on screen births: Michael is 17, Kristina is 12, Morgan is 11, Cameron is 10, Molly is 9, Spencer is 8, Emma is 6. Helena is 107.

Cosmoetica said...

SORA sux ass.

Right now, Michael shd be in his last year of HS, Jason cd be finishing his MD residency, Lulu cd be in HS, and so on- all great tales that were wasted.

Sara@iSass said...

Friscogh, LMAO "Helena is 107." I've stopped watching the show entirely last summer. I keep up by reading here. And from the looks of it all I'm missing is crap story telling, wasted talent and new meat to chew up and spit out.

Devblev said...

That dress Ava was wearing was hideous.

sonya said...

Sorry I had computer problems. I got a new laptop today.

Liz's home: Oh wow! AJ was 45 yrs old! :) And look Dr O loves fruit loops! ROFL! Dr O wins the line of the day!

Dr O: No need to go so pale, your usual wheyface is troubling enough.


BobTodd's home: Poor Carly is having nightmares. Oh she has to tell BobTodd! Oh wait now she can't because Sonny shows up!

Police station: Hey look there is Diane! And she came back from vacation where she was with Max!!! Are they back together?!!?!? I hope so! Wait what?!!?! Stealing embryos is not illegal?!!?! HUH!? Well okay then, Lante will just have to fight to make it legal!!!

Ava's gallery: Oh wow! Ava finding out that the Pharmasist is still alive is making her upset. So she WAS the one who killed him wasn't she?! :)

sonya said...

friscogh said...Helena is 107.

ROFL! I love it! She looks good for her age! And she doesn't need a walker or a cane hahahahaha!

AbsoluteLunatic said...

AJ was born on screen in 1979. When he was sorased, his birth year was changed to 1972. RC/FV have no respect for GH history.