Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Spoilers are UP!

So..can you guess WHO Nathan's Daddy is? Not too hard to get that one. Anyway, thanks for all the updates. I pretty much knew them all.  I can't believe that Det. West will be getting  front-burner story drama when he's pretty much just a wooden actor. Sorry, I'm calling them as I see them. The scene between he and Donna Mills at the Nina "confession"? OY. Wow. Painful. Now that HE is Dr. O's son.. you know Britta is probably??? 

Well, it will get there.

Spencer gets all caught up in the NotLuke story.  And...there's complications with Patrina baby. 

And what do you think about the New KOOKIE-guy Maxie dragged home? 
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PM61 said...

I took an instant dislike to Levi. I find the whole New Age guru thing a load of bull to say the least. I hope he shows a personality that isn't so annoying very soon, or I'm going to be tuning out the Maxie/Levi scenes.

I am afraid that since they hired an Australian actor they may make this guy a Jacks or Scorpio offspring. Please no.

Carrie said...

Can my hopes that Britt is Anna's be revived?

Di said...

Britt had better be Anna's if they're having her and Nathan hook up. Otherwise it's just plain sick!

And this new guy will never replace Spinelli. He's just plain annoying. I ended up FFing through him too even though I love Maxie.

ishouldreadmore said...

The new guy sucks hosewater. Big time. Thank you for your attention.

MiamiMom said...

I find myself FFing through most of the show. I'll pause it to watch a vet. All the newbies are awful, especially Ms Mills and her son. Painful was used to describe, I agree. I don't care about any of these characters and I just want to watch the GH that I know and have loved for 35 years!

Stephanie said...

Let us not forget when Nathan Parsons (cannot remember his character name for the life of me!) was first brought on, he almost kissed Lulu...

delcodave said...


For someone trying to take a break from the show, you are not doing a very good job. ha ha ha! love ya

this show has way way way too many new characters. so what do they do to solve that problem? bring on even MORE new characters. and the ones they do bring on can't act.

it's bad

john riddle said...

RC ideal of giving Liz a story is putting her in another triangle.
This is getting pathetic. I want to see Liz actually fight for Nik.
Why is Nik constantly having to prove his love for her.

kdmask said...

Dave..I know, I try to FF later in the day so I don't get TOO behind.
It is hard just to drop it!

Andrea said...

Danny is getting big, he is a cutie! Sam and Silas yadda yadda then sex.

Does Sonny have a clue? maybe, a late night meeting with Luke. Hmmmm after a late night meeting with Ric. It would be different to have Sonny and Ric on the same side, ( or at least not enemies)

More drugs coming into PC.

More of the cellmate sisters talking and talking and telling us nothing.

Nik and Ric are vying for Liz. It is either feast or famine for that girl!

Britt and Nate getting drunk at the bar. let me guess, they are NOT going to hook up. Because I do not think even RC would go that far.

Spencer is on tomorrow. I not watch live tomorrow so I can FF through his scenes.

kdmask said...

Andrea: If they DO hook up they are NOT Sibs..if they don't-- maybe they are.

soaplover said...

Didn't at all take to the new guy Maxie brought home. I couldn't understand much of what he said--he seemed to rattle it off too fast for me and in an uneven volume. And he seemed really obnoxious immediately.

Okay, it took us a while to love Spinelli, but we didn't need this guy and so far he isn't appealing.

That Obecht and Maddy are sisters is quite a stretch.

Kanella said...

The timing of this show is killing me. It's been the same day for a week.

Does Liz know that AJ died? She got over him in a hot minute. Can Liz do anything other than be in a boring love triangle? Throw Paddy in the mix, now that would be worth watching. Liz should write off Nik and Ric and genuinely fall in love with Patrick. Love is what is missing from the show.

Until Liev, I had never hated a character at first sight. He and his spray tan are awful.

delcodave said...

Love is definitely missing from this show. But it is hard to have love, when 85% of the cast is villians, and the other 15% are their victims.

sonya said...

Julian and fake Luke: Oh damn Tony Geary sounds like he has a cold and is losing his voice. He sounds awful poor guy! Fake Luke wins the line of the day!

Fake Luke: Why don't you choose something? I don't care what. Any piece of crap I can pass off as art.


The hospital: Love the Nik and Liz scene!!! Liz knows that Nik is in denial about his love for Britch! Yeah Nik listen to her!!! And then Ric shows up in a panic!!! Awwwwwwwwwww! :) LOVE IT!

Sam and McSilas: McSilas is good with baby Cheeto! Oh McSex!!!! :) LOVE THAT! :)

Jail: Dr O and Madaline!!! Now THIS is a soap opera! :) Juicy juicy stuff!! Who is the father? Victor? :)

Nathan and Britch: So they are brother and sister?!!?!?! :) Oh oh where are they going? I hope they don't kiss or have sex ewwwwwwwwwwww!

sonya said...

"ishouldreadmore said...The new guy sucks hosewater. Big time. Thank you for your attention."


Devblev said...

I didn't even think Maxie acted like she likes Levi.

Loren said...

There should be no triangle, Liz professed her love for Nik like 2 weeks ago, no contest.