Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Luke Disses Edward

Edward's portrait!! GOOD LORD... Tracy is just delusional. COME ON...BUY a clue. YEAH Ned is back. Get rid of 10 characters, get him back and recast Dillon. Get the families back on track.

Duke's back.
Yeah, Duke who? And that criminal was fast to turn over, wasn't he? Although kudos for mentioning the new NY state gun laws! 

Boston Marathon Interrupt. Which was fine. SO sad. 
Sweet Martin... Krystle RIP... and Lingzi. Salute to Sean. #BostonStrong remembering all those who were affected.
Moment of Silence


AntJoan said...

Well, they interrupted GH for the Boston Marathon, did anyone get to see the entire show? Sonya, I need you!

dar said...

Only network to interrupt programming. ABC uses any excuse to preempt GH. Maybe someone in a different time zone can tell us what we missed.
I hate that Tracy is being made to look like such a fool.

Laura said...

The full episode is up on YouTube.

Avalonn said...

Shouldn't Tracy at least pickup on the fact that "Luke" is dressing like The Joker? Cue Nik from the bat cave! That's all I have to say today about the show.
Thinking of Boston...God bless those lost a year ago and God bless those with the strength to continue on.

sonya said...

Kelly's: Stay away from the Jeromes you shouldn't work for them. Blah blah blah. Enough Shawn geez! Leave her alone!

Police station: Oh oh Caaaaaaarlos is busted!!!

Ava's art gallery: I love Ava's hair like that, but what is she wearing?! It makes her look old! Oh! Jordan is interested in the drug shipment?!!?! Fake Luke wins the line of the day!

Fake Luke: Why don't you come back with me? Make sure it's well hung!



Fake Luke: You can get rid of this hideous thing.


Sonny's home: AJ is haunting Sonny!! BAHAHAHAHA! Awww poor Mikey. :( He will not be okay until AJ's murderer is in jail!!!

sonya said...

"AntJoan says Well, they interrupted GH for the Boston Marathon, did anyone get to see the entire show? Sonya, I need you!"

I didn't watch it on tv! I just got done watching it on youtube!! :)

LSV422 said...

Nice to see Ned back and wishing AJ wasn't really dead. Anyone can see Luke is acting very strange. Whoever is doing Ava's wardrobe should be canned - so unflattering.