Monday, April 28, 2014

New PC Hangout: Q Crypt!

I think Carlos and Livvy would be hot together!! WHERE are Dr. O and Donna Mills? Different part of the PCPC?? 
Carlos is gonna "Confess" because Ava is making him.  Great.  NO NO NO I do not like this!

Epiphany says the odds aren't great- Sabby tries to climb out of bed to see her kid. 
Felix helps her--yeah!! Patrick and Britt hug...she tells him the odds are 50-50. The baby weighs 1 pound 4 oz. Patrick cries.  Patrick and Sabby go in to see him. 

Morgan better tell!!  Can YOU YELL MORE in the lobby of the Metro Court? LOL ..Geesh!! And Olivia leaves in the middle of confession because of  a phone call? UGH!! Then, Sonny's talking Morgan into shutting up. Olivia can't figure this out?? WHAT? come on..she's smarter than almost anyone on the show. GEESH.   Sonny says he broke up Ava and Morgan because they 'violated' their agreement. Good Gravy. ugh 

AND-- Kiki and Michael are standing in..ewwwww who knows what!?!! UGH..hose that crypt down!!  Why are they in there? Where's Monica and the snacks? Isn't it like 3am or something?
The Crypt could be the new Bar in town. Drinks? Zombies!! 

Kiki finds Ava's earring. 


dar said...

We haven't seen Sabrina for weeks (thankfully)\ so it's hard to care about the baby. Her maternity leave can't come soon enough for me. Her overacting is really annoying.
When is Sonny's vacation? He is on every damn day. Go away.

delcodave said...

i didnt get to watch today's show.

has maxie visited lulu yet since she has been home for over a week?


how is the Lucas return working? Is he a major part of the show?


yes, this is sarcasm.

dar said...

A friend just told me that she read that the Puke story is planned to last through the summer. I told her it can't because Geary is never on for that many months in a row but she insisted she read that. PLEASE say that isn't true. I cannot stand 4 more months of this.

sonya said...

Metrocourt: What?!!?! It has nothing to do with Olivia?!!?! Sonny she is your girlfriend! So yeah it has something to do with her!!!! Morgan wins the line of the day!

Morgan: So, repeat after me dad. Hey Liv. I screwed my son's girlfriend.

ROFL! Morgan is killing me! :) Another great scene between father and son! I hope Bryan Craig wins an emmy! Come on Morgan tell Olivia!!!! What are you doing no!!! You think Sonny is gonna tell her?!!?! He isn't!!!

Q Crypt: Can't Mikey and Starki smell the sex?!?!?! Don't they see anything on the floor? I mean gee Sava didn't even clean up after! :) Oh and someone I think it's twitter, gave them the squish name, SonAvaBitch! ROFL! I love it! Oh Mikey is glad that everyone was there for him! Oh yes Mikey because you are the golden boy! Oh wait not anymore!! Your father killed your bio father! Oh oh Starki found her mama's earring!!!

Jail: Great Ava and Caaaaaaarlos scene! Love it!!! And love the way he tried to grab her between the bars! ROFL! He couldn't do it!

Police station: Wow!!! Why is Anna so intent on Britch who did the accident?! The way Ava is looking at Carly and BobTodd hahaha. OH NO! CAAAAAAAAARLOS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't say you killed AJ!!!! OH CRAP! You should have said Sonny did it!

The hospital: Well gee Felix, Sabrina doesn't have to walk around the hospital! She can sit on a wheelchair to see her son! Oh there ya go! Oh great Britch and Patrick scene! Oh wow Felix didn't call her Britch! Amazing! :)

Tammy Wynette said...

My question is what is that device is that helps depression and anxiety (ad on blog) and why Eli Manning is modeling it! LOL

dar said...

Those rat bastards at ABC with the "news" that no other network bothers to broadcast. A rich , senile old fool is a racist. What a surprise. I am so angry..

kdmask said... COULD last that long..he could tape a lot and they insert it here and there?
I don't know when it's over. It had better be SOON