Monday, April 14, 2014

AJ is Ripe

Fast times at GH High... redux. Hello Eric Stoltz!! now if Levi only did bongs, he may be interesting. BTW, how stupid was he today? UGH
WHY does Levi care so much about stupid Nathan?  
Donna told Nate today that Britt is his sister and Obrect is his mother. AHAHA. and his eyebrow went up maybe a 1/2 inch.
Emoting. Such EMOTING!!

This Dr. O getting out of jail for the embryo?

Nik asks Liz to move into Wyndemere. OMG this is SO the Britt story 2!!! ahhaa. I mean, down to the "I'll help you get on your feet"!! Do they have a school bus ferry to get Cam to class? 

Patrina is off vacation. Paddy has a beard. Carlos says "nice beard" after he walks away. Hahaha

Michael storms into the PCPD. He'd better be glad he's white because anyone else would have had a take-down going into the chief's office like that!! 

AJ'S death certificate said MARCH 31ST. March...31st???????????? WHAT? Am I nuts?'s either NOT April 14th on the show..or he's been on ice for 14 days?


  1. so, pretty much today was the day they rounded up most of the cast that CANNOT ACT and put them in front of a camera?

    Carlos, Levi, Michael and especially Nathan? You just found out that you have a sister and that your mother isnt your mother, but some other nefarious woman is, and YOU JUST STAND THERE? Seriously? No reaction or emotion? What kind of direction are you getting from the director?

    Also, I read a spoiler online that they are not pairing up liz and ric as intended. and they are splitting up ava and morgan. why? because the Disney Execs way high up do not feel it is moral to have an age difference in a relationship.


    These same Disney Execs feel it is morally "OK" to have a mobster murder his adopted sons father and not pay for the crime AND some quackjob steal babies and kidnap children and go free. This is the moral highground Disney is shoving on us? But 2 people in love don't meet criteria due to age difference?

    Speaking of Disney, moral high ground and love, when was the last time we saw a gay character on the show go on a date? Did Disney squash that too? Has that storyline(s) run their course and the gays are relegated back to comic relief?

    I should write a Sunday Surgery. Fired up. Today's show as so, so incredibly bad. Bad writing and atrocious acting.

  2. Ditto Delcodave. Though, I need to add something about the nausea inducing camera work. This cast makes me miss the Casey the alien days.

  3. Jason T always grows his beard when he's on break, so I'm guessing he just prefers beards. However, it almost always fits in with the story line because he's usually off right after some big emotional stuff, so the beard represents how depressed Patrick is: he can't even be bothered to shave!

  4. Donna Mills spills her guts to Nate and he has absolutely no reaction to finding out his whole life was a lie.

    Levi - I don't even know what to say awful...annoying. Now I have to FF through his scenes even though Maxie - who I love_ is in them.

    The casting at GH stinks, I guess they only want guys that can parade around with their shirts off, they certainly do not hire on acting ability. I do like a nice chiseled chest, but they have to be able to act as least little bit!

    I can't believe that Lante is going to let themselves be blackmailed. And Dr. O will be back at the hospital doing evil deeds by tomorrow.

    I'm sure Donna Mills will be out by the end of the week too. No one ever pays for anything they do on this show.

    AJ is back to haunt Sonny. Sonny deserves to it.

    Michael goes into the PCPD like a lunatic yelling at Anna, who responds to him, that now that they found Lante's baby the police have time to look for whoever killed AJ. I guess Dante, Nate and her are the only police on the force. And I do not think anyone even cares anymore who killed Connie, or who shot Olivia They just let things go...

    We saw Sabrina and Carlos for the first time in over a month Sabby was as boring and understanding as ever. Maybe Sabby was drugged and implanted with Lante's other embryo and the baby is not even theirs. Then Sabrina and Carlos can just go away forever.

  5. I can tell I'm not missing much but the low-budget filler actors to keep the show going. Wow.

    Tell me has NotLuke even visited Lulu and his grandson? Wouldn't she know by now he's fake???!!!

  6. I'm disappointed that they won't have a Rick/Liz pairing. I like them together.

    Levi is totally annoying. And for all his new age nuances I'd say he wants Nathan out of the house because Maxi seems to like him. I've also been FFing through his scenes. I hope he's gone soon so I can enjoy Maxie again. I'd like to see her go over to see Lulu too.

    I agree with Andrea about the casting. These writers seem to like men running around half naked. Most of them are even answering the door without a shirt. And Nathan greeted Britt today in his boxers!

  7. Lante home: Lante and baby Rocco in bed together awwww! :)

    Maxie's home: Oh Levi! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!! And get a haircut! Spinelli hurry up and come back!!!

    Jail: Westbourne sisters! Listen to Dr O! She is right!!! Oh Madaline finally realized Dr O is right! :) Poor Nathan! Madaline spills her guts! He is going t be one confused guy.

    Police station: Poor Mikey! :( Hey one scene Finola Hughes is okay, and the next scene she sounds horrible! She must have gotten Tony Geary's sickness! Dr O wins the line of the day!

    Dr O: Did you just put him in the cubbert while you went out?


    The hospital: Woah! There is Sabrina! Where have you been Sabrina? I haven't missed you. Gee the last time we saw her, she was a teeny tiny pregnant, and now she is about ready to pop! Oh geez Patrick is STILL feeling guilty about AJ's death? UGH! Where is Piffy to snap him out of it? Oh there is Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos! :) Roaming the halls and then being sweet to Sabrina and giving Patrick a piece of his mind. :) Oh Nik come on! Liz is not an invalid!!! She doesn't need to live with you and Spencer! UGH!

    Karen! AJ has been on ice for 14 days?!!? BAHAHAHAHA!

  8. "delcodave said...Also, I read a spoiler online that they are not pairing up liz and ric as intended."

    I didn't know if they were going to pair them up or not! So they aren't?!!?! That sucks if it's true!

    "and they are splitting up ava and morgan. why? because the Disney Execs way high up do not feel it is moral to have an age difference in a relationship."

    Say what?!!?!?! That is ridiculous!!!!

  9. I cannot imagine the police telling a murder victim's family that another case took precedence. For the families, there IS no other case.
    There have always been a fair share of poor actors in soaps. Some learn and grow, and become fine at the craft, others just fade away. But the writing, oh my heaven, the writing is just too awful for words. Can someone come up with a story line that is even a LITTLE new? I know there is "no new thing under the sun," but a good imagination can come up with some original twists and turns. Heck, folks in here have made some interesting suggestions.
    I did not mind that AJ died, because ever since I first saw him, he was painted as a villain. So I never cared for him. I never liked him so won't miss him.
    There are other characters that I didn't like at first, but then learned to not only like but love. (Biggest example, and shocker: Laura!) But AJ was always one dimensional and blaming everyone else for his problems.
    But many of us have been watching on and off forever, so we are not ready to give up on the show. But here is hoping the writing gets better.

  10. ishouldreadmore, i completely agree that some actors are bad and then grow--Britt was awful when she first came on and now she's one of my favorites. Kelly Thiebaud has grown exponentially since she started. That's why I have hope that maybe Nathan will get better, although he's not quite as bad as Levi.

    sonya, i tweeted that Levi needs a haircut. his hair is so thick that if it hadn't been straightened it would resemble a shrub.

    does anyone know whether the actor that plays Levi is from Australia or not? His accent is atrocious and if it is real, i feel bad for him. (he must have been trolling twitter, btw. when i tweeted out that i don't trust Levi and that i think he wants something from Maxie, he responded.)

  11. "theromancereader said... sonya, i tweeted that Levi needs a haircut. his hair is so thick that if it hadn't been straightened it would resemble a shrub."

    ROFL! Or an afro! :)

    "btw. when i tweeted out that i don't trust Levi and that i think he wants something from Maxie, he responded.)"

    Oh really?! :) What did he say?
    Yeah he is manipulating Maxie into getting rid of Nathan!

  12. On what planet does a police officer have the power to negotiate a deal with a world class criminal, and to have his wife with him? Nathan's whole world was shattered and he barely blinks. He is even more wooden than Shawn, and that is no major feat. Needs a recast. I like Donna Mills and hate to see her criticized. The part isn't great but everyone needs to make a living. Levi may not be too bad but the part and the writing are ridiculous. Baby Rocco is so adorable and such a good boy. De-ja-vu with Nik asking Liz to move in with him - he has done it before.

  13. After watching yesterday I can't help but wonder if there is more to the Levi character. Like he's pretending to be someone he's not. The new age stuff is so over the top. And I think he's kind of creepy, especially how much influence he has over Maxie. I think this dude came to town with alterior motives we have yet to discover. Getting the cop to leave the apartment would go along with nefarious plans. But, I could be wrong... :-)

  14. So your mother tells you she is not your mother and you have a sister you didn't know about and you don't raise an eyebrow? Not a flinch? Nothing????? I know the budget is tight but you would think they could spring for a second take after that reaction (or lack thereof). Good grief! The Levi character is painful to watch and is wasting Maxie's return. Has she left the apartment yet? In a cast of 56+ characters I don't think even one of them is happy. Not one! Now they want to pair Sonny/Ava and ruin the one fun relationship (Sonny/Olivia)? It makes for a depressing show to watch. I can live my own life if I want boring and depressing. How about some fun and laughter just once in a while.