Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nurses' Ball Mention Today!

Love the drink in hand!

Yesterday Josslyn was CHILDREN OF THE CORN! ahahaahahaaa Cartini loves me.

Emma is JUST A She's such a good little actress!! 

Mac as Sonny and Cher-- ahaha And I loved Maxie's outfit. Mac said Robert could be a "real pain in the ass"!! 

LOVED Luke and Tracy all Amadeus--like!! Luke has on way more lipstick than Tracy!! He kinda looked like Bea Arthur. 

Stupid Nurse BETTY--- thinks Paddy called her about a DATE for the Haunted Star...duh..She's dressed like a GIANT BUNCH of grapes. Or the Fruit of the Loom guy. LOL 
Britt looked like a sleezeball as tight as hell dress nurse!! Emma doesn't like her. Nice observation. "She's Mean"...Emma also mentioned the Nurses' Ball! 

Anna finding out Patrick was dating was SUCH AN awesome scene!!!!! awwww. She cried, laughed and accepted the fact. Finola is just perfection. wow. 

Starr and Michael as vampires. No sparkles. They want to "go to the next level" 

Carly is like a cleavage farmer in that shirt. She and Todd are going to watch Horror Movies!  Then they make out like banshees! 

Susan Moore

Alice found AJ's passport!! with "Crane Tolliver" as his name LOL Monica told her he's alive. CRANE TOLLIVER was Lila's no good first hubby  he murdered Susan Moore. So, that's a bit of history for you.  It was the early '80's. 



sonya said...

Kelly's: Mac and Felicia are dressed up as Sonny and Cher. ROFL! They look awesome! Sabrina gets the message that Patrick left. She thinks he is asking her out for the Halloween party! DOH!

Patrick's home: Sabrina shows up dressed as a purple grape! :) ROFL! Patrick says he is sorry he just wanted her to babysit Emma! Well gee Patrick! You were vague! Then Brit shows up without knocking! She just walks right in!! HOW RUDE! And she looks like a slutty nurse! Brit talks to Emma, and then Brit and Patrick leave. Emma turns to Sabrina and says I don't like her. ROFL! Smart little girl! :) Emma brings up the nurses ball!!!! She tells Sabrina I'll show you. Hmmm? I was thinking does she have a video? No it's a photo album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! :) Robin has the photo album of every year of the nurses ball!!! There is a picture of Lucy Coe!!!!! YAY! :) Thank you writers!!!

Halloween party: AJ is dressed up as the grim reaper. He is with Michael and Star. Since the grim reaper won't talk, they are about to leave when the grim reaper won't let them, and when Michael was going to take the mask off, the grim reaper stops him! Then they leave. Oh come on AJ! Take Michael somewhere and rip off your mask!!! Michael and Starr talk about making love. Michael says he doesn't have protection! Starr says there are 3 drug stores on the way home! :) I like that they talked about protection! It's been a long time since anybody talked about protection. So Starr says she is going home to get everything ready, while Michael gets protection. When Starr leaves, AJ shows up and is with Michael! AJ takes off his mask!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Thank you writers! :) Spinny still loves Maxie you can tell!!!! :)

Todd's place: Carly wants to watch scary movies with Todd. When they do, she is scared ROFL! So is Todd ROFL! This is a scary movie she hasn't seen before. They end up talking about AJ. Carly says that AJ is a monster. Really Carly? Really?!!?!! Well, if AJ is a monster, then so are you!!!! Go ahead and tell Todd your sins! Like you drugged AJ and put him in a laundry cart! And then put him outside of the ally and put alcohol all over him!! Go ahead Carly tell him! Or how you slept with your mother's husband! Otherwise SHUT UP CARLY! Anyway Carly really wants Todd to kiss her. You can tell! And he kisses her!!! WOAH DAMN!! That's so hot! :)

Q home: Alice finds AJ's passport. The date is the day after AJ died. So, Monica tells Alice the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) YAY!!! :)

Oh and Karen, that Crane Tolliver mention from Alice was fantastic! :) Thank you writers! :)

david said...

AJ to Michael: I'm AJ Quartermaine. I am your father.

Michael: Really? Wow. What a coincidence. See, I never mentioned your name in decades and then, all of a sudden this week the whole town was talking about you. Gee. It's as if they knew you were coming...

dar said...

Do you think all these returns mean the show is going to end?


sonya said...

david said...

AJ to Michael: I'm AJ Quartermaine. I am your father.

Michael: Really? Wow. What a coincidence. See, I never mentioned your name in decades and then, all of a sudden this week the whole town was talking about you. Gee. It's as if they knew you were coming...
ROFL! Good one! :)

RedSoxFaninVA said...

I think AJ should have dressed like Darth Vader and said, in character, "Michael, I am your father" LOL Have to say, though, Tracy's reaction to "The Grim Reaper" knowing her name was pretty hilarious.

Great scene with Monica & Alice.

AntJoan said...

OK, just got home from work, didn't see today's show yet. But it looks like AJ is wearing the costume he wore as a kid in the picture w/Jason? Monica said she saved it, but it wouldn't still fit him, right?

vn32096 said...

How the heck would he ever fit in that costume? I laughed out loud when he stepped out in it. And he messed up Michael and Starr. I was enjoying them. Tod and Carly- woo hoo! They have chemistry! Fun mob. What GH used to be.

Cosmoetica said...

Correction, Karen: Crane Tolliver murdered Susan Moore, not the other way around, and damn- Susan was the hottest babe on GH, back in the day!

kdmask said...

Yes, I got that confused about susan/toliver!! duh

Dar..I think they are playing this whole year like it may be the last. We'll get a big 50th anniversary. I don't think anyone knows if the show is sticking around.

Love4dogs said...

Wasn't Crane Tolliver from Lila's past?

Her first husband or something?