Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Sympathy For The Faison

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale....
A tale of a mean ol' man
His face is nasty his hands are wicked
But with his mask he's incredibly tan...

Ok, LOL...Well, welcome to Sunday Surgery! NO NEED for scrubs today because I'm delving into one of my fave villains of all time, Caesar FAISON! Yes, I will also dish the rest of the show as well, but this week was all about the latex and Cigarillos! 

So,   I'm going to get a few things out of the way first about this..
1. Anna would totally know she's kissing a mask
2. Anna would SMELL the cigarillos that Fiason is smoking, that sheeze doesn't come out of clothes easily
3. Never mind the teeth, eyes and fact that the mask ends at his chest. 
4. He'd take 4 hours to get that thing on let alone the time to pin up his hair

Ok, now that we agree to just push those things aside...let us begin.

Ah, Faison. Yes, he's evil..yes, he's a baddie... yada yada but he's  NO MITCH LAWRENCE. Meaning he's not a total psychotic nut job (just yet).
Faison has always had an underlying sadness to him. Sort of a "beast" thing going. He lusts after women, he hypnotizes them...chains them up but somehow I think deep down he's just a lonely man who was tortured by his German nanny as a kid. 

Not that it excuses his behavior. 
BUT..I want you to look closely at the scene where Robin is trying to convince him that Anna could love him as he IS. Anders Hove plays this brilliantly--watch his eyes. There's a wistful gazing there and a second where he almost believes it. I saw his hopes play out on his face: I could "save" Robin on my own and she'd love me. Really LOVE ME. 
Of course, he goes back to his wicked ways but there it was.  And Anders has always done this with Faison. Made him a  little bit sad--a little bit 'off' with a venerability. 

I can hear you now. HE SHOT JASON in the back!! Yep.. that's true.  He's done a ton of baddie things.  I'm talking about the little pit inside him that has a hope to be loved.

Now,  On to the REST! 

Tracy snowing AJ and Monica.. AHAHHA. Oh Tracy, you are so crafty and I love you. AJ just cut that off. Hee hee..think she'll get the house now??  Having the Q house filling up again is heaven. Too bad we are going to have John's (Edward) memorial next week. That had to be hard to film for everyone involved. 

Sam and Michael  kind of got lost in the shuffle but they were nice scenes. Michael holding Danny--generations coming full circle. Sam finally told him that Danny is Jason's baby. 

Nurse Betty and her GIANT GLASSES. @@ I suppose her getting bombed at the night club was supposed to be funny but I found it weird.  (not to mention the giant ass'd straw she had). Ditto the whole "But I have a crush on someone" when talking to Patrick. I guess I just see what's coming (and it involves contacts and a new make over) and I just get bored.  She HAS to be connected to someone on canvas, I'm convinced.  

SCENE OF THE WEEK: When I saw a piece of the mask still hanging on Faison's neck and he flicked it at Robin. CLASSIC awesome moment improved no doubt by Hove himself. It was an evil little gross thing to do.  WUBBED it. (Look close on the left it's wobbling right there) 

FAVE FUN MOMENT: Kid vomits on Britt.  Oh be still my soapy heart. Loved it!! 

BEST USE OF A PROP: "Duke's Face Sits on Robin's nightstand"

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Brit and her RED BRA enticing Patrick in front of Mousy Betty.  She's probably a hench-woman for Faison but still. :eyeroll:  I'm so glad he said NO to her zexual advances. heh
Lante continued to have good dialog-- can't complain there. I liked both Olivia and Sonny offering them money for their baby-dreams. I'm kind of on the fence about Olivia's "powers"-she seems to be the OLTL Delphina of GH.  Using Liz' history of art was a nice touch. 

The AJ Scenes were good-- having some of them on the Q stairs was a brilliant touch because so MUCH HISTORY has happened  on those stairs!! 

Spinelli is growing up-- you can see it all over. I'm happy he slept with Ellie, about time he got something outside of Maxie. She's the one that usually has "relations" while he pines away. I do wish they'd solve it soon--or have Ellie go all nuts and start dressing/acting like Maxie. 

The show is great again, and with the ELQ stuff that's coming I'm giddy. I also wonder if Shawn and TJ are back in storage?? Hmmmmmm. Not a lot of ConKate this week  which is fine by me.  ROBERT IS BACK in full SPY mode....eeeeeeeeee!!! Ned and Skye are coming  next week.  AND THE NURSES' BALL is being discussed!! 
*sigh* be still my heart. 

So...remember Wed is the big memorial day, Thursday is a repeat of John's last show-- and Friday is football. reminder: If you're ordering from Amazon you can use the portal up there in the corner or on wubs net. I'd appreciate it!! 


  1. Karen: I know the OLTL folks probably piss off more folks than the ConKaters and NuKrissy Haters combined, but wouldn't a resurrected Mitch Lawrence coming to PC be great? I could see him as the mastermind behind Faison, as well as the AMC Orpheus dealio.

    So what that McBain 'killed' him- it would also allow TSJ to come back, as Mitch's hench-bitch Allison had him tied down.

  2. I TOTALLY agree with you about your Faison analysis. I felt bad for him during the Robin scenes. And this coming from a huge Scorpio fan! He's like The Phantom to me....does Anders Hove sing?? :)

  3. I expected to hate the arrival of the OLTL people, but I think John and Starr are great additions,and I adore Todd. I do think that anymore of them would be overkill, but I'd love to see AMC's David Hayward.

    I like Connie far better than Kate. Johnny and she could be fun.

    Don't really enjoy Faison and Duke. The mask part is just silly, but I adore Luke, Anna, and Robert. And I do wish Alan could return if only as a look-alike.

  4. As for the Faison analysis, I tend to disagree.

    Faison is not a typical soap baddy, like Lawrence. Mitch Lawrence is more in the Grant Putnam or Ryan Cham,berlain mode- he's a psycho cult leader.

    Faison is more along the lines of Mikkos Cassadine and Domino- someone who wanted to 'take over the world'- recall Casey and the ice crystals.

    So, he's more of a James Bondian supervillain than anything else, although, with each return appearance his sites have been set lower.

    1990- wants to rule the world with the Lumina ice crystals.

    1991-92- wants to head global criminal organization with the cartel.

    1999-2000- hired henchman of Helena Cassadine to kidnap and brainwash Lucky Spencer.

    2012- personally obsessed with winning Anna Devane and wanting to knock out Sonny as PC crime lord.

    At this rate, by 2020, in his final go-round, Faison will want to beat up his hospice nurse for adding too much cinnamon to his apple sauce, and scheme to give her a wedgie.

  5. I agree the flap of mask was great. It was very American Werewolf in London.

  6. Cosmo: You have quite a memory, heheheeeeeeee on the Faison future scenerio!!

    Cosmo, you don't have to answer this, but are you a boy or a girl? I know most soap fans are women, and it's soooo cool when the guys join us (my husband knows a lot about GH, having followed Luke and Laura while in college, and just popping in here and there when I'm watching, but he's no fan). I just thought you once said you were a guy, but I could be wrong.

  7. Cosmo..but you don't see the glimmer of sadness/humanity that lurks in his black heart??

  8. Karen: Well, I do agree he has some compassion, and he's a psychopath, not a psychotic.

    But, Google some Ryan Chamberlain scenes- Jon Lindstrom could act like few others. He makes you feel sad for Ryan. Even Manny Ruiz had a few moments.

    I just think Faison is 'slumming' with this whole after Anna and take out Sonny thing. He should be teaming up with a resurrected Mikkos, not wanting to battle a 'minor' upstate NY crime lord.

    AntJoan: A guy- just shy of 50. My website:

    I saw some GH in '78 and '79. and started watching regularly when Luke and Laura went on the run. I recall sexy Diana Taylor and her Cindy Crawford-like mole, Hutch the hitman, Slick the cabby, Tracy refusing Edward his meds (but Edward nailing her by faking an attack) and Alan trying to kill Monica and Rick Webber.

    My pet peeve with the show is when people bitch about something, esp. if they don't know the history, then the next day bitch about the very thing THEY wanted and got!

    Perfect example: folks bitched about Jen Lilley's Maxi, then got KS back (I preferred Lilley) and endlessly bitched about how JL was screwed.

    Or, my worst peeve: I hate the glorification of Sonny, and hate when folks rail about Luke and Todd being rapists, yet both of them committed only one rape that we know of. Yet, Sonny came ONTO the show as a serial rapist, by drugging and raping his strippers (incl. Karen Wexler) and then turns around, and TPTB make him the great protector of his mama, and then rail about Joe Jr. when he was worse than Joe (assuming he was guilty), Todd, and Luke combined.

    Another thing that is silly is all the AJ haters stating that he pushed Carly down the Q staircase and made her miscarry Sonny's kid, even though there are a number of Youtube clips that SHOW this was not the case, and that Carly's rage caused her to fall.

    Then again, it's only a show, but it shows how easily people can warp their own lives' memories when they cannot even recall thingson a show, where the Youtube clips are FOREVER!

  9. I agree re: Faison's goals this time around. It's great to have Hove back and he a superior actor and villain, but has he just become so undone that he is coming up with Scooby Doo level schemes to kiss Anna DeVane and run the crime scene in Port Charles? Cosmo, you are so right on this point! Wish the writers would five him some bigger goals and henchmen/women to help him achieve it!
    Still, I love having him back - it's a dream come true for long time GH fans.
    OldSchoolGh fan (also a guy - married dad in his 40's who starting watching GH during the Ice Princess Days because I was bored with afternoon cartoons after school)

  10. Old School: the only way to make this work is to have a tie-in to Helena and some wacky Cassadine plot. Tying it in to the David Heyward AMC Orpheus resurrections, or some retro DVX plot or something will save this from lunacy. I mean, come on, Jerry was about to possibly kill off more people than 9/11- and for what? Sp Faison could be Anna's Snuggle Bunny?

    Hopefully the real Duke is a precursor to finding other presumed GH deadies.

  11. Cosmo, I totally agree about Manny. That was a great cast and a great villain.

  12. I don't like that supermspy Robert Scorpio is goin to "solve" the Duke mystery based on a LSD induced hangover premonition. I personally would of liked more mystery. Perhaps (hopefully) this is just the first layer.

  13. Someone has to do a video montage tribute to Faison with this song.

  14. Loved Manny. I think Faison is going to use Helena's mind eraser technique on Robin she used on Lucky.

  15. Karen, I too noticed how Faison acted in that scene with Robin. I got the same impression that you noted. Everything in the 80's early 90's was over the top. The fashion, the makeup, the story lines. Maybe, Faison has mellowed. Mind you, he has always been very obsessed with Anna. I can also totally see the point Cos is making. I guess, we'll just have to wait....this could very well be the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Remember, Hells is coming back to town correct? We all know she is bats*** crazy.
    Anyone else stock up on the Kleenex? Any mod boxes out there ;) I know I'll be crying like a baby. So, very sad. Jane Elliot is going to break my heart this week!

  16. The sketch Liz did had his hair from a long time ago. It's now crazy hair.

  17. We're thinking that Anna's about ready to rip Robert's face off. She's a lot smarter than people watching this show seem to think she is. C'mon folks give her a litle credit.

  18. Oh, do you mean Duke's face?

    Wouldn't it be great if LUCY COE is the one to do Nurse Ugly Betty's makeover?--History repeating itself!! C'mon, Lucy girl, we all breathlessly await your return!!

  19. I'd take the whole cast of OLTL rather than watch NuKrissy (aka NotKristina).

  20. Tammy Wynette said...

    I'd take the whole cast of OLTL rather than watch NuKrissy (aka NotKristina).

    November 19, 2012 10:32 AM


    We get it, Tammy. You have a psychotic hatred for the actress. You don't have to foam on every thread. Now shave your paws, please.

  21. Ant: this is another aspect of the Faison tale that reeks: Anna is TOO smart for this level of deception.

    Re: Sonny, it's inconceivable that he would have thrived in PC with Anna or Robert as police honcho in the 80s. I so wanna see Anna bust him.

  22. Cosmo,
    Just because you're Roger Ebert approved doesn't mean you have to be such a bitchy dick.

  23. I don't have a psychotic hatred for anyone. I just don't think Lindsey Morgan should have replaced Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina. Lindsey would have been better cast as Britt. And also, I've seen somewhere that people think the young woman who plays Sabrina should have been cast as the NuKristina. I would have been 100% okay with that if Lexi didn't want to come back.

  24. Oh, Cosmo, why did you have to attack Tammy? She's entitled to her opinion, as we all are. Also, her hatred is not "psychotic" (and I share her disdain for the actress, and wish that the original Krissy would come back).

  25. Wonderful history account, Cosmo. I remember Heather Webber, dressed as a nurse, writing Annie's name in blood by Diana's body. Good times! I didn't watch during the whole Faison period but I'd love it if they tie it all in with Helena Cassadine and, within the arc, usher Genie Francis' Laura back on canvas. Kind of cool, Cosmo, that you're still into the soap, given your devotion to a higher literary bent!


  26. Sorry! Duke...uh, Yeah, that Duke guy! LOL! We're really hoping she was onto him right away.

  27. Ant: I didn't attack Tammy,just defined her attack on an actress that rarely appears on the show, and for which she and gmjl and a few others plaster over threads that do not even pertain to them- and to which I rarely respond. This sort of mental masturbation, w/o prompts, is psychotic.

    You, on the other hand simply state your preference, which is different from constantly blathering it as the other two do.

    And, for the record, Lexi was offered her role back but decided to try prime time.

    Morgan is a mediocre actress, but so was Lexi. The main complaint about Morgan always devolves down to her looks and her boobs, and the fact that Lexi lacked them, therefore people hold it against Morgan that TPTB preferred making Krissy a sexpot.

    Given that Sam is a boobed up sexpot, and her portrayer is an even WORSE actress than Morgan, this makes all the NuKrissy hate as silly as the Jen Lilley hate was at the start. If you are going to dislike a characte ror actress, at least be able to define why, as I have with Sonny Corinthos. If all you can do is mumble and burp, as Tammy and gmjl have done when pressed, then expect to have your opinions taken as the childish rants they are.

    Seriously, in an extended and enjoyable convo on the nurse's ball, Faison and Anna- by people who have a long history with the show, all we get is: I'd take the whole cast of OLTL rather than watch NuKrissy (aka NotKristina); which is Tammy's way of saying, 'I have nothing relevant to say but I want to be noticed.' Ok, so I noticed and ridiculed. Don't act like a child and you won't be ridiculed. Simple.

    No one is denying anyone their opinion, just that the Tourettes-like obsession gets out of control and turns people into trolls like gmjl and Tammy.


    Michael: before modern drama (Ibsen,O'Neill, Tennessee Williams, ALL plays were melodrama- i.e.- soap operas. Shakespeare is nothing but soap opera. Most better than a typical AMC or GH episode, but a good portion worse. If you want to know how to tell a story, soaps do it better than a typical action film by Michael Bay.

    My only bitch with modern soaps is that like video games we get a 2 minute convo broken into 10 scenes of 5-6 seconds each, rather than the whole two minutes together.

  28. gmjl said...

    Just because you're Roger Ebert approved doesn't mean you have to be such a bitchy dick.


    But, apparently, you have free reign all the time.

  29. Cosmo, why all the anger? Haven't you claimed more that once that it's just a tv show?

  30. What anger? Your sole comment was a gratuitous profanity.


  31. Cosmo - you win. I'll take my knuckle-dragging self back to the cave.

    Happy now? Sheesh - you have some SERIOUS issues.

  32. Tammy, it's obvious that Cosmo doesn't have much going on his life. I mean, how many just shy of 50 year old men do you know that spend their days posting about GH and watching clips on youtube?

  33. gmjl -- Very true! :)

    And Cosmo - my first comment in this thread was in reference to your first comment. YOU referenced NuKrissy Haters, etc. I was merely disagreeing that Mitch Lawrence wouldn't be welcomed on GH.

  34. Nice try, Tammy, but there were 17 comments between a general reference and your specific Tourettesian outburst which had no relevance.

    You and your buddy may enjoy trolling, but quite a few folks (who email me to avoid being troll stalked) enjoy watching you guys reduced to burbling and potshots, since you can't even formulate an argument.