Friday, November 2, 2012

"I'm All Out of Peanut Clusters"

Says Todd to Johnny LOL...while Carly struts around in her bra and tells him off!  Todd is Carly's new BFF--or NuJason. 
They didn't have sex--dang it. RH is having SO much fun on this show!! Did you see the couple having sex in the hallway? LOL!! what was that!!? 

SEXIS!! And who else thinks Connie is the REAL DEAL....Kate is the other one?? So Sonny, get it right. I for one, hope Kate is gone forever.
Alexis and Sonny's friendship is awesome. 

Trey told Starr his condoms are "TRIPLE XL" ahahaha. OMG. Please

Michael and AJ-- well. Hard to take.  Because it's not Billy-- and I'm going to have to get used to this. AJ is just telling Michael EVERYTHING! hee hee. I'm so sad SBu and SK aren't on together. Damn. 

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH SONNY did a TABLE FLIP ala RHONJ!!! ahaha. Teresa Guidice would be proud!! 

Carly on the docks! ! BOOYA! you wearing Depends Carly?? LOL 

Today was filler but I loved it. 


sonya said...

AJ and Michael: Michael has attitude and is upset, but you can see in his eyes he wants to get to know his dad and wants to hear what he has to say!!! AJ tells Michael the truth about Carly drugging him and pouring alcohol all over him! He even told him about Sonny hanging him on a meat hook. Which is funny when he says it, cus AJ is TALL! ROFL! And Billy Warlock was the one playing AJ at the time and Billy is short. :) Anyway, Michael doesn't believe him. Come on Michael! AJ is telling the truth!!! Listen to him! I want AJ and Michael to have a relationship!!!

Johnny and Connie: Connie puts thoughts of Carly and Todd doing it in his head ROFL!

Carly and Todd: HOT HOT HOT! They are about to have some hot sex, when Carly stops it and says it's not a good idea because Todd is on the rebound from Blair. Todd brings up Johnny, and she says if you think I'm on the rebound you're wrong! Uh Carly, YOU ARE ON THE REBOUND!!!!! :) Hey where is Carly's tattoo? :) Todd says it's okay to have revenge sex ROFL! Carly disagrees. Todd asks if she had sex with Jason. She doesn't say a word and Todd smiles ROFL! Carly says that was a long time ago. Later, there is a knock on the door, and this woman in costume, who looks like she is dressed up as Madonna, thinks Todd is someone else! The guy she is looking for is in costume shows up. And they make out in the hallway! ROFL! What the hell was that? ROFL! Todd says he needs to take a cold shower! ROFL!

Starr and Joe Jr Jr Jr: WOAH! Joe Jr Jr Jr uses a triple XL condom!?!?!?!!!?!?! WHAT THE?!!?! Joe Jr Jr Jr is well hung?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?! HOLY!!!!! :0 No wonder Krissy didn't want an anullment! :)

Kelly's: Sonny and Alexis are at a table talking about the courtroom. Apparently Sonny lost the case!!! Connie is free! Damn I wish they showed the court case! Connie shows up and taunts Sonny. While a day player behind them is watching them ROFL! Connie leaves, and Sonny turns a table over ROFL!

Carly: She is at the pier talking to Jason. She tells him she almost slept with Todd, but stopped herself, because she didn't want to make a mistake. Hey she is learning. :) She says she doesn't know if Todd is lying or not. She hears a noise and sees someone. She thinks it's Jason but it's AJ!!!!!!!!!! AJ has a creepy smile on his face. :)

SOAPsDISH Author In Obscurity said...


I thought today was awesome! Man AJ was laying it all out there. HE told Michael everything. And its ABOUT TIME MICHAEL knew all the crap Sonny and Carly pulled to get him!!! WHOOO HOOO.. The fallout is gonna be AWE-SOME!!! Cartini I love you just for this!!!

Todd and Carly..I don't want to root for them (I only want Todd to pine for Blair!!!) but man they were burning up the screen.

I'm amazed that ABC showed a woman with some meat on her bones and not the normal stick figures they like to put on display. LW is gorgeous and SHAPELY! "applause"

And Todd's lines are always so hilarious, his comic relief made the moment even sexier. I love how he bursts out laughing at all her past misdeeds. "Have you ever had revenge sex?" "Yeah, like last week!" HAAAA..Todd is a riot.

The two idiots at the end knocking on his door and making out on the floor in the hallway.That was gross. And what was the point? Uhh hello Metro Court, aren't you supposed to be upscale?

Alexis makes Sonny so much more tolerable. Even his tantrums. I almost felt some sympathy for Sonny and that does not happen often.

Carly at the pier talking to Jason. And BOOM there's AJ!!!


imspncycl said...

I'm hoping Johnnie sees the similarity between Claudia and Connie - and I hope he begins to feel sorry for Connie...or attracted to Connie - because lets face it: They are both GREAT!

loki said...

I am glad you are enjoying the character RoHO is portraying but it certainly isn't Todd Manning. Todd doesn't do casual sex since the rape. And he has only done it once with anyone other than Blair and after thatv time he got on a raft and risked his life because he realized he needed Blair.

sonya said...

loki said...I am glad you are enjoying the character RoHO is portraying but it certainly isn't Todd Manning. Todd doesn't do casual sex since the rape. And he has only done it once with anyone other than Blair and after thatv time he got on a raft and risked his life because he realized he needed Blair.
That was a long time ago. People change over the years. Besides Todd was kidnapped for years! He doesn't have to be stuck in who he used to be. Sure he loves Blair. He always will be. But right now, she don't want him!

Everyday Jane said...

Let me start off by saying, I'm so over the DID thing. It is really getting old and wish they would hurry up and integrate already. I agree with Karen the Kate is the alter.

I love that they aren't having AJ skulking around for months. I also love that he told Michael everything Sonny and Carly did. It was awesome. I hope the fallout is written well.

Cosmoetica said...

So, Karen, are you saying you prefer BW or SK as AJ?

The horny young couple were just visual fodder to show Todd what he was missing.

I think it's clear by now that Connie is the real deal and Kate was always the alter. To anyone but Sonny that's obvious.

I agree that LW has a great body, but Kelly Monaco and Rebecca Herbst are no doormats.

AntJoan said...

I think Sean Kanan is better now as AJ, since he looks so much like Michael and Jason. It's much more powerful to have him back after Jason's disappearance looking so much like Jason.

Sexis--Alexis's mammoth boobalage dominiated the scene, I couldn't focus on anything else (and that's saying a lot, as have a total Sonny fixation and also am not a Lesbian).

I also was thinking that BW Is short, and AJ would look giant next to Sonny.

I thought I might have missed a scene (Connie's hearing), but it seems they didn't show it. Re Connie, although I am the resident "shrink," I'm no expert on DID. However, it does seem to me that Kate is the alter and Connie is the original--it is the only thing that makes sense.


The young couple was so funny, it made sense to me, rubbing it in to poor Todd what he didn't get.

sonya said...

AntJoan said...Sexis--Alexis's mammoth boobalage dominiated the scene
ROFL! Yeah I noticed her ta ta's were around. :)

I also was thinking that BW Is short, and AJ would look giant next to Sonny.
Yeah so SK being on the meat hook back then, wouldn't work ROFL!

LSV422 said...

AJ and Michael scenes were great as were Carly and Todd's. For someone who really appreared interested in his dad the past week, Michael was played a little too hostile - should have been more in a state of shock. SK is fabulous!! So sick of Connie - I really wish she were gone. I don't think Kate will ever come back and who cares anyway. Don't really mind Trey now that his scenes with Krissie are few and far between.

Cosmoetica said...

There was a boxing match, once, between SK's AJ and Sonny and SK was huge in comparison to the little Mobster.

AntJoan said...

Oh, don't remember that boxing match. I'm hoping they cart Connie/Kate off to the loony bin, and Sonny can reunite with Brenda.