Monday, November 5, 2012


OMG I totally called it on Twitter..AJ yells BOO in Carly's face and SHE PASSES OUT ON THE DOCKS!
Pfft, then tells SONNY she saw AJ!! Sonny doesn't believe her.  Who would? She's nuts. They go to the crypt and he says he'll have Milo and Max open it to show her. But she says no..DAMN. 

OMG, Monica and Alice were awesome. Alice talking about the couch not getting 'bed bugs'-- well, Dead Joe Jr. did that with the germs. 

Johnny and Connie are starting to get nice--you know where this is heading!! 

Tracy in her bloomers! yeah!! She's remembering AJ's mask of death. Oh I love Luke and Tracy! I bet they figure out AJ's alive. 

Duke/Anna...Tango flashbacks. Big Kiss.. 

Michael, your DEAD father is back, um, tell your MOM or the cops or SOMEONE, not Starr.  THANK YOU for calling Dante!! 

The Q Crypt!! So full, hardly any room left! 

ALAN came to visit: 
Monica...telling her he understands. AND A GREAT Monica and Alan flashbacks!! 

and....  AJ  telling him he loves him. 

great ending scene.


Caffeinated Joe said...

So happy with this episode. Like a November Valentine to fans. :)

Di said...

OMG! I cried like a baby when Allan appeared. His scenes with Monica were so moving. I almost had it together again and they showed that flashback of the two of them so very long ago. WAAAH!

Thank heavens for the Luke and Tracy intervals. I love those two together. She was so funny in her bloomers.

I felt sad for Tracy when she started her little spiel after Luke left and then Allan touched her shoulder and I started sniffling all over again.

Perfect ending with him smiling on Monica and AJ too. I really feel AJ will be a redeemed character now.

I'm too spent to say any more. Excuse me while I wade through this puddle of water on the floor and go rewatch it again.

sonya said...

The pier: Hahaha yeah AJ says BOO, and Carly slips and passes out ROFL! AJ says to himself he could push her in the water, but he isn't that guy anymore.

Q home: Luke and Tracy show up. He calls her spanky. When is Luke going to stop giving her that pet name? I mean geez Luke. What if you and Anna are a couple, are you still going to call Tracy spanky? Anyway while Tracy and Luke talk about AJ and Duke, they are taking off their costumes hahaha love it! :) They both catch Monica and Alice sneaking off ROFL! Monica and Alice are acting strange. Later Monica is all alone talking to Alan, and GHOST ALAN SHOWS UP!!!! I start to cry!!! SO GOOD TO SEE YOU ALAN!! I LOVE YOU! :) Wait ghost Alan looks so old and has gray hair ROFL! I don't want it to be Ghost Alan! I want Alan to be alive!!!!! They show a flashback of a young Alan and young Monica!! YAY!!!! :)

Q crypt: AJ is there looking at all the names of family members that died. He is talking to his dad, and then ghost Alan shows up!!! :) Wow! Two ghost Alan's! One talking to Monica, and one talking to AJ! AJ has to hide, because Carly and Sonny are there. Sonny asks her if she wants him to look in the casket. She says no. She badmouths AJ. Come on Carly!!!! Shut up!!! Let's talk about your sins!! Why don't you own up to all your crap!!!

Joe Jr Jr Jr and Starr's home: Michael talks to Starr about AJ. Michael calls Dante!! NO MICHAEL! Don't throw your father under the bus!!! Oh whew he doesn't! :)

Haunted Star: Duke and Anna dance!!! And they show flashbacks!!! :) I love it! At first Anna says she doesn't know how to dance anymore ROFL! Love their scene!!! And for the person who brought up how the flashbacks are, yeah the flashbacks do look strange. I have always noticed that.

Connie and Johnny home: Johnny is so ticked off, that he grabs his gun! He wants to kill Todd, but Connie stops him. Connie talks to Johnny about the rape. Is Connie lying? She is so very convincing. They promise not to talk about Todd, Carly, and Joe Jr,

bumchickabowbow said...

Awesome episode. SK is such a great actor (SD & LC goes without saying). I have really missed the Quartermaines. It's time to get back to the real GH.

Avalonn said...

I LOVED today's show! I've missed the Quartermaines. We need more of this, if Alan's really gone, I'll take ghost Alan from time to time. AJ yelling Boo was awesome. Good call Karen! I do hope he's good but, not too good. I would like to see him have a real relationship with Michael and not be Sonny and Carly's punching bag. I want to see a strong AJ! Maybe testing him out with Liz wouldn't be bad either....

CareyN said...

Avalonn, glad I'm not the only one thinking AJ and Liz would be a good pairing. I was thinking that all last week.

imspncycl said...

I can't believe TPTB plan to kill Johnny! He is the ONLY member of the mob that tries REALLY hard to change - to do good.

enriquejimenez said...

@ Sonya. I've tweeting the powers that be about the flashback issues to deaf ears. I went to film school and I know it can be fixed and its really simple too. In fact the other soaps have fixed flashbacks they never look distorted. I don't know why GH doesn't care to show them in their correct aspect ratio. Makes the show look less professional.

just my two cents

Lori said...

I didn't see the news that Alan's ghost was returning. I screamed and then started bawling like a baby lol

Dear Cartini... I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for saving GH and returning it to the wonderful show I grew up with.

Andrea said...

I only saw a bit of it because local news broke in for, a fire in Jersey City.

But I love that the Q's have been on a lot. We have seen Monica more in the last month than she has been on in 2 years. Guza/Frons did a lot of bad things, but decimating the Q's was the worst.

Glad they aren't hiding AJ for months.

JPink said...

I was thinking Liz and AJ too!

Christine said...

Loved the AJ/Carly stuff today, and how Sonny didn't believe her. Anyone who lives in PC should KNOW that people have a tendency of coming back from the dead, LOL.

Seeing Alan/Monica together was such a powerful moment, and I enjoyed AJ/Alan together too. I have so missed seeing Stuart Damon. And the Alan/Monica flashback very nearly had me in tears, as did the poignant moment when Tracy was feeling sad and alone, and Alan simply touched her shoulder. I would love a brother/sister scene with them sometime again, perhaps when the show addresses the passing of John Ingle.

Today seems to confirm to me even more what I've suspected that Connie is the one true personality. We just saw a more vulnerable side of her today. The brash, brooklyn sexpot that comes out seems to be a defense mechanism..but I still think that "Kate" was the alter that took over and hopefully won't be coming back. I think the Connie we saw today might have been the real deal.

PM61 said...

I started watching GH when Alan planned on killing Monica and Rick, so it was great to see that flashback scene.... btw, Stuart Damon was kinda hawt LOL.

Anon said...

Stuart Damon is looking his age but is always welcome on GH. The guy can act and still has great chemistry with the rest of the cast.
Lots of flashbacks today - wondered how a newcomer would like it, but I loved it.

kerinah said...

Guys Connie is short for Constanza among italians. don't you recall hearing Dante,Olivia and Sonny say Cousin Connie?
Connie has said it over and over that she'd the real deal NOT "Kate"

"Kate" was the aftermath of Connie's rape. She/her fragmented (split personality that led to "Kate's" existence) and Connie seized to exist.

"Kate" was a whole different story, high life, ice cold bitch looking down on people.
Connie once said that when "Kate" took over she wanted to make sure Connie was never known of again. she never went back to Brooklyn let alone contact her parents or family.

"Kate" does NOT have the Brooklyn accent, that would be Connie but Connie uses her tough side to cover up anything underneath. That's why she behaves the way she does.It's not a facade on er part so when a sweet side of ehr comes out it's part of "Kate" which is a part of her but remember even "Kate" like Johnny said can freeze a potted plant with her ice cold attitude which is true.

In true fashion "Kate" should seize to exist and Connie should remain. But i think RC just messed it up coz "Kate" shouldd have Connie's current behavior.

And am not feeling Connie/Johnny AT all no matter how much they try to soften up Connie.Mental illness is being mocked right now.

On another note they are both disgusting and after KSu said that she likes when Connie has to man-rape a guy, i just lost any kind of interest in the D.I.D storyline.EVen Bree never said such disgusting things.

I'll be honest, MB has to be moved to the AJ/Carly/Michael stuff. Johnny needs to just doe, it's been 9 months of the cole/hope secrets.

This her is my issue with RC, he does not know how to spread out stories on GH. Right now he shd be at least starting a teen s/l that would impact the canvas but Nope we are stuck with Connie/Johnny/Mopping Sonny and even Shaxis are not seen together.

Connie/Johnny is a Tess/Ford Repeat.

Cosmoetica said...

Spoilers on Duke, possibly, from another GH website:

Two different story scenarios have been cooked up by TPTB, and which one we see is going to be up to whether or not Anders Hove agrees to come back to play Cesar Faison. As such, I'll provide both scenarios for you guys to mull over. As always, friends, enjoy:

Scenario 1 (if Hove can't come on):

- Duke Lavery is dead, and the man claiming to be him is none other than Cesar Faison, having had Duke's fingerprints surgically placed on his fingers, and using plastic surgery to look like an older Duke.

- "Duke" is in cahoots with Helena and AJ, and aims to use Robin's death to get revenge on Luke, and Jason's death to help AJ gain control of ELQ. He also aims to eliminate Sonny from the mob scene to take control of the criminal element in Port Charles for himself. Look for Heather to be in on this plot, but she's willing to sell out the baddies to save herself.

- Robin returns as a means to help "Duke" prove that he is real and really loves Anna. Expect a bizarre reason for him being in town and having saved Robin from death, though the real reason will be he needed her out of the picture for Jerry to terrorize the town, but decided to keep her alive to use later on. Why would he be keeping Jason alive, though?

Scenario 2 (if Hove comes back on):

- Duke Lavery is really back, but he's being forced to cooperate by Helena, Faison, and AJ. Each of those three wants something from Port Charles, and will aim to get it however they can. Heather is aware of their desires, and was willing to sell them out to save herself.

- Duke faked the deaths of Robin and Jason, and has both of them stashed away in Switzerland. Why? He was instructed to kill them by his bosses, but is working to ensure that any "damage" he's been forced to do can be undone in the long run.

- Robin will return well before Jason does, as the reason to kill her was so that no one could create an antitoxin to the poison Jerry poured in the water supply. What is Jason being kept "dead" for? Well, why would AJ want Jason out of the picture?

LSV422 said...

Yesterday was such a wonderful treat!! Loved seeing Alan, all the Q stuff, and of course AJ in action. I just love having SK back and look forward to seeing him maybe paired with Liz. We seem to be getting all the stuf we have just dreamed about and I am very happy. The only nice thing I can say about Connie now is that the new hair color looks great!

sonya said...

enriquejimenez said...@ Sonya. I've tweeting the powers that be about the flashback issues to deaf ears. I went to film school and I know it can be fixed and its really simple too
Well then since it can be fixed, they should fix it!

sonya said...

Cosmoetica I like Scenario number 2. :)

Cosmoetica said...

Agreed, Sonya. It's much more interesting if Duke is the screwee not the screwer.