Thursday, November 15, 2012

Almond Croissants

Uh, are a day late and a dollar Short there girlie!! SpinEllie already did the fun bizzzz!! Maxie is not happy, especially when he brings back an almond croissant.

So,  Luke's in the Turkish prison.LMAO "He called me collect" ! SO happy Robert's back. He'll tell Anna not to deal with Duke! Duke.  He says it's SPY 101 how Faison came back. She's lost her damn mind. 
Robert comes to see Lulu.  Lulu asks if he thinks Duke is hiding his real face! 

Olivia offers money to Lulu..Sonny offers money to Dante-- aww too sweet THEN She sees Faison for  who he is.  Which is REAL Faison..and isn't IB playing Non-Duke so much more like "Faison" now? You see his stiffness and eyes?! Great job. 

One Martini, Two Martini...

OMG YOU have to read this from Buzz FEED! Wubber ScooterBeanbag made the list!! It's about missing Soaps due to OBAMA! (He was being sarcastic...LOL)


  1. A lot of people were missing DOOL, it looks like!! Thank goodness I still have SoapNet and recorded both Days and GH. What am I going to do when they take SoapNet from me!?!

    So, Olivia has a vision of Fiason, someone she has never met before? Will she only have visions about happenings in GH then?

  2. It was soo good to see Robert. I've liked how sometimes it was really obvious it was a mask. That's the thing, it's really obvious. But anyway. Also perhaps Faison shouldn't smoke anyway as Duke doesn't and then the apartment will reek. ;)
    Okay, are Lulu's objections to surrogacy bugging anyone else? Oh someone else will feel the heartbeat, yadda yadda yadda. Yet, she was willing to ADOPT a baby which would have been carried by someone else anyway.
    Tracy and her martinis were hysterical.
    Why wasn't the whole Ethan thing mentioned? I'm guessing Robert forgave eventually? You'd think Lulu would have asked about Ethan, she's fond of her brother.

  3. As for Ethan -- let sleeping dogs lie.

    No need for him to return.

    Actually less than ZERO need for him to return.

  4. MaxEllie home: Maxie, Spinny and Ellie all in the same room! AWKWARD!!! Maxie! You don't ask them if they had sex!!! That's none of your business! :) ROFL! OH! Maxie tells Spinny she wants him!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN! :)

    Luke and Anna's home: ROBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is back YAY! And he has grey hair!!!! Last time we saw him, his gray was gone! What happened? :) Robert says Luke is in a Turkish prison!!!! ROFL! DOH! Ruke forever!!!! :) Robert and Anna talk about Duke!!! Anna wants to BELIEVE that it's Duke!!! No Anna! He isn't Duke!!!!!

    Faison's home: That damn mask is so creepy all alone like that! Those mask eyes are creeping me out!!! Faison has his cigar again! This time with his lighter!! Light it up!! Smoke it!!!! :) He ordered food and there is a knock on the door. Faison says he isn't going to care if the delivery boy sees him. BUT IT'S ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)OH OH!!!!!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Gym: Sonny whine whine whine. AJ is not going to steal my kid.Sonny you mean like what YOU did to AJ? Oh Sonny wants to give Dante and Lulu the money for a surrogate awwww! I want Dante and Lulu to have little Rocco!!! I like the name. :) Little Rocco Falcinarie awww! :)

    Haunted Star: Olivia wants to give the money to Dante and Lulu for the surrogate! But she realizes she don't have the money. Awww that's okay Olivia! How about you be the surrogate? :) You are in your 40's right? You still are in your child baring years! :) Duke shows up, but Olivia sees Faison!!! DOH! :) Quick! Tell Robert and Anna! :) Oh wait you don't know Faison. Damn she needs to see a picture of Faison fast!!! Then she can say, IT'S HIM! :)

    The hospital: Oh I am so glad Sabrina overheard Patrick talking to Brit about how he wasn't ready to sleep with her! :) Oh and Brit is all like I understand! BULL! Slut Brit is pretending to be all understanding just so she could get into his pants!

  5. Is Amanda Barrington still alive? If so, why dont they just go ask her to fund the nurses ball?

  6. Is Amanda Barrington still alive? If so, why dont they just go ask her to fund the nurses ball?

  7. Hey Karen how about this:

    Fake+Duke = Fuke?



  8. Pros - Robert seemed to be a lot more "Robertlike" than the last time he was on for Robin's death...All I ask is that the character be written true to himself (see Night Shift 2 for an example) and so far so good;
    Ditching the dye job was a good idea - much better look going grey;
    He and Fin have just as much natural chemistry as he and Geary. They are great romantic involved and/or when they spar too

    Cons - No mentions of Ethan; no visit to see his granddaughter; no mention of how Luke sent him on a goosechase


  9. FUKE, nice.

    Garin Wolf wrote him after Robin's death, remember??

    I told you I could tell with the mannerisms before he was unmasked. I love his stiff neck.

    Not sure about Amanda Barrington. I want someone unknown to do it and it turns out to be Helena!

  10. Is Lucy rich?? Maybe LUcy could or Scotty?? Bring Scotty back for a bit..Scotty needs to be redeemed

  11. I'll weigh in on the Nurses Ball funding, I'd actually like to see one of two senerios. Todd fund it to help cement past GH with current GH/OLTL. Or my favourite would be A.J funding it, to show that he is trying to change for the better and do something truly good as a tribute to Robin who helped Michael on many occasions, she was a patient of his Father and she meant so much to his brother Jason and his Grandfather. Plus, I think it would be a really good way to reintroduce a redeamed A.J. to Port Charles and maybe he could run into Elizabeth....

  12. Ethan doesn't need to come back. But he's a plot point. Anna broke it off with Luke because of his lie to Robert about Ethan. Luke told Lulu that Robert wasn't too happy about the truth. A comment to Anna from Robert that he had forgiven Luke for what happened with Ethan would have been continuity. They've been doing much better with it lately.

  13. Ethan can come back any day, any time...I still miss him!!!

  14. I can accept the need to overlook how a fake latex mask is not noticed by Anna- nor the fact that Duke is about 4 inches taller than Faison, but did anyone notice the fake Duke mask has latex eyes, as well? I mean, there need to be eyeholes, and if their eye colors are different, contacts can fix that, but latex eyes?

  15. lmao, I noticed that today as well Cosmoetica. If I remember right, at the Swiss hospital the mask had no eyes, right? It gave it a creepier feeling when it was laying around. There could easily be pinpoint eyeholes or something for him to see, but that would not explain things like blinking or sleeping or anything. I hope they take them back out.

    Karen, do you know if Ian is wearing a mask of his own face when he plays Faison-Duke/Fuke? In his scene with Olivia and Lulu his eyebrows and the wrinkles on his forehead never moved at all, but that was very much not the case when Duke was shown.

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  17. Yeah the latex eyes kinda freaked me out too. I was wondering why the change.

    It was much better and much more believable with the eye holes instead of the eyes being included in the mask. I wondered the same thing, how did he blink or even see through them. IB is doing an awesome job portraying a fake person pretending to BE DUKE. The stiffness is apparent now, and he's added more sinisterness to his voice and his looks now than he did prior to the Faison reveal.

    Sonny's hypocrisy knows no bounds (Tombstone!! - but he ain't no Doc Holiday). Every time he, and or Carly, open their stupid mouths to say that AJ should pay and or he DESERVES to be in jail, my teeth grit and I want to punch things. I was very happy when Michael said to Carly "so mom only folks that YOU DONT LIKE deserve to go to jail?"

    She completely glossed over his his point but still THANK YOU MICHAEL...Thank you.

  18. So happy to see Robert back! Feel like I am dreaming, with Robert, Duke, Faison, AJ and Anna there. Anders H. is fabulous - I can see why they went to a lot of trouble to get him back. Maxie looked gorgeous yesterday. Haven't been this excited about GH for many years.

  19. I'm glad that Ethan hasn't been mentioned at all. It seems that Cartini wants to ignore his existence. His character shouldn't have been created in the first place. It was just JFP and Guza's way of putting the final nail in the coffin of Luke and Laura.

  20. Right on, Dish.

    Let's see, AJ kidnaps his own flesh and blood, and his son's siblings, to play a cat and mouse game, and get some time with Michael. Other than that, his worst crimes are burning down Sonny's warehouse, in retaliation for Sonny's threats and violence, and shooting Alan, after he lost it and felt Alan had betrayed him and was trying to take his son away. And, NO, he did NOT push Carly and make her lose her baby- as many online state. Carly went to attack AJ and lost her balance, and he tried to SAVE her.

    Sonny's rap- mobster, drug dealer, led to Stone's death via AIDS by supplying his supplier, killed his stepfather cop (via assent), date raped many strippers (incl. Karen Wexler, onscreen), mass murderer, ordering the hits of dozens (incl. a gruesome onscreen mass murder 4-5 years ago, kidnapped AJ and forced him to sign over Michael- has kidnapped and detained many people, inc;. his own son, shot a cop (his son) point blank in the chest, admitted to killing Lt. Poletti, a cop (which Dante, like his own shooting) has forgiven, lied to and used the mentally handicapped Jason and turned him into a Stone Cold assassin, multiple infidelities, broke Frank Smith out of jail and shot prison officials- what else am I missing?

    By any SANE measure, Sonny is as EVIL as Faison or Jerry or Manny Ruiz or Ryan Chamberlain or Grant Putnam or Kevin O'Connor, or Helena or Mikkos, and, actually, even worse than most of them. Yet, the show still pimps the anti-hero version of Sonny.


    If AJ is bad, Sonny is Satan Squared.

  21. Tammy Wynette said...

    I'm glad that Ethan hasn't been mentioned at all. It seems that Cartini wants to ignore his existence. His character shouldn't have been created in the first place. It was just JFP and Guza's way of putting the final nail in the coffin of Luke and Laura.


    Praise Jesus. Yet another glorified criminal- another rapist and murderer turned antihero. The Laura falling for Luke trope was one of the worst in soap (not just GH) history!

  22. I agree about Sonny. He is a career criminal unlike AJ, who made some unfortunate mistakes after being treated like garbage by Carly and Sonny. At least he admitted he did wrong. Carly may have admitted to Michael what she did, but she feels no regret about anything she ever did, and neither does Sonny.

  23. Sonny is portrayed as "the mobster with the heart of gold" because WOMEN LOVE HIM. His so SO GORGEOUS, they couldn't make him evil, the other villains mentioned were not sex symbols.