Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Latex Allergy

We all know ANNA doesn't have one!! Her lips would be swollen to the size of grapefruits. A mask. Seriously? I mean this was my October 18th tweet:


And then... DUKE rips off his MASK ala Mission Impossible, exposing FAISWANNN and he goes: HElllllswoooo Annas!! ahahaah

Sooooooooo there you have it. I've watched soaps for 30 years. Rumors of "villain" returns... weird acting from "Duke"-- Although a Mask? I was being fun. TO actually HAVE IT HAPPEN made me screetch in delight!! 

YOU know You don't need a mask this Sunday--just hurry on into the operating theater and get a good seat...pop open your Junior Mints and LET'S ROLL!

This week was a study in the past. If you hadn't watched GH back in the hey-day of AJ and Robin being little, must have been tough. Get on the wiki, people.

First up: AJ-- well, he did tell the truth... and so did Carly. Doesn't take away the punch of the past though. If you didn't see all the scenes from the get-go you may be a little confused.  AJ at the point where he fathered Michael was trying to get his life back together after getting in his car accident with Jason. It was later that Jason/Carly didn't want Michael with the "evil Q's". I'm enjoying the conflict going on inside Michael at the moment. Good stuff. 

So many good things: Monica, Tracy!! Alice choking her pffft. Carly stomping on in demanding answers. NICE.

Lante's adoption fake out and the get caught. Whoops. Now they'll have to get a surrogate! WOW, how does that happen? 

The Trial.. had some good moments. Connie IS the person (as we suspected) and Kate the alter. Ergo, Connie's runnin' the show!! Diane certainly has sold out. Heh. I thought Sonny was going to have a stroke. WE know Vanny will be back so it's probably better this way, he'd just dump her for Brenda anyway.

Starr, Trey.. was Krissy even on?  The silly Ellie/Maxie roomie thing. *sigh*... 
We do know now that the Nurses' Ball is coming. You know Ugly Nurse Betty will be all glammed up and sing like a song-bird LOL.

 Ok, the fingerprints.  If you noticed when Anna was searching the data base for "Duke's" prints..."Duke" started to reach for his gun. When they MATCHED he relaxed. SO,  he obviously hacked/switched the data base info. Although how someone can't tell someone else's hands is beyond me. Anyway, watch this clip of Faison sneaking around Anna/Robert's post-sex room he is some creepy baddie. 

 Luke then used Faison as a diamond fence in later years, and we find that he's really working with Helena.  He hates the Spencers, was deeply in love with Anna...and then Felicia. . He's creepy and nasty and up until Disney banned smoking from it's shows, he smoked dark thin cigars ALL. the TIME.  His first name is Caesar. His accent is KILLER fun. He's real life friends with Tony Geary. Read up HERE.

OK, Scene of the week! Carly and Michael on the docks. Loved it. Loved Michael's confusion and realization that his dad AND his mom were pretty much liars, F'd up the whole nine yards. Carly admitting what she did to AJ and trying to explain herself. Wow

RUNNER UP:  BOO!! THUD. ahahahahaa

MOST TOUCHING: ah, Alan, how we've missed you.

MOST FRUSTRATING: god,  EMMA just take the phone with you... OR RUN or something!! LOL 

CATV 8 20121105 1307(27)  NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Same ol' Same old... Something better break on this story quick!

OK, My next prediction? Faison will have to brainwash Robin..she won't remember what happened OR that he's NOT DUKE. 
 "Duke" will save her, or set her free (Nurses' Ball time) and no one will suspect a thing. Except Luke and Robert, I'm sure!! 


Cosmoetica said...

The real Duke has to be alive. They cannot waste Buchanan.

But, while I love Faison, like you've shown, Karen, this story is TOO predictable.

I'd prefer Grant Putnam and Snowman and Satan 2.0: 25 Years later, This Time It's Personal.

david said...

i hope luke and robert find the real duke in a turkish prison. they realize the only way to save anna from nonduke is to bring back the real duke to her, and they do. and ian is in a dual role for one scene when he rips off the mask in front of everyone at the nurses ball and shows he is really faison.

lukes act of love for anna is giving her the real duke. just in time for laura (and scotty?) to return after the first of the year.

Cosmoetica said...

Good scenario, David.

AntJoan said...

Yes, sounds good to me, too. Will SOMEONE please answer if they know if Kim is coming back? And, Karen, you say VM is coming back, is this for sure?

AntJoan said...

One of my patients talks about GH a lot, and asked me why Connie hates Sonny so much. I couldn't think of the reason, but now I think, it's because Kate got shot at their wedding? Is there any other reason? Does anyone know? The original Connie loved Sonny (as ALL women do), so is this supposed to be the original Connie, or a Connie alter?

Cosmoetica said...

Supposedly Kim Mc is not coming back permanently, but will do guest spurts, which means this tale could go till next summer, then she and Patrick reunite and ride off into the sunset- be it as their own send off or a GH cancellation.

Connie (now) is diff than the original 'unfractured' Connie. That Connie wa shealthy and fractured into two halves- perhaps thirds or quarters? Supposedly this was due to Joe Jr's rape, but since we don't know if that occurred (I think the scenario was set up for it to be false, but they killed off Scully Jr hastily to exit SB) it may be that the DID occurred earlier (which, if you buy DID/MPD, makes esne). She hates Sonny cuz of the wedding shooting, but also because his lifestyle brought Jr Scully into their life in the first place, and thereby sees Sonny as progenitor of all that followed.

AntJoan said...

Cosmo, thanks for answering my questions, much appreciated.

skeebob said...

First of all, I haven't seen Wed-Fri episodes yet, and probably can't catch up today. I've read the summaries and understand what went down on Friday. But I have a few questions I haven't seen addressed yet (and apologies if I've missed something.)

"Duke's" first day back, he was talking with comatose Robin and sounding very un-Faison-like. What was going on there? It was several scenes of material, so it isn't like a quick line that could be ignored.

Secondly, was Faison a mob guy? I was on a GH break on his first go-around, but I saw all of the kidnapped Lucky story and I don't recall any kind of mob stuff with him, or any Faison/Sonny scenes. I'm asking because of the Kristina/Benny angle.

Third thing: Wouldn't Faison have had a reaction to seeing Felicia at the Halloween party? He was, as you said, obsessed with her, and didn't he kidnap Maxie, too? All I remember is "Duke" acknowledging Felicia at the party, and being introduced to Mac.

Lastly, I'm only half-serious here, but since everybody has commented on kissing the mask, if "Duke" had gotten lucky with Anna, was he planning on leaving his t-shirt on during the sex?

Congratulations, Karen, on getting this correct from the get-go!

LSV422 said...

Last week was great and I was totally thrilled by the cheesy mask reveal, or pre-reveal. Not really believable but who cares - it was a surprise. Can't take anymore of KS making faces and chewing the scenery as Connie. Great to see Diane back in action even if it was for the opposition. I'll be the first to admit I don't feel like OLTL is taking over anymore. In fact, I wish we could see more of McBain.

Andrea said...

Faison was a DVX guy not mob guy- with a relationship to Helena Cassadine.

He was obsessed with Felicia, which I hope they latch onto, because I would love to see more of her and Mac.

I'm assuming that the real Duke is still alive somewhere, because it would be ashame to not use Ian Buchanan if you have him.

Excited for Robert to come back hopefully for a longer stint.

I like Connie better than Kate so I am happy that she is the real personality, but I am tired of this storyline. It needs to come to an end. Let's get rid of Kate and Trey. Sonny is going to forget all about Kate the second he catches a glimps of Brenda at Edwards funeral. Maybe Sonny and Brenda can go off into the sunset of MB does not resign.(Crossing fingers).

I have to say I do not miss Jason at all.

Anonymous said...

I remember that Faison clip like it was yesterday! So awesomely creepy.

kdmask said...

Ok, BOB here you go:

Faison is DVX -- not sure the Sonny connection now, other than he hates everyone UNLESS I AM WRONG and It's NOT Faison?? Can't see that happening but who knows.
Faison is just a wack job. LOL
Yes, I also have been looking at that first bedside "chat" he had with Robin. It was very "anna centric" Sorry to do this to you, your mother loves you yada yada.
I was convinced it was him by Ian's mannerisms..which I think were increasingly "Faison like" as the weeks went by.

Grant Putnam? Maybe--- but he's not nasty enough. Ron likes NASTY --Mitch Lawerence Nasty. Faison is twisted. He is also WAY outside of Hollywood ANYTHING and it could have been done closed set and no one would know but Kim.
yes, the Felicia connection should come up.

Anon said...
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Anon said...

I'm laying 70% odds its Anders Hove playing Faison gain. 25% odds on Grant Putnman. And 5% odds on someone totally crazy like Lucky.

Avalonn said...

I'm pulling an AntJoan here ;) skeebob, I thought the same thing about the Anna-"Duke" sex. See my post yesterday ;) I thought a very valid point, never mind kissing the mask!

Cosmoetica said...

Grant Putnam? Maybe--- but he's not nasty enough.


Surely you jest? Faison could be suave. Grant had a killer dog named Satan. AND, Duke knew Putnam, AND Putnam killed Robin's grandmother, Philomena.

When Grant came back the first time, after only a few years, no one could figure out the Snowman connection. Coming back after 25 years- vs. Faison's 12, would really be time-tripping. Plus, Grant went nutso BECAUSE of the DVX, so it would be cool if Grant and Faison were in this, and at odds.

Also, Faison is a mere psychopath, Grant was psychopathic AND psychotic: a twofer.

michaelmurmur said...

I watched the mask reveal and loved it! Good, cheesy soap stuff. Just wanted to follow up on a couple casting points made: Is VM definitely coming back? I don't really care since I didn't watch during her heyday and her recent return was a big snooze. If she comes back to whisk Sonny off the canvas, that would be totally cool! What about Genie Francis? Has ANYONE heard anything concrete about her return? That's a return I'd be beyond delerious if it happened. Read somewhere she'd come back when Lulu gets pregnant? A tie-in with this Faison/Helena story would be even better!