Monday, November 12, 2012


Get READY to....


behind that MASK!!

Told ya. And I loved the little piece of mask hanging off his neck. LOL he did need fake teeth though. 
SO you want a history on FAISON? SCORPIO FILES has it ALL. 

BTW, Faison would so work with Jerry and create the toxins, he's done it before. 

I think other stuff happened on the show today but who cares.  It was a FAISON DAY!! Taunting Robin.. ah. He says it costs a LOT to become another person, and he doesn't care if Anna loves Duke and not him-- he just wants Anna.
He took Robin so he could be the savior and return her to Anna (where did you hear that before?) :whistling: 

Time for Helena's Mind Erasing Machine.
Liz was a gossip monger WITH A KID in that room, listening to Pat's sexscapades.. god. 
THE KID throws up all over Britt!! YOU GO GIRL!

Carly calls Dante about AJ being alive...Monica slaps the hell out of her. WHOA. AJ gets arrested by Dante... 

Sam and Anna..don't care

I didn't say too much about today because you need to watch it!  NICE REVEAL at the end!!! 


Andrea said...

I forgot how annoying Faison's accent was.

That "Duke" mask was sitting on Robins nightstand the whole episode -Wierd.

So the real Duke is really alive? OR is it yet another imposter. Maybe Helena in a mask?

Robin trying to con a con man.

Why would Dante even know who AJ Quartermaine was, let alone react with surpirse in his voice when Carly called him to tell him that AJ was alive?

divaofdfw said...

I feel like you now. I KNEW there had to be two. The scene of Duke apologizing to Robin didn't seem to fit but it makes sense now. He snuck into her room & apologized for his part in what's going on.
I wondered too why Dante would even know who AJ Quartermaine was.
Also think I'd be more into Lulu's reluctance to go surrogate if they hadn't considered adoption first. She wouldn't have felt that baby kick either. Stupid. Maxie is soo going to volunteer to prove herself to Spinelli.
Yawn, the slutty girl. Here's an idea, express interest in the guy's child instead of treating a grieving child like a nuisance. Love how Patrick didn't event tell her it was Emma's birthday.
Also hate how they forget that Anna had a child that actually did die.

kdmask said...

No it's duke.LOL

I was wondering that as well about AJ

sonya said...

Q home: Carly sees AJ!!! Carly wants to call the cops. Michael tells her not to! Michael sticks up for his bio dad, and everytime he sticks up for his bio dad, I start clapping! I love that Michael is sticking up for him. Monica slaps Carly! Carly calls the cops. Michael is upset. Monica wants AJ to run, but AJ won't do that. Dante shows up and arrests AJ. Michael calls AJ his dad. Carly says he is not your father stop saying that! Michael says I don't know about that anymore. WOOT WOOT! Great scene!

The hospital: Brit is with a little girl patient. Liz is there. Brit and Liz talk about Patrick and how Patrick used to be a player and that when Robin first met him, he was doing it with a woman. Geez!! Talking about this in the little girl's room?!!?! HELLO!!! Well anyway the little girl throws up on Brit ROFL! YEAH! :) Meanwhile Patrick and Sabrina talks about the nurses ball. While slutty Brit takes off her clothes in front of them because she has puke on her. Brit is all jealous of the nurses ball, and about Sabrina talking to Patrick. She wants Sabrina to wash her pukey clothes! BITCH! Brit is alone with Patrick and wants to sleep with him badly! UGH!

Switzerland hospital: The guy pretending to be Duke IS Fasion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! I was screaming his name you should have seen me!!!! :) He is still obsessed with Anna and will do anything to get her!!! Great scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Faison goes into another room, and I'm thinking is Duke there? There is a man in a bed! Is that Duke? OH IT IS!!!!!!!! IT'S THE REAL DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A CLIFFHANGER!!!! Another cliffhanger!!!! :)

Lori said...

Anders Hove is such a wonderfully smarmy eeeeeeeeeevil villain! "I'll have Anna's heart" (with a nice Chianti and some fava beans?) Now I need Sebastian Roche back as Jerry so I can see these two crackpots together and then I'll die of happiness lol!!!

The Duke mask reminds me of Men In Black... when the alien was wearing the "Edgar" suit. Cracks me up every time I see it in the background! My 2nd favorite prop behind Bob the Badger.

Is it too much to ask that Dante go to Michael and offer to be there for him as a big brother? Kid could sure use an unbiased adult in his life right now - I love Starr but she's not an adult.

Dr Brit-ch (minus the R) is the spitting image of Kristen Alfonso (Hope - DOOL) when she was that age. Holy Doppelganger! I watched DOOL for years and I'm still floored every time I see that actress.

Lawd the show reminds me more and more of the Glory Monty days when GH burned up the ratings. I know a lot of newer viewers probably aren't happy with things but this "old timer" is in hog heaven!

Di said...

Sonya, I agree with you about Britt. Since when have nurses been responsible for a Doctor's laundry? I would love to see her pull that crap as Piffy walks in the room. She'd take a strip or two of the arrogant so and so. Doctor or not.

I wasn't impressed with Liz gossiping with skanky Britt in the first place, and especially not with a patient in the room Why are they insisting on making Liz the hospital gossip.

Great reveal today. A lot of Duke fans are going to be really happy.

I think Faison could easily have been jerry's boss. hopefully Anna will follow the money trail and it will lead her to him.

Craig Howard said...

I want to thank ron and frank for undestroying the guza years- GH is on fire right now and i don't care what the naysayers gripe about-

for years, i heard everyone griping about the non-use of history and the destruction of characters, and the vets being swept under the rug- Roncar has reversed that and i am thrilled.

i was fist pumping throughout the show today and i am along for the ride. the biggest problem the show is going to have is overcrowding, but i'll take it if i can see my favorites back and acting true to their history-
THANK YOU Ron- you have made me very happy- I have been watching since 79 and this is honestly the best the show has been in 2 decades.

Anon said...

FAISON!!!! Damn - GH is cooking with gas right now. I could feel he was about to hit the screen and still my jaw dropped when it happened. THIS IS PLENTY SWEET!
And then to top it off: AJ is back and the character has some cajones again and Monica slapping the bitchy Carly!
And who cares if the Anna/Sam scene was kind of a throwaway? FREAKING FINOLA HUGHES IS BACK ON OUR SCREENS AND IS THE COMMISH OF THE PC PD! 95% of the scenes she is in are GOLD because she is a total badass and owns every line.

I'm totally into it...And with Lucy Coe and Robert Scorpio hitting the screen this week too, how much more goodness can we stand?



Dr Linda said...

I was somebody who as a kid watched GH (and AMC & OLTL) in the 80s and a little in the early 90s but then stopped. I would occassionally tune in but never really felt the need to stay with it. Well I started again when VM came back (what a waste of Brenda) and then due to this blog got back to AMC (Dixie coming back) and OLTL (Real Todd). While AMC & OLTL were GREAT at the end, GH never really got its act together. Only cause I was watching the other 2, did I keep going w/GH (and it was my fave back in the day). Finally, it's starting to gel for me. I think RH (Todd) is one of my favorites (Anna, Robin, Luke, Johnny, Alexis, Jax, Emma, Patrick, are some others). I like Michael w/Starr and Connie w/Johnny (and I hope she's really the original). I miss Jen L as Maxie - I liked what she did. can't wait for Lucy Coe!!

Love4dogs said...

Soapy goodnees, Karen! Woo that evil villain Faison. You sure did call it!

AntJoan said...

Liz is the new Amy Vining? And in front of the child?--Liz has children of her own, she would be more sensitive. And throwing the puke clothes at Nurse Ugly Betty--wouldn't Patrick see this as ugly behavior, and be turned off?

Julie Langley said...

I am right there with you! I too began watching in '79 in high school. I had a free period and my friend, Liz, asked me to keep up. I already watched Ryan's Hope(from the first day) and AMC and OLTL. I have my mom and hubby and sis and kids ( though they and several of their friends never would admit it!) watching!! Sooo gratifying that our loyalty is acting off!! Every day is a joy!!!

Carrie Ann said...
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Carrie Ann said...

Love the show more everyday...I weep with joy when I watch it..My heart belongs to Frank V

Tawna said...

@Craig - I am right there with you. I can't remember the last time I loved GH this much. RC and FV have brought it to life again.

Cosmoetica said...

Robin, Duke....just how many PCers does Faison have in Switzerland?

Glad to see Ian Buchanan is more than just a face mask. The real Duke needs to see action.

sonya said...

Di said...Sonya, I agree with you about Britt. Since when have nurses been responsible for a Doctor's laundry? I would love to see her pull that crap as Piffy walks in the room. She'd take a strip or two of the arrogant so and so. Doctor or not.
Oh no! Piffy would NOT stand for that!!! Sabrina should tell Brit off!!!

LSV422 said...

I've been watching this show on and off (no DVR in those days) since it first came on, as a kid with my mom. This is the best it has been in a long, long time. These guys are not only doing their homework, respecting and accurately depicting history, trying to please the loyal fans and doing a great job writing and casting. Guza's ineptitide stifled this show for so long, as he perpetuated and indulged his favorites. That said, what a treat to see Faison back and better than ever. Loved Monica slapping that harpy Carly - about time. The only thing I am not liking is chiclet toothed Brit. Robin needs to come back for Patrick. Glad the real Duke is alive.

Cosmoetica said...

Yes, between all the harping over OLTLers, the dueling Maxis, the NuKrissy nonsense, and the ConKate stuff, lost is the fact that the show has balance, twists, and vets back in key roles.

Yes, I'd like to see more 80s style pacing- i.e.- less 10-12 second 'scenes' and real conversations over 4-5 minutes.

I'd like to see more interpersonal issues and romance and less uber-violence, and I really want to see someone give Sonny his comeuppance.

What makes the classic GH villains like Faison or Jerry Jacks or Mikkos Cassadine or Ryan Chamberlain great is that they embraced and reveled in their evil. The show twisted ethics to make a date raping, mass murdering Mob crime lord (yes, I mean Sonny) into some sort of good guy, and they are still doing it.

Really, King Sonny needs to fall: it's the essence of Melodrama (Greek style- ala Corinthos). I am thus rooting for Faison to get busted by Anna and Robert, but to take Sonny down with him, and have, hopefully, a year or two interregnum between Mob crap. A good old fashioned serial killer or Heather causing trouble will do just nicely. Hell, I'd love to see them do a Sonny in Prison storyline- the male version of the old Aussie soap Prisoner: Cell Block H.

Oh yeah, whether or not the show survives past 50, there needs to be a return of Scotty Baldwin and his progeny. Hell, bring back either Karen or Logan too.

Love4dogs said...

Unfortunately Karen died. Oh, wait! LOL That doesn't matter (and I mean that in a good way).