Tuesday, November 20, 2012

GOOD Bye Edward...

Shawn was on... goodness. AND SEXIS ...woot!! Kelly's looks as charming as always. Sonny is going to have a plan for CONKATE. Involving the warehouse and a psychologist. 

CoDD was on.  Connie over heard Todd saying he'd kill AJ-- and Then Carly said it. Connie trips into the room.  Whoops.

John and  Sam... just get your vampire on. 


Edward's Room: The nurse that was in there-- and then Tracy alone with him!! EEEEEK! Jane was just so perfect.
AJ was being so kind. And Sam  came with Danny and Michael. Michael said goodbye. Then Sam told him  and Monica about the Jason factor--Danny is his!!
AJ was going on to Starr about his love for his grandfather and Tracy overheard. She told him to go see Edward.  Awwww. 

Patrick and Robert ..yes, thank you!! I love them. They even hugged. A bit of redemption for Robert skipping out on everyone after Robin died.

Alexis and McBain..he is wondering why his case is draggin on.. and that he misses his son. We also find out he's not got an income. AND what is mentioned Buchannan Enterprises!! WOOT RUMOR has it Clint's coming. 

Can't confirm yet but BIG RUMOR is that Jack Wagner is back taping soon... FRISCO?!! WHAT!!?  I don't mind short stints or cameos ..it makes the story awesome.


FriscoDances said...

OMG OMG OMG!! I can hardly contain my excitement!!! Please let this rumor be true, I have been waiting for Frisco to come back for so long. He is the reason I started watching so long ago!! OK, I will try to contain my girlish squeals, but I'm just so thrilled, my GH dreams all seem to be coming true.

Andrea said...

Very touching day. What is sad is that there are only 5 Quartermaine cast members left and one is only recently back from the dead and one is a only couple months old. Tracy and Monica were great.

The redeemed Robert OK. He needs to be the good guy to fight Faison.

Sam was very mean to John. He was only trying to be nice. I guess McBain needs a job. I think the PCPD or Sam and Spin's PI firm (but since they never seem to have any cases I don't think that would be a wise choice)

Tomorrow looks to be good. I'm sure I will cry.

Love to see Frisco, but since Flea is never on I can't imagine he would have any sort of storyline, just token scenes.

I think that Clint Buchanan would be a great foil for Tracy,I would love for Tracy and Monica fight for his affection , I think the show needs to to have an older ruthless business man. But what I don't want to see is a huge story and explanation about Vicki. Just say they broke up and get on with it.

My big problem with all the OLTL characters coming on is that the writers feel the need to fill in all this backstory. I do not care about Nat and John at all. I want to see him with Sam. Nor do I care about Todd and Blair. I want to see him with Carly. And if Tea and her shrieking come back I will start shrieking.

I watched OLTL for years up to the end. I don't mind that some characters are now on GH. But integrate them into the show by using GH characters not OLTL. I don't want to see a whole episode with a couple of OLTL characters in a room talking about the past.

sonya said...

Michael and Starr: Michael is wearing a Star shirt! Does it say Starr on the back of the shirt? ROFL!

Q home: Tracy doesn't care about the living will! She doesn't want her father to go! She even says don't go!!! She made me cry! :'( Edward touched baby Cheeto and Cheeto grabbed Edward's finger awwwwwwwwww! :( Tracy overhears AJ talk to Starr about what he wants to say to Edward if he sees him. She lets him see her father YAY! But it's too late! Edward has died! DAMN IT! I was afraid this was going to happen to AJ! :( Why writers why?!?!! :( Monica brings up Edward's last words. I was thinking Lila? Monica says Lila! YAY! :) Edward and Lila together again!!!! :)

Kelly's: Alexis and Sonny scene YAY! Sonny wants her help in getting AJ away from Michael! Alexis says he can't do that because Michael is an adult! YEAH SONNY GEEZ! Oh goodie Sonny has a Connie plan. Yippie ROFL!

Manning Enterprises: Carly grabs a thong that Connie is holding and starts to choke her with it ROFL! They cut away from the scene too quickly! :) It was a fun scene. I'm glad they went back to it. :)

Karen I hope the Frisco rumor is true!!!!!! :) I've been hearing that rumor.

Patrick and Robin's home: Robert and Patrick had a great chat!!! :) They hugged. :) Awww!

Anon said...
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Anon said...

Good God, I just finished watching it and Jane Elliot gave a freaking tour de force performance! Just gut-wrenching all the way around...
This episode was superb throughout - good mix of sentiment and humor. Great way to pay homage to Ingle and the character of Edward (RIP to the much missed David Lewis too)
The stuff with Todd/Carly/ConKate was hilarious
The Scorpio/Patrick scenes also heartfelt and Robert continues to be written well this time around.
I may just go back and watch it again. GREAT GREAT stuff


Barb said...

Jane Eliot was PERFECTION as Tracy not wanting to face the truth and even to the end trying to show Edward she can handle ELQ.

Leslie Charleson was great as well.

soaplover said...

Clint coming! Be still my heart!! He'd be perfect as the fly in ELQ's ointment.

I want Luke to get back NOW. He and Robert need to figure out this Faison thing together, as they used to. They worked together so well--Luke so imaginative and impulsive, Scorpio so calm and determined.

If Laura comes back I want her to come back to reopen her cosmetics business, because that's what she has been learning in Paris--fashion and marketing. She needs to bring a savvy Frenchman back with her, as well. I want Luke to have to woe her again, since it doesn't look like he can have Anna. I'd like to think Laura did not have much to do with Scott while in France--never liked them together. He was more fun with Lucy.

Don't care about Frisco, Ned or Ric.

But Clint? Wow...

Avalonn said...

As predicted, I was ugly sobbing today. Jane Elliot was of course amazing and was there any doubt? Monica, A.J., Michael all well done. Sam not so much. If Burton was still on the show it would have been different.
Thank God for Carly and Connie and that thong or I would have been a complete mess!
Andrea, I totally agree with you in regard to the OLTL characters. I too want to see John with Sam and Carly with Todd. Let's get this done already! Not one single OLTL character and GH character has slept together yet. It's like the writers are just teasing us without fully commiting to merging the two shows/characters. Buh bye Blair! Natalie who? Enough! Moving on.
And I would love to see Frisco, he needs to help Luke and Robert get rid of Faison and bring back our characters from the dead. Plus, a father/daughter chat is long overdue with Maxie, she needs resolution.

Cosmoetica said...

Hope it's true. Frisco was my fav 80s GH guy- more honorable than Sean or Luke and more ballsy than Robert.

Andrea's right, though, I hope it's not just a mannekin level few scenes, but a real return, ala Anna's.

Jane Elliott is, after Finola Hughes, my fav GH actress of all time, and she's the best female actress overall, although Sarah Brown was brilliant, but 5 years can't compare to 20+, on and off.

I hope the AJ tie to Faison rumors are false cuz I so enjoy AJ's character on a path to redemption, rather than just merciless plotting. Let Sonny plot and Michael see him for trying to destroy AJ. And damn, AJ is too late again. SK is the best overall AJ. Of the 3 adult actors to portray him, he brings the most overall. I used to favor Gerald Hopkins, but he only played young adult AJ; SK has really grown as an actor in his years on other soaps.

They HAVE to give Todd a real storyline. He's way too GOOD to be a secondary character. His line about Carly and Connie in bikinis fighting was LOL pants-wetting.

Overall, a great show. With Ingle dead, and Edward the character, I hope we get to see some David Lewis clips, too. There may be only a few older watchers who remember the original Edward, but, while Ingle was terrific, he could not match Lewis as a schemer.

Cosmoetica said...


Speaking of Lewis and Elliott, this classic clip should be seen and then watch the death scenes. What an arc for father and daughter.

sonya said...

When Lila died.

Tracy: I want my mommy!

When Edward was dying.

Tracy: Don't go!

:( Jane Elliot is a fantastic actress!

LSV422 said...

Yesterday was excellent and lots of boohooing here. I will be thrilled to see JW come back. I don't know where they are getting all of this money for returning vets, but maybe they aren't as expensive as they once were since work is limited in soaps/acting now. Jane Elliot is amazing - she needs an Emmy. I agree with Cosmo - she, Finola and Sarah Brown are the best actresses ever on GH, and I would include Genie F. and Nancy L. G. as not too shabby either. I loved David Lewis - he was also on many TV shows in the 50's and 60's. John I. was such a prefect permanent recast. I can't wait to see today's show!

Kathy Baugh said...

I don't post often but I must say that I have MISSED Monica! and seeing her on the screen so much lately made me realize how much Leslie brings to the canvas, everything about her and Jane Elliot is perfect.

I wish Sam would tell her family about the paternity test, or at least give the excuse that she was hoping to tell Jason first, but he hasn't come home yet-blah blah. This "oh yeah, Ugh, Jason's the bio" line sucks.

I never liked AJ but this time around I am on team AJ, I wish Jason WERE alive because there were moments, especially when Jake was born that Jason felt guilty for taking Michael from AJ. It would have been nice to see AJ and Jason make some peace with their youthful ignorance/arrogance and move on.